Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I just wanted to write to offer encouragement to other cosmic orderers by sharing my experience. I've heard a lot about Cosmic Ordering over the past few years but had never actually ventured as far as to place an order of my own. However at 2:27pm today I took the plunge and placed an order relating to a text that I was hoping to receive - thinking to start small to ensure that I was on the right track.

Smile devo ringraziare l'Universo per il mio terzo ordine un primo momento sembrava che non fosse stato esaudito...invece, rileggendolo, mi sono resa conto che le cose che avevo chiesto forse si sono avverate...non in maniera diretta e chiara da poterle comprendere si sono avverate...

Grazie Universoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Smile))))))))

English Translation:

Thank you soo much, Cosmos, for heeding my request! In a moment of doubt, I asked for a sign connected with the request I really desired to have.. AND IT WAS DELIVERED TO ME! In the oddest way possible! Laughing out loud Thank you so much! I can't wait for my desire to be fulfilled! I love the Universe, I love me, I love the world, I love life! Laughing out loud

I asked the universe to help my husband with problems at work. Well it well and truely delivered he has found a new assistant and two new members of staff after thinking that he would be struggling on his own. After a awful year we are hoping that 2011 will be our year thankyou it really works you just have to believe!!!

I asked the cosmos for art in my flat. I am now taking a pinting course and my flat has some of my art work in it.

I asked for health for my daughter and she is very well and we love each other very much.

I recently visited my family in Ireland and gave all my siblings Christmas presents.

I have a wonderful new male friend.

I have a lot to be grateful for. Somethings I am grateful for I cannot say here as I want to keep them private.


I wrote an order to get 65% in my exam and get a pass. My teachers told me that I would fail. Aftersitting my exam , unbelievable I passed and got 67% and was first in my class. I recommend this site. I'm gonna use it again!

inserisco ancora un riscontro positivo per il mio secondo Ordine Cosmico...avevo ordinato all'Universo che una persona continuasse a sentire l'esigenza di farsi vivo con me...che trovasse la forza di parlarmi col cuore...e che magari volesse sentirmi anche per telefono... sta facendo vivo con una certa regolarità...ha cominciato (da solo) ad aprirsi moltissimo con me (anche se per lui è difficile)...e l'ultima volta m'ha detto che, se io voglio, potremmo risentirci anche per telefono!

Sono davvero felice....grazie Universo!!!!!!!! ***********************

Im pleasantly surprised at the results when using this cosmic ordering service. I've learnt that by wording things in a positive way (with out any ambiguity) that I find myself thanking the Cosmos on a daily basis for orders that have been delivered accurately.

Thanks again.

I am so thankful to God that created the Universe for my cosmic ordering coming true. I asked for a job, and I got it! I will do this again!

Ciao a tutti...volevo testimoniare che il mio primo ordine cosmico è andato a buon fine!!!

Era una cosa per me impossibile...eppure è avvenuta!!! Smile

Ho lanciato il mio ordine nel Cosmo...e per qualche giorno ho cercato di non pensarci tanto...e si è verificato! Smile

Translated from Italian:

Hello everyone ... I wanted to testify that my first cosmic order is unsuccessful!

It was an impossible thing for me ... and yet it happened! Smile

I ran my order in the cosmos ... and for a few days I tried not to think so ... and it happened!