Healing Inside Out - Emotional and Physical Healing

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Healing Inside Out - How to Heal Naturally is a book and companion CD that deals with emotional and physical healing. Unlike many books, the author does not just "talk" about things... she provides a complete mind-body healing process for the reader to follow. In a unique way this book gets to grips with the underlying issues that may be manifesting illness, anxiety, depression or a lack of joy in your life.

The Author Gillian Bowles MBA, is an internationally respected metaphysical teacher and author, she has seen first hand through her work with others how past traumas and negative beliefs and thought patterns can have a devastating effect on lives - manifesting as unhappiness, self-sabotage, low self-esteem and even illness or disease. Gillian has helped guide many people back to happier healthier and more fulfilled lives through the techniques and ideas she shares in this book.

If you continually suffer poor relationships, poor health, lack of success or feelings of unhappiness - if you sense that somehow you are "trapped" or not leading a fulfilled life. If you feel there is "stuff" from your past that is ruining your future - then this book is for you. Gillian takes a no nonsense practical approach and will get you started on the road to a brighter future straight away.

For those who find themselves always being ill or those facing serious health challenges - this book also holds another secret and a new approach to physical healing ... an approach the author used to help cure her own body and that recognises the link between emotional and physical health. This book comes from the pen of someone who knows and understands the pain and fear attached to serious illness.

Gillian provides an alternative healing path, directly tackling the causes rather than the symptoms of ill health by dealing with the underlying issues. These emotional issues often attract physical problems and can switch off or depress the bodies natural defences. Gillian's book shows you how to switch it back on and kick-start your own natural healing. The geat thing is, you can use these techniques along-side your own medical professionals advice without conflict.

As Gillian puts it "If your body created it, Your body can get rid of it."

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