Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I have placed many Cosmic Orders, examples- wanted a new pair of black shoes, 2 weeks later a delivery comes and my friend bought me a present for no reason at all.

Asked for a nice gift to benifit me and my family/friends - won 5 tickets next day.

Asked for a suprise- got contacted by an old friend after 1 year.

Asked for an answer to why someone dissapeared out of my life 2 yrs ago with no explaination or goodbye, a week later i received an email explaining off that person. Even though I had no contact with them, nor did I know where they were for 2 yrs.

My dear Universe, thank you for granting my desires. You never fail to deliver my needs and wants. I have all my faith in you and that in the future my wishes will all come true too. Really really really thankful and grateful.

I wanted to receive payments for my two freelance projects which were long overdue. My order has manifested and amazingly on the due date itself!

Thanks universe for making it possible for me.

...per aver fatto avverare alcune cose che avevo chiesto nelle mie ultime due ordinazioni...non proprio tutto quello che alcune cose si sono avverate...

Grazie ancora una volta!!!

Laughing out loud

English Translation:
Thanks Universe... for making some things come true that I asked in my last two orders ... not really all that ... but contained some things have come true ....

Thanks Again!!!

I place a request that my husband would stop smoking- something seemingly impossible and highly unlikely...................not only has he quit for a year - he has managed some really stressful times and not returned to it.

I am thankful for this and other requests that have been fulfilled.

Thanks universe for making my wish come true.

Something which I wanted came true just within an hour of my making a cosmic order. I am loving it. I have made several other orders and I am sure they will manifest too!!!

I requested that my man would spend more time with me over xmas and be more open to love and OMG I got just that and more - so so so grateful

Just before Christmas, I placed a Cosmic Order asking for a specific figure of money I needed. A few days latter I received a cheque from the tax office with the same amount I had asked for. Thanx to the universe!

Avevo chiesto all'Universo che M. mi facesse una bella sorpresa per Natale...desideravo che mi regalasse un qualcosa di specifico, come faceva spesso in passato...e l'ho avuto!!!

grazie mille ancora una volta Universo!!! Laughing out loud

English Translation...

I asked the Universe M. make me a nice surprise for Christmas ... I wanted to give me a something specific, as he often did in the past ... and I got it!

thank you once again Universe!

I asked for three things a week or so ago all of which seemed out of reach.

I thank the Universe most warmly for delivering. All three things at the time seemed impossible and I felt I was asking too much. I am very grateful.

Thank you Smile