Cosmic Ordering: Discovering What You Really Want

What Do You Really Want?

Below is a set of questions designed to help focus your thinking and guide you to the things that are really important to YOU. This will help you decide what to order. You can download this form for free and complete it in your own time at home if you want. A free PDF version is available in your downloads area in the members area (you neeed to login).

Your Job

How do you feel about your Job?

I'm looking for a new one.
I want to be more successful within my current work environment
I'm stuck in a rut
I want to do something new ( what? )
I love my job
Fill in any specific wish you have about your job


How do you feel about your Income?

I'm content with it
I want to be really, really rich! (how much?)
I want to be better off (by how much?)
Fill in any specific wish you have about your income

Your Love Life

If you are looking for someone, what qualities would your dream partner have?
(Write down a few notes against each heading)

Personality traits
Income / Job
Hobbies / Interests
What would your relationship be like?
(Write down some key words like fun, stimulating, sexy, caring etc)
If you want to feel happier within an existing relationship, what do you wish for?

Your Home Life

Do you want to...

Move House
Move Area
Make Improvements
Stay Put and keep things the same?
Fill in any specific wish you have about your home

Your Family

Do you...

Feel the need for major change? What?
Need to sort out a few problem areas? State which
I feel content

Body and Well-Being

Tick any of the areas where you would like change.

Stress levels / relaxation
Clothes / wardrobe
Fill in any specific wish you have about your body and wellbeing


What would you change if anything, about the following ...

Amount of Free Time
Leisure Activities
Social Life
Close Friends

Innermost Desires

Finally, is there anything you would like to ...