Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Just wanted to say how grateful iam for my cosmic orders coming true thank you thank you thank you

I recently placed two orders. The first was for a fresh start career-wise. The second was for weight loss (I had increasingly gained weight due to comfort eating). I placed my goals, let them go without worrying or stressing about them. I then did what I needed to, such as applying for new roles, eating healthier and going to the gym. The situation now is that I've got an interview scheduled next week.

I requested to be hired for my dream job and I specified the date, I GOT HIRED BEFORE THAT DATE !!!! It works ! thank you, thank you, thank you for fulfilling my dreams !Love , Joanna L

Thank you dear cosmos for helping my achieve my 100% scores at work and also another wish fulfilled was to have a promotion, I got that and an increase in pay!

Okay so I'm a bit surprised to watch this odering service actually works.
I didn't really expect much but I asked for a contract last week, and guess what? I got a call offering a contract!
This is amazing. Better try other things today.

I had read about Cosmic ordering some time ago when it was in the press, but had never given it ago until just a few weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I placed an order to find a way of paying for something that my fiancee and I really wanted for our wedding. Set the delivery date and blow me down the day before that opportunity presented itself right in front of me.

Thanks you.

I"m freaking out right now because one of my wishes was to achieve a score of 100% on my stats for work, and guess what?! I just opened up my email at work and i got a message from my Boss showing that along with two other workers, I achieved 100%!!! What makes this more incredible is that the other two have been there for years, i've only been here for a month! Thank you cosmos, thank you universe!!

I'm amazed it really does work, thank you so much xxxx

I placed a cosmic order to go to Jamaica for a friends wedding and wanted it to manifest by 4th July it was short notice and didnt think I could make it as the wedding was 9th July 2015. I saw a flight sunday 5th July 2015 and flew out Wed 8th July with Virgin Atlantic and got a good deal all inclusive for myself and a friend to Montego bay. Thank you Thank you Thankyou Universe. It def... works. you have to believe to achieve Smile))

I have put in a fair few cosmic orders now and i can honestly say that they have all worked! I love the cosmos and i have now become used to saying "thank you cosmos" when things go right for me. Once again the cosmos has heard me and delivered and i am truely grateful.I will carry on putting my orders in knowing that the cosmos will deliver .Thank you thank you cosmos!! Smile