Cosmic Ordering Questions

Here are some of our frequently Asked Questions about Cosmic Ordering. If you have a question about Cosmic Ordering we will do our best to answer it for you. Just go to out Contact Page , select "Cosmic Questions" and ask away! We love your questions and we hope you appreciate and enjoy our answers!

Willing a relationship to work and Cosmic Ordering failures
I'm having real trouble believing in some of the orders I've made. Am I wrong to try to will a relationship to work? Does ordering work if it involves others who have free will? there is someone I truly want to be with but NOTHING works out. A time ago I believed in those orders and none came to fruition whilst others that I made did. Can you explain anything that will help me? Do I need to understand that some wishes are impossible?

Well your questions raise a number of very interesting questions. I receive many questions like this so it is great to have an opportunity to provide a general answer.

However I think my first thought would to be to ask YOU a question, "Why would you want to be with someone who does not want to be with you?". If you choose to answer such a question honestly - I think it will be very revealing to you.

Is there Punishment or Payback for Selfish Cosmic Orders?
Is there some kind of payback or punishment for asking selfishly too much?

No! It is important to understand that the world is truely abundant and that there is enough for everyone. If done in the right way, a Cosmic Order will never deliver you something at the expense of another - either in terms of material things or destiny. You should certainly take care though - not to order things that you know must come at the expense of another.

My Cosmos Wish Stars
We regularly receive questions about our Cosmic Ordering Stars and the My Cosmos Page. This section will explain what they are and how they work.

When you place your Cosmic Order on this site, we put a star into your Cosmos page. The star will remain there until your order is due ( the date you specified you wanted your Cosmic Order delivered by).