I Cosmic Ordered my Soul Mate

I found this site in March 2008. The first time I placed orders, I think there was a lot of confusion in my mind while trying to work out what I wanted, and there were too many details I included, and too many things I asked for in one go. Despite that, the request regarding my finances was delivered.

The second time, I was a little more aware of how I phrased my orders, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind. Once again, the order was sort of delivered.

The last occasion, in early December, I concentrated on one order only, that of my heart's desire, but approached it with trust that it would happen in the right way, and the signs would be clear that this was my 'delivery'!!! It was to meet my soul mate by New Year's Eve. I have been using dating sites for a year, and was about to pull my profiles as I was becoming jaded, but one mail caught my eye, because it was so different from the others I'd received. Within a few days, we'd arranged to meet up for coffee, and take it from there.

When I walked out of the station, and saw him waiting there, instinctively I KNEW this was the one I'd been waiting for. A few hours before, I had seriously thought about cancelling, as I wasn't convinced it was worth it, but I am SOOOO glad I didn't! The fact is, he IS my soul mate. The signs were so clear, and everything I'd written down, the detailed requirements that we're advised to do before placing the order, well, all I can say is, he couldn't have fitted that more accurately if he'd read everything I'd wanted him to be. He still doesn't know I placed that order, nor what sort of person I'd described.

The thing is, to keep an open mind, and think positive. If you ask for the order to have clear signs to help you recognise that the cosmos is at work, then they are given. The strange thing is, since meeting him, other areas of my life are falling into place as well!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope others are as fortunate in what they ask for!