Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

The Angels have been working hard. The first of my daughter's persecutors has had to resign. Now I ask the Angels to carry on their hard work, and move the most corrupt, P.C.

I wish to thank the universe for granting a couple of big orders.I was stunned and overjoyed.I am still waiting on my biggest order and i trust in the powers of the universe

Jo's Cosmic Order for a family reconnection arrives for Christmas

WOW!!!! I placed an order to get a promotion at work, an a month later, hey presto!!!! Thank you so much!!! I've placed a couple more, so fingers crossed they will come through to!

Ever since I have been using this website it's funny how some of my cosmic orders have been successful and have been very happy because of the cosmic orders, I have just ordered some things that I really need and really hope they are going to come true, I have faith in the cosmos!

This is my third request from the Cosmos, the first time I got my new career (and am very happy) and the second time I was reunited with my ex boy-friend (and we are very happy!), so I hope the Cosmos will be as kind to me again....

Thanks so much for my boss constructivley dismissing me, the phone rang right after I did my order! I have been hoping to leave this job for ages!

Also many thanks for the lampshades, eactly as I asked for and only took 2 days, they were free as well!

Well I placed a few orders last night & one was just a small minor thing but hey it's come true already Smile . I just asked that the watch I ordered online weeks ago would finally arrive and that also another parcel I was waiting for would arrive and they both arrived today Smile . Ok so post can come at any time sure!! but the watch has been M.I.A.

I want to thank the Cosmos for delivering my Cosmic Orders!! I just have one left which I am remaining positive about and I will know by Fenruary if it will be delivered, so I will keep you posted!

I found this site in March 2008. The first time I placed orders, I think there was a lot of confusion in my mind while trying to work out what I wanted, and there were too many details I included, and too many things I asked for in one go. Despite that, the request regarding my finances was delivered.