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Seduction Genie Review Summary

All our reviewers concluded that Seduction Genie is an excellent book that provides a solid and concise guide to understanding the psycology of men and using that knowledge to increase your attractiveness and sex appeal in men's eyes. It is laid out in a concise and natural order that was very readable. This ebook promises to teach all the tips and techniques you need to become a man magnet and we think it delivers on that promise. Seduction Genie offers great tips and guidance on all aspects of dating, flirting, and keeping an existing relationship alive. Don't let the title put you off but be aware that this is not the kind of advice your mother gives you! We think that any woman who wants to start upping her game and getting seriously attractive to men will love this book. We were pleasantly surprised and therefore rated this product with 5 stars.

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Unlike many ebooks available on the web, the bonuses provided by "seduction Genie" added real value and in our view greatly enhanced the benefits. The bonuses included:
  • Your Guide to Stronger Relationships
  • Guide to Online Dating
  • Hot Relationships: A saucy guide to teasing your man
  • How to Attract Men Online Audio Course
  • A Secret Bonus ( I won't spoil the surprise! )

Seduction Genie Overview

Below is a list of the Chapters in Seduction Genie. The book is very concise and packed with information, there is not a single word in this book that is boring or a waste of time. There are also a number of self-assessment tests to help you understand your own relationship needs and desires.

  • Introduction
  • Unhelpful Myths about Relationships
  • Physical Attraction
  • The Secret of Attracting ANY man
  • Play the Game
  • The Art of Flirting
  • How to deal with Rejection
  • First Date Dos and Don'ts
  • Seduction Techniques
  • How to keep the Fires Burning
  • Questions and Answers
  • What if You're Shy?

Seduction Genie guides you through the process of getting in touch with your own relationship needs and desires and helps open you up to your own natural sensuality and beauty. The book builds your confidence and self-esteem.

Amy provides guidance on how to improve your appearance whilst still being true to your inner self. She gives guidance on the things that men simply cannot resist.

Seduction Genie then goes on to provide guidance on attracting the kind of man who is looking for a serious long-term relationship and avoiding the time wasters and heart-breakers.

If you are looking to rekindle the flames of a dying relationship or marriage, or attract the romantic attention of a potential soulmate, Seduction Genie provides advise there also!

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About the Author

Seduction Genie is written by Amy Waterman who is a well known and reputable writer in the field of attraction,dating and relationships. She has helped thousands of men and women find their ideal relationship and re-vitalise the love into relationships that were fading.

She has collaborated with leading industry experts including Emily and Scot McKay, Marnie Kinrys, Marie Forleo, Neil Strauss, Dr Lee Baucom, Heather Picken, Mirabelle Summers, and many more.

Amy has created and co-authored several other books and online courses, including:

About This Review

As part of this review, "Seduction Genie" was purchased and downloaded. The book and the bonus books have all been read and reviewed by the editor and two other female reviewers. We do this so that we can offer a fair assessment of the book for you and so that we can be assurred that all the reviewed products we offer are effective and offer genuine benefit to our visitors. If you purchase Seduction Genie and feel you have important comments to add to our review - please contact us so that we can share your experiences with other visitors.