Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I asked for some financial help, which would get me through this period of time.

Well, I checked my post and had a small tax rebate.. it made my day cos I can use it to take a chunk off my rent assist loan now and top up my rent for this month.

Many thanks as this has really helped. Thank you.

Thank you cosmic ordering site. After placing my cosmic order I asked the supreme intelligence to communicate through some sign like manifesting a rose if my order will be accepted.

It was amazing to find a rose strewn on my path while I was coming towards my house on the lonely path.Coincidence or miracle?!Well , this is how universe communicates with us.And yes,I got what I wished for.

I have been placing cosmic orders for a few months now, and so far they have all been delivered to me despite that they may not fall in the exact dates I want. I have 100% faith in the Universe and am looking forward to receiving more orders.

Thanks so much, was entering this competition every day and put in a cosmic order to win and I did, positive thinking really works. Thanks so much for this great site.

I just want you all to know that it works!

January this year, I wished for a vacation for me and my daughter. Since I am a Single Mom and not earning much, I want to be be affordable with everything inclusive - lodging and board.

February came, a charity institution annouced that they will take in 25 families with single parents to go on a 7-day vacation in a mountain lodge for Sfr. 100.00 including rooms and board and 2 free outings.

I applied.

Out of the many applicants, we were chosen.

This will probably sound silly but I did an order where I asked for a scratch card with more than a pound on it, (I do get winning ones quite often, but always for only a pound).

ANYWAY- I sent out my order, and hey guess what, just outside of the time limit I'd put, when I'd forgotten all about it, I bought 3 cards, two of which each had a 5 pound win. So I won ten quid, instead of just one. Not the thousands I would have liked, but still a fulfilment of what I asked for!!!

My wife has wonderfully passed her driving licence test and got her driving licence after placing a Cosmic Order. This is unbelievable since she has not yet mastered her driving. Thanks Thanks Thanks

I placed an order for a job in a pre school that was going to be right for me and with good salary. I was offered the job, but the day after the due date. I was thrilled to bits and it was the best pre school I felt comfortable in compared to the other two interviews I had.

I work with my angels a lot too, so was it just luck I was offered the job did my angels help as well or was it all down to cosmic ordering?

I have placed two other orders and remain positive that these will also happen and fullfill my life.

Asked for my website to become successful by 14/10/2010 checked my alexa pagerank today and overnight my site has gone up over 16,000,000 places. Order was placed about 3 weeks ago. Looking good so far. Only another 6,800,000 sites to out rank now Smile

For the last 4 years I have had health problems with me having to visit the hospital up to 3 times a week. Not so long ago I submitted a cosmic order for my health to improve, yesterday I found out that after all this time, -I am finally being discharged from the hospital. Such a relief. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.