Thank you

I joined this site five years ago and had a little play. My husband and I went through some financial issues and I forgot about this site and my positivity had gone. I got into a rut and couldn't see a way out. Through sheer determination, we came out the other side. I recently remembered that I had joined this website and decided to try again. Well, I can say that my orders have started to flow. I realise now that five years ago, I was not in the right frame of mind and because we were in such financial dilemma, I was not letting go of my 'orders'.
Best thing to do is start with something small, maybe something like having your favourite chocolate bar. You will be suprised as to how it may arrive to you. Also to let go of your order and not to keep thinking about where it is. It will come to you. That's why the best way to try is to do small things first.
Thank you universe.