I asked for a screw for my Suit Case!

The screw holding the handle of my carry on luggage fell out as I was going from hotel to airport on the metro so far away from my (in Madrid). It was really difficult to pull the suit case with an unhinged handle and I couldnt carry it either.

I thought I was doomed until I asked the Universe for a screw which fits just right. I kept on asking theUniverse as I travelled "so where is my screw? you know I really need it! Thank you! " I got it, I lookded down right there on the floor as I dragged my broken luggage from the metro into the building. Right there on the floor by the door. I bent down and picked it up with an esctatic smile on my face.

A man standing nearby wondered what I had picked. I just walked past him bouncing because I knew the Universe had answered my request within 30 minutes meeting my sense of urgency ans need. The tiny screw fit so perfectly and I rolled my luggage all the way through the airport!!!

I am sooooo thankful! And AMAZED! A believer! See i didnt even get time to post a cosmic order! I just asked and thanked!