Moving into my dream home tomorrow!!!

Cannot be more thankful than I am. We have been looking for somewhere good to move to after our landlord went bankrupt and our flat was riddled with damp and mould.

Had went and viewed a couple of places, there werent many that were suitable for us having disability and chronic illness! The first place looked great on pictures but when we went to see it it was a right mess and had a terrible atmosphere, second place had stairs to front door so would have been an issue and it was tiny and not that great either, third place we never even got in to view it as they didnt bring the right keys and it was just as well because we might have actually taken that one but we found this amazing house with a lovely wee garden and nice decking and a shed, lovely big kitchen and conservatory and no damp or mould, good sized rooms, its totally perfect for us but we didnt think we would get it then we got an offer and somehow managed to scrape up more or less exactly what we needed for a deposit and 1 month advance rent and then we managed to get some more money to decorate and removal company and stuff, the house is in the area that I grew up in and left 15 years ago and swore I would never return but this house is like a total one off and its around the corner from my mother who I dont always get on with but in a way I feel like I am going home going back to there and am nervous but in a good way.

I ordered my dream house on here and look what has happened!! While we were waiting to hear if we were accepted when we registered our interest I could actually see us living there, could actually visualise it, its almost like it was meant for us!!! Cant actually believe it!! So we move in the morning.

Thanks to the cosmos, very very happy and grateful!! And amazed!!Laughing out loud