Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Thankyou cosmos.
i asked the cosmos that i would be able to have my car MOT done, not only did my car pass I had some unexpected money paid to me that more than covered my MOT expenses thankyou cosmos

I swear I asked for something and it just happened within 24 hours very unexpectedly and I am so shocked! I just do not know what to say! Thankyou xx

My son worked very hard at getting a business up and running, he was employed part time at weekends and worked during the week for himself .

On hitting brick walls and taking on debt he started to loose his dedication, I asked for him to be happy and make a success of himself and his business .

He has just been offered a full time paid job by someone who will also work with him to get his business up and running. My son is now happier and Easier to live with.

Thank you cosmos

I would like to thank the cosmics so much for delivering a very fair outcome for all. I couldn't of wished for a better outcome.. Thank you so much .

Hello all,

I placed an order with the Universe for a small windfall last month to help me out after my last temporary job finished. It took less than 4 weeks and I received an unexpected windfall for Three Thousand pounds! I was absolutely delighted and it has helped me in more ways than one could ever imagine. I am so thrilled by it and it has allowed me to pay towards my house deposit for my partner and I.

I feel very happy and lucky and feel like I am attracting more and more good luck and fortune.

I am thanking the cosmos that my order has been fulfilled!
I asked that an unwanted guest to leave my home by Feb 22
and on that very day it all erupted so now I have my home to
myself. Thank you

I have been having problems with a girl at work who obviously really disliked me. This upset me alot because I am a gentle person who does not like conflict. I have tried all ways to be friends with this person and nothing has worked until I made an order to the cosmos and yesterday we worked togther and we got on great, she was so nice a friendly. Like a different person.

Thankyou so much

Yesterday I submitted 3 orders, with one to be delivered the next day (today!) Was cutting it a little fine I know but it was just a small one.

On the 26TH of December i posted an order to put me back with my boyfriend if it was meant to be or if not I asked to make me strong to stand by myself.

I am just in Love again and I know it is Universe send to me that man. I can't be more happy!

Thank you Universe from all my heart.

I have just reviewed my orders and majority have come true. My Dad is recovering illness and money is slowly coming my way as I start my new career. Amazing thank you soo much for this service. I'm very grateful x