I Would Like Advice Please

Hello Everyone, I would like Advice Please. I have been placing my orders to the Universe on here since 2015 and nothing so far has come to be for me. I am more miserable then ever and feel more ignored by the Universe then ever before.....I am still struggling so hard, and still needing the $250,000 I asked the Universe for many months and over a year ago now. I don't understand why some orders get fulfilled, while others never do.......are the testimonials on here honest? am I missing something? what did I do wrong? I believed with all my heart, asked, spoke in the present and let go of the wishes to come true....yet.....I still weep.....I give up.

Very Sad and Highly Disappointed,

Hi You...
You have posted in the testimonials section - so you are unlikely to find critics here, however I will take the time to respond to your request for some advise as your experience is not uncommon and deserves a response.

Firstly I administer this site and can tell you all the testimonial here are from real people out there for whom Cosmic Orderiing has worked and who have chosen to share their stories - thank-you all!

You must read the advise elsewhere on this site for clear guidance but I will give you some tips here. The biggest problem for most people is simply BELIEVING - absolutely that they can have what they want. Most people's doubts, anxiety and fear block their success - fear stops them taking the steps as the Universe lays down the stepping stones to what they desire. Instead of saying yes, they say no. Those who need things most, often find the most difficulty. Those who simply believe that they will get what they want... often do. We have all seen that pattern... right?

Let go of fear, start with something small that you know you can achieve and hold that belief lightly and without anxiety - know it is coming whenever it comes to mind... if you can achieve that you may achieve some success.

You asked for money, but money is only a way to reach desires, it is not a real desire. You are directing and limiting how your desires can be delivered to you by the Universe. If you seek security, then ask for that, if you seek a home... ask for that.

I hope this helps and when it works for you - please come back and tell us your story!

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