My Cosmos Wish Stars

We regularly receive questions about our Cosmic Ordering Stars and the My Cosmos Page. This section will explain what they are and how they work.

When you place your Cosmic Order on this site, we put a star into your Cosmos page. The star will remain there until your order is due ( the date you specified you wanted your Cosmic Order delivered by).

If you did not provide an email, your Cosmic Order is sent into the universe but not recorded and so cannot be recovered. Your Cosmic Star is held in a "Cookie" on your browser. If you change browsers, delete your cookies or go on another computer, the star will not be visible.

If you used your email when placing your order, that email can be used to recover and review your order in the future. When you log in, your account is associated with an email. All Cosmic Orders placed using that email are linked to your account and you can list and review them in the members area.

To join the members group you simply have to register (its free) and log in. If your email changes and you no longer have access to your old email, the Cosmic Orders associated with that old email are currently not recoverable.