Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Asked the cosmos this morning to let my partner get a job offer that would allow him to work back in this country - currently in Africa on an oil rig for months at a time......

today out of the blue he e mails to say he's found an e mail in his junk folder offering him the job he went for an interview for weeks ago but had not heard anything about - so we had thought he was unsucessful.

Amazing xxx

Thanks, back in October last year I ordered being a contestant on TV show by March this year.

I was informed yesterday that I have been selected as a contestant following an audition. Really works!

Even when you think what you have asked for is impossible, it turns up trumps

Hello you wonderful people, my name is gopalakrishnan and I am from India. Thought of sharing this experience Smile.

What can I say ? As much as others, who are spiritually inclined like me, was sceptical when I first heard this cosmic ordering (Bradley Thompson). Then I did my home work going from site to site, but gave it up.

I saw an email in my inbox this morning saying that my cosmic order is due today. I smiled at the thought but never really worried that nothing is going to happen today. Then while i was chatting with my partner tonight (almost midnight), she gave me a shocking news that the girl i was jealous of is leaving the country where she currently works. I never imagined that my cosmic order for a stronger loving relationship would come in this form! Amazing! Still crying out of joy! Thank you, God. You are awesome.

I put a cosmic order into the universe on April 19 2012 to find this artist that I met when I was 23. When me and this person met, he gave me his stage name CeeJ. I never knew his real name. We lost contact and I had no personal information on him besides where he last worked and we used to live in the same building a decade ago. when I last called his job in 2006, the said he left. I never knew his first or last name. The name came to me sept 11th, my mothers birthday, she passed in 95. 2 days later I had a dream I was in his apt and came across a piece of mail that has his name on it.

I asked for money for my bridesmaid dresses (£500) and I have received it! Thank you Cosmos! x

Thought I would give cosmic ordering a go after listening to a friend's success story. I gave a due date several weeks into the future which wasn't needed as low and behold my order was delivered the very next day!
Thank you Universe.

Thank you Universe for granting me a very important wish so close to my heart, and which has made me so very happy.

My cosmic order relating to a new laptop computer was fulfilled almost instantaneously. Thank you, God.