Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Even though it's not the "perfect job". I did receive a job from the universe, so I will keep doing my best to remain open to abundance in my life.

I asked for an exciting new job, as well as money to pay off my mortgage. Both have happened, making a real difference to my life. Smile

I have followed the guide and imagine my order working, I have used this site several times now and almost always the cosmic order works. Thank you - here's to positive thinking.

I asked the Cosmos for a new home for myself and my partner back in February, the following week we found a 3 bedroom house in a quiet peaceful location in the country,I am now pregnant and our mission was very very successfully completed!

I am about to ask the Universe for another order and another after that. The possibilities are infinite - just ask, open your heart, believe and you will receive!

I have placed at least 8 cosmic orders in the last two months and all have manifested but one, at least, not yet!!!!! My manifestations have included perfect weather for travel, when it would rain every day, to a donation of a $400,000 property and family conflicts that were resolved in between. I cannot say thank you enough Universe. I feel like I have a magic wand!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU

On 7th May I made my first Cosmic Order and wished for my husband to be offered the job he had applied for. Amazingly, on 18th May, the job was his.


I have been single for two years now. I thought, "what the heck", and went ahead and placed an order. Then, within the deadline, I met Ben. He matches what I asked for, down to the eye color. Not making this up. I am blown away.

I asked the comos to bring in money last week and the next day money came to me through my daughter . I truly believe this really works, and im so grateful for the help that comes in from the cosmos

i have made another cosmic order today i truly hope it comes
Tricia xx

I asked the Universe to help me sort out problems with some money I was owed. Within 2 months I was paid back the money and extra. Once again, I was amazed.

I needed a job and just a few weeks after I cosmicly ordered one - it was delivered. I'd specified what job I wanted and where and got an interview. The next day they rang to say it was mine!!! Couldn't believe it. THIS STUFF WORKS.