Willing a relationship to work and Cosmic Ordering failures

I'm having real trouble believing in some of the orders I've made. Am I wrong
to try to will a relationship to work? Does ordering work if it involves
others who have free will? there is someone I truly want to be with but
NOTHING works out. A time ago I believed in those orders and none came to
fruition whilst others that I made did. Can you explain anything that will
help me? Do I need to understand that some wishes are impossible?

Well your questions raise a number of very interesting questions. I receive many questions like this so it is great to have an opportunity to provide a general answer.

However I think my first thought would to be to ask YOU a question, "Why would you want to be with someone who does not want to be with you?". If you choose to answer such a question honestly - I think it will be very revealing to you.

But moving on from that, I sense in your question an understandable sense of scepticism that Cosmic Ordering will work in all cases. However - ANY doubt is likely to sabotage your orders as this is ultimately reflected out to the universe. This is one of the key problems when trying to manifest for something you desperately want - it is very difficult, maybe even impossible to stay detached! When I say detached - I do not mean that you should'nt care or be interested in the outcome, but rather that you must have utter faith that it will come and you therefore do not need to pay it any undue attention. Anxiety or obsession will create negative fearful thoughts that can go out into the universe and counter your positive order.

Cosmic Orders must be lightly placed - put out there gently and it helps if you can remain detached from the outcome. The best Cosmic Orders are usually fairly general and focus on the underlying desire ... so for example - rather than focussing on a particular person to "fall in love with you" , you might say - "I would like to find my perfect partner" - this kind of order does not attempt to control or restrict the way the Universe could manifest your desire and is far more likely to be delivered. Desperate / Urgent requests are usually VERY specific - and limit the possibilities for delivery to the point where it cannot come.

You ask if you are "wrong" to try to "will" a relationship to work. No - I don't think you are wrong - but attempting to "will" a relationship to work is not really Cosmic Ordering. In matters of love - the heart rules! and generally common sense goes out the window! (We've all been there ). If you want to use Cosmic Ordering to find your perfect partner - it is ideal for that. If you seek to manipulate the destiny of others - it may be possible - but if it conflicts with the innermost beliefs / desires of that other person - it is likely to back-fire.

So in answer to your question "Does Cosmic Ordering work if it involves others who have free will?" I think the answer is yes AND No. The general answer must be no, but there will be times when your desires are in complete confluence with the person who is the subject of your order - and under these circumstances the Cosmos is likely to deliver.

People often believe that they know what is best for others - but certainly in the case of adults this is simply not true. NO ONE knows the innermost thoughts and desires of another. In metaphysical terms attempting to control or manipulate the destiny of another is a big no no - such interference is likely to generate resentment and will likely back-fire. If you really want to help another with Cosmic Ordering and help them manifest their desires into their life - let them choose to place their own Cosmic Orders!

With regard to your relationship - I would recommend that in terms of a Cosmic Order - you put your order in for a relationship that will bring you the joy, happiness and love you deserve and leave the Cosmos to bring that partner to you. The longer you remain focussed on this specific person - the longer you will remain closed to your perfect partner - who may even now be trying to attract your attention.

Finally - Yes - I think there are orders that simply will not be delivered - in particular, very specific orders - "I want to live in that specific house", "I want that person to fall in love with me". The universe is abundant - and you can have a perfect home or a perfect relationship - if you ask for that - but the universe will not deliver a specific order to you that will be at the expense of, or against the will of another.