New boyfriend WISH CAME TRUE!!

So I ordered on this site for a new boyfriend around December 2015. I guess I wasn't specific enough. I told this ordering site I wanted my soulmate to be my boyfriend. And well, the Universe chose one of my soulmates (a guy friend) for me to date and end up having a relationship with. Idk where it's going but we love each other very much. I even created a vision board for romance and love and it has been working perfectly!
I also asked this site for money! My Dad gave me a $100 dollar Visa Debit Gift Card and I was soooo HAPPY!! Don't worry, sometimes these wishes take time to happen. And sometimes they may or may not happen at all. Depending on what the Universe wants from you first. Do you want a new boyfriend? Get rid of your previous one and make room for love to come to you! BE aligned with what you want and believe you already have it and deserve it!
A little advice for you guys. I also dreamt of my guardian angels just last night. It's the morning right now and I'm typing this and I'm hungry and I'm happy because I astro traveled for the first real time I believe (i think idk. Maybe ive astro traveled before idk). But i asked to meet my guardian angels and I did!! Amazing!
Try this site! You won't be dissapointed! Smile IT WORKS!!