Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I have placed two orders and both arrived. One was the day after my specified delivery date and the other was a week. I have now placed a MASSIVE order and really must be positive this will arrive too.

My daughter didn't miss her deadline, her missing work was found and the shift to another course turned out to be an administration error. So now she has a full years distinctions, she's been accepted for her level 3 and is back on course with her work and career choice. You have no idea how relieved I am, I never want to see her that upset again. Thank You Universe Smile

I am loving doing cosmic orders here. Thank you for this beautiful website. I just simply believe and have faith in Universe, the Power. I feel abundantly good once order takes place. I just love it.

Thank you cosmos for delivering my order, it has taken so much stress away from a family member x

This is just a quick note even to reassure myself. Over the last year I have submitted an number of major request, that have yet to arrive. However I have made a few very small request, such as asking the universe so send me a white feather by a certain date. Which arrived on Monday in the most unexpected place. This has occurred a few times And also reserving suitable car parking positions at super markets, too numerous to recall the exact number. Many thanks dear universe , I am more convinced that my main request will arrive in due course. P Barrett.

I was inspired by somebody else who left a testimonial to ask for an exciting and surprising weekend.

I came home Friday and was greeted to a lovely bunch of flowers, was wined and dined and given some money for clothes! Then I was taken to the seaside for the day on Sunday. I had a brilliant, unplanned and exciting weekend and I thank the Cosmos for it all!

The cosmic ordering site really does work! I placed a number of orders which have all since come to fruition! I would recommend this to anyone, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thank you to the Cosmos for making my dreams a reality!

Thank you Cosmos for sending me the money to be able to have my dream holiday of a cruise along the Nile later this year. Including enough to have my kitchen updated. and pay off a few bills. XXX

Thank you cosmos, for keeping my wish this holiday. Long may it last. brightest blessings


Thank you I start my new job 14th May early then what I asked for, I'm sure other wishes will come true ...

My guardian angel is looking after me I can feel it other wishes will come true never stop believing.