Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

So grateful to the cosmic ordering service, When my pet became sick I asked the cosmic ordering service for a full and speedy recovery. Within a week and in keeping with the deadline my order was delivered!

I would recommend this website to anyone who wants to have a wish fulfilled as this website got mine .

Key ingredient is faith and belief and a positive outlook . And also that your wish being fulfilled should not harm another in any way.

That done nothing can stop you getting what you want.

God bless all with whatever we aspire for.

All the best with your cosmic ordering !!!

Hi all,
I had heard of Cosmic Ordering for some time... I hadnt placed an order until yesterday... and am I glad I did!

Many thanks for wish granted, my grandson was not settling at school, I asked for the cosmos to help him, I am delighted to say he has now settled into school he still has the odd bad day but much better than what he was at the beginning, many thanks again

Chris xxxxxx

I asked for help with confidence for an interview as I normally fall apart, I got the job with a higher salary than I thought!

I did my order yesterday to remain calm during my vaccinations that I was having today. I needed two and normally I am a blubbering mess.

I can't believe how calm I was and even watched the nurse when she injected me without even flinching. I was so shocked and happy that I have proof that cosmic ordering does work.

Again I asked the cosmos for a gift that myself and others could make use of, something to make me happy and a night away.. the next day my friend got chosen to go to big brother's Friday Night live eviction plus she could take 4 friends, and we got back today Smile

~Cosmos never fail to deliver~


I had been looking all summer for a reasonably priced fridge freezer - mine was falling apart, every time I went to a second hand store they had just sold out. I looked at new ones but they were way too expensive. I put in my order and forgot about it.

I asked the cosmos to help my son find the job of his dreams, this was granted two weeks later, i am truly grateful to the universe for answering my prayers.

many thanks Christine

I asked for positivity for an interview today and as far as being jobless goes, you can take me straight off the unemployment line!!!

Thank you!!!