Is there Punishment or Payback for Selfish Cosmic Orders?

Is there some kind of payback or punishment for asking selfishly too much?

No! It is important to understand that the world is truely abundant and that there is enough for everyone. If done in the right way, a Cosmic Order will never deliver you something at the expense of another - either in terms of material things or destiny. You should certainly take care though - not to order things that you know must come at the expense of another.

So you can go ahead and order BIG! Remember though - Cosmic Ordering is not quite how the press sometimes like to portray it - if you order big - your delivery may come as opportunities that demand equally BIG steps by you. You will need to step-up to receive your order! The popular concept that you need do nothing to achieve your Cosmic dreams is in my view false.

Negative Cosmic Orders that attempt to manipulate, hurt, harm or deprive someone else are unlikely to work. However holding on to such thoughts - will certainly damage you and if not released and let go - such emotions can poison your whole life and sabotage all attempts to achieve your desires. Remember - "What you give out, you get back".