Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I placed an order on the 11th October, to be received by 23rd October. The order was for a new job which has excellent career prospects and would just add so much to my life. Well, went about applying for jobs within that field, had an interview on Wednesday. Two hours ago, received the phone call to offer me the job! Not only that, but the course/qualification will also be funded! I am absolutely over the moon.

Thank you to the Universe! Truly amazing!

Thank you Cosmic Universe for delivering some more requests.
My daughter has sold her car. My brother finally received his cards
and money. When I have been running late for work you have a car
parking space waiting for me.

Thanking the universe for the cash flow that helped me o arrange my travel and the admission of my kids . The entire fund I asked was delivered to me exactly on the nick of the time of my travel.Thank you thank you thank you .

I want to thank you Universe and thank you God to help me out. My wish was granted and I was able to pay my bills. Thank you very much. I am very grateful.

Thank you!

I placed an order for €100 to pay for my Tai Chi class. On the morning the order was due, I got some unexpected news that saved me an existing expense of €72. I'm delighted! Thank you cosmos for delivering this to me.

Thank you oh great cosmos, my request for my son has taken a big leap to the positive, here's hoping that the full wish is granted.

will keep in touch

I just want to express my gratitude to you. The parcel arrived safely, we paid for the carpet. My brother has been and gone and we did loads and had
enough money. Also I sold my exercise machine. You also made
sure there was parking for me last week when I needed it.
I truly believe you help everyone that asks for it.

Tried for a it of fun, asked 3 times, failed 3 times . No expectation and wasn't disappointed , ok for a bit of fun

I would like to thank the universe for granting me the job of my dreams! I placed the order in April of this year (2015) and was offered the position to start on the 18th May. This really does work just believe! xxx

I had asked for more money in July as a had a lot of financial commitments in the month of August. I noticed in the month of July I was getting busier with more clients at my job. I didn't realize how much more busy I was until I got my paycheque. I had made 1200.00 dollars more than usual... that was enough to do everything I needed to that month...

Thank you universe for delivering