I got what I wanted! Multiple times!!

I ordered to the Universe that I wanted to spend more loving time with my boyfriend and he took me out to dinner TWICE! We had you know what TWICE! He bought me a Starbucks frappachino & chocolate salted almonds! Yum!
In my Cosmetology school my girlfriend Bri styled my hair. First she flat ironed my hair sleek straight i have curly hair and then pinned it into a cute bow (half up!) Sooo cute!
My Dad got me tons of Cup of Noodles so cheap ahaha. He gave me 20 plus 3 dollars extra And is letting me buy some new heat protectant for my hair for flat ironing my curly hair . I went out to my College Group of Christian worship. It was worship night and I let out a lot of emotions i cried silently to God asking him to heal me. And fortunately, I'm getting a wake up call to be safe on the road when driving and to s l o w d o w n... ahaha.
The Universe is so beautiful. It has granted all of my wishes and dreams come true. I am eternally grateful to The Universe and God. Everything is going my way! And even if it's not about me at the moment, I'm okay with that. I mostly prefer yo focus on other people and how they feel Much Love!
Ps: The Universe has been improving my romantic/friendship relationship with my boyfriend. And everything is alright. I've been learning to be nicer. I also believe I should study the bible more often too. Maybe I should purchase a note book for bible study aka: College Group and bring my bible too!