Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I asked for a stress free day and my daughter would find the wedding dress of her dreams, we did

I have done something similar to this before, just once and i did get my wish. Not within time frame i wanted but in retrospect it was the perfect time frame. i have now asked for help with a new business i have set up. I'll let you guys know how I get on. xxxx

One of my orders came true. I send gratitude to the universe for that. Thank you! Now, I allow the rest of those orders to manifest as well. Smile

Thank you so much, we did have our family holiday and enough spending money and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, thank you so much as our last family holiday was 4 years ago


I would to thank the universal for manifest my cosmic order to have my true love back in my life he has been in contact with me and it all looks good we are meeting each other soon. Cant wait to see what happens but I know everything will work out for us thank you universal for this gift truly xx

I am feeling very blessed and grateful to The Universe for delivering another order and bang on time as well. I trusted, believed and took the opportunities, remaining positive and allowing my order to manifest itself. I am truly grateful for discovering cosmic ordering, and look forward to my next order being delivered. I hope that everyone else who has placed an order has the same joy when it gets delivered. Love to all. Thank you, thank you, thank you x

I read the secret and have since been manifesting my desires using the law of attraction. Though, something I've noticed is the things that I've desired, when I went so far as to write a specific cosmic order in addition to visualizing, gratitude, ect., came veryyyy quickly (even same day) which was much faster than previously manifesting without writing the specific cosmic order down. It definitely helps!! Plus it's so cool to look back on the orders and see how everything is falling perfectly into place. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Smile

So I angered a friend and he wouldn't talk to me. I Cosmically Ordered him to "talk to me" on the 13th July. Gave a deadline date of mid October.

Yesterday he called (25th July).... or rather his phone did by auto-dialling my number! I can only assume it happened because I'd sent an unreserved apology for my actions to him by email and asked him by text if this email address was private. In response, he must have blocked my phone and must have left my number open and the phone unlocked! A simple tap in his pocket and it dialed all by itself.

I placed an order asking for me and my daughter to be successful in getting the jobs we had applied for..... we both got the jobs... we are over the MOON!! Thanks to the Power of the COSMOS!!

As someone who is gentle-natured with a placid disposition, I've always found that in the workplace, certain colleagues mock and ridicule me and are generally spiteful towards me. I expect that I'm seen as a target for such people as I'm generally a kind person who avoids conflict. I therefore decided to put in a cosmic order (due for the next day) requesting that 'from now on' colleagues treat me with respect. I also put in a request to be confident in my role at work. The following day, I had absolutely no problems at work with anyone.