First Wish Came True

I was introduced to Cosmic Ordering by my friend Paul who swears by it.

It took me a while to think about my first wish, and I realised what I wanted was to be in a relationship with Paul - or, at the very least, to find out how he felt about me one way or another.

I set the date. Paul and I have been friends for some 13 years and it has only ever been friendship and he has never alluded to any feelings for me. However, the date that I wish for my Cosmic Order to come true IT DID!!!

Out of the blue he confessed his feelings and we've been in a relationship ever since! I still cant quite believe it. I eventually told him I had wished for him and he said he'd wished for me too. Magic.

Sadly, my second wish did not come true and I guess this was a tall order. I have a rare medical condition which I asked to be healed (whilst still taking all the medications I'm on) but sadly things have gotten worse, not better.

Still, I never thought I would be in a relationship with Paul and it was truly the best thing that has happened to me since my illness started 7 months ago.

Long may it continue! x