Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I requested that I move house and sell my own. Here I am awaiting the keys to my new home and although mine is not yet sold I still have time and I'm fully confident it will happen exactly as it should. Thank you! Much gratitude to the universe x

Just stay positive out there, be patient

I am grateful I paid the bill of 7696002754 easily and effortlessly.I am grateful I deposited Rs. 5,500 in my HDFC Bank credit card account on the due date.

i asked the cosmos for an end to hostilities between an important person in my life. I gave a short time frame of only one day, as it was imperative to sort out differences before a long journey.

The person initiated apology, as I requested, because they were ultimately at fault. This is fantastic and now we can move forward.

I requested the Universe to help my boyfriend get a new fulfilling job by August 30th, 2015. He had lost his longtime job in May 2015 and became very depressed. He started his new job in September, and although it's a short term television project, it's very lucrative and he seems to really love what he's doing. It will open other doors for him in his profession and introduce him to influential people. I'm so happy for him and thank the Universe and my spirit guides for the many blessings.

I applied to get some help with a new washing machine and sofas and I got a new washing machine and 2 2 seater sofa set and a futon bed which I also wanted and needed!

I have asked the cosmos for many things since discovering this site and i can honestly say the cosmos has never let me down.! I applied for my dream job a couple of years ago and asked the cosmos to help me to get it.Unfortunately i did not get it,however, when i look back at my orders around that time i can see that it would not have been the right thing for me at that time. Three weeks ago the job came up again, with a different firm and better pay so i put my order in to the cosmos and i got it!!!

I am grateful that I paid the outstanding bill of my BSNL mobile connection easily and effortlessly.Thank you.
It works!

My Airtel Dish subscription was recharged with Rs,1500.Thank You.

A friend responded positively to my request for financial help and he gave me Rs.10,000.Thank You.