Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I am so thankful to the Universe for granting the sale of my home on the exact day it was due! I am soo happy! Just believe and know that everything will work out! My computer screen even started to jump that day only, which I feel was a sign that my order was complete! Thank you Cosmos!

So I ordered on this site for a new boyfriend around December 2015. I guess I wasn't specific enough. I told this ordering site I wanted my soulmate to be my boyfriend. And well, the Universe chose one of my soulmates (a guy friend) for me to date and end up having a relationship with. Idk where it's going but we love each other very much. I even created a vision board for romance and love and it has been working perfectly!

I placed a cosmic order for a large windfall of money not once but twice and the first time I got £500 then the second time I got £1000 totally out of the blue!! Thank you The Cosmic Ordering Site - Hallelujah! xx

Dear Cosmic Universe
I want to thank you so much for your assistance. My daughter got the job she applied for and she is so happy.
You delivered much faster than I expected, in just one day to be precise.
A great weight has been lifted from her shoulders.
Thank you again.

Thank you Universe again! I just put an order and straight away,may be in 10 minutes,I have had a message on a facebook and also a call on the phone from my son. Thank you Universe so much!

I made a lot of cosmic orders about silly stuff and to be honest, I don't know if they ever came true. Hear me out first. After I made my cosmic orders I couldn't remember what I ordered. I think one of my orders may have come true, but I can't remember. But the matter of fact is: the law of attraction DOES WORK. You just need to keep focusing on what it is that you want. I guess what i asked for wasn't what i really wanted or needed. If i succeed the next time i try this manifesting site again, i'll write another testimonial saying if it worked or not.

I have been ordering for 2 years now and I can honestly say it works. I recently wanted to sell several household items and asked the universe to send me sensible buyers and the right amount of money for each item. I sold ALL the items in the allotted time. I have started writing ten things I am grateful for every day, making a list and adding to it each day. That really helps to alter possible negative mind set habits which undo all the good work of the Cosmos. Try being totally 120 % grateful every day and see what happens. Love and peace to you. A


I am always very positive when I place an order and I have been placing orders for the last 2 years. Always been very pleased however lately none of my orders are happening

Up until now, the most I ever won playing the Lottery was $40. With the mega millions the most I won was $7. Had I played all the numbers I normally play, I would have been the big winner. All I can say is keep positive, Stay Patient and Trust the universe things will happen.

I had asked for a new relationship after I'd got over the devastation of my husband leaving me for his mistress. I wasn't getting the results I expected with the man I was interested in - he remained friendly but nothing more and I didn't know why. Then out of nowhere I met a different man and I could see straight away that the cosmos had a plan all along. I'm blissfully in love with my new man and so grateful to the cosmos for bringing him into my life. I have utter faith in the cosmos to deliver what I ask for, even when it doesn't come in the form I was expecting.