Email Policy

About Your Email

Do I have to supply an Email?

No! You are free to use the Cosmic Ordering Service without providing an email, however there will be some limited functionality.

How we Use your Email

By providing a valid email you allow us to provide the following additional capabilities. If you do not want these facilities, please leave your email blank.
  • To confirm your cosmic order by email (we do NOT include the content of your order).
  • We notify you by email when your order becomes due.
  • If you later decide that you want to review your orders or have forgotten them, we use your email to link your orders to your account.
If you do not provide an email, you will not be able to recover or review your orders. If you want to review your cosmic orders in the future, simply login or register. If you do not supply an email, your order is still sent to the universe, it is simply not recorded! By providing an email on this form, you will NOT be added to any mailing lists and you will only receive the emails outlined above.


We hate spam and never share or sell your email to anyone, ever.