Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Only been on nearly two weeks and it as worked for me on a few little things and its already changing my life THANK YOU THANK YOU, Regards tinytim

p.s just have the faith and self belief

I came across this website last week from an internet search and for some reason it was the only site I felt drawn to. Although I didn't register straight away or submit a cosmic order online my wish came true!

I found this site a week ago; I have already put in a few big orders and my due date is not here yet..!!! However I know I will receive them Smile

I made a quick order last night to be happy and have a real good day today.. I also requested some luck from a txt or a call today.. and this morning I had a txt off a friend who asked me if I use the sunbed, and I always use the sunbed.. and she said she has 72 minites of free sunbed sessions Smile saving me approx £42..

I have never had something for free before Wink

~Whatever the Mind Can Conceive & Believe, It can Achieve~

I asked for enough money to buy my ideal home. I didn't get the money but 1 week after asking, the local authority offered us a beautiful house in a charming village. My main criteria was 3 good bedrooms, a nice garden and a downstairs cloakroom. Our new home has all 3. You may not always get exactly what you wish for but it works and we are happy. I will try again.

This morning I joined the cosmic ordering site, and placed an order for an appointment at a hairdressers, which I must add I've had difficulty in obtaining for a week, only to ring this morning and successfully got in, but not only that, although I left the time open hoping that I would have more of a chance of getting in they even gave me a time that I had in mind, unbelievable. Thought I'd start small and see how it went, well I will be trying again very soon. Thank you.

I have been a user of Cosmic ordering for many many years - before - in fact - I actually knew what it was called!!! Just believe - nothing is impossible

Beverleys husband is a superstar and wins 5 star holiday - the other Cosmic Orders are in.

I have just placed a couple of orders I really hope they both come true. The 1st is very, very important to me emotionally as it's to do with someone i love, the 2nd is for 3 thousand pounds to get a jacket that My idol Michael Jackson actually wore!!

They are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about getting your cosmic ordering confidence up by wishing for inconsequential things.

This is a wonderful website I have been using it since last year and it has never let me down all the orders i have placed in the cosmos have successfully been delivered to me it gives me great hope as I hope it does to all that use this page many thanks to the cosmic universe and light and love to all...