Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I have used cosmic ordering over the last few years, the old saying be careful what you wish for is one to keep in mind.

Each time I have ordered it has come true, not always the way I expected and I still got what I wished for.

Each time has been a learning experience and I have used these learnings to improve my next order.

Happy days to all.

It works but maybe not how you expect!!!!

Asked the universe to mainfest a bunch of flowers before 14th feb to prove it works. Indeed I got a bunch of flowers sent to me attached to an email from a stranger lol.

Love it . I think My other order is starting to be processed as well . cool

About a week ago I asked for a sign that I definitely would be getting what I am manifesting. Not only did I put in a cosmic order,but I am also working on manifesting this desire.

I asked for a sign but I think in my wording it looked like I wanted the sign within 2 weeks. So today I opened an email...& part of the message was:

"Hey, you asked for a sign and here it is--literally out of the blue. So smile. Okay?"

This email was NOT from a friend of mine who knows anything about me or my life, but a newsletter I get.

I had the usual post Christmas blues. I was looking for a bit of excitement on a cold January day, I posted my first Cosmic Order.

I asked for a a friend to call me and invite me out for and exciting day with lots of freebies!!!! Two days later I had a phone call from a friend who asked me if I wanted to go to visit a film set and I could take three friends.

I certainly did want to go, four of us had a fabulous time and we received lots of freebies. Thank you I love your site.

I was at work the other day talking about my first visit to a spiritualist church with a co worker, who said she thought because of some bad choices by the company ,I was reduced to part time work!

She suggested why not use The Cosmic Ordering Service Site and see what may come my way.

I made a cosmic order, and yes sure enough in the short time period of three days it came through.

I am delighted, Thank you

I've just received my order, and early too!

Its only been 4 days and I had asked for a month!

Can't believe it! Smile

Of Course you can believe it - enjoy it - celebrate it!< br />Cosmic Guide

I put my first little order in last month and I just asked for a few home improvements. I set a 3 months time limit for this to be done and I'm happy to say its been completed!

I am a very happy person! Thank you so much Cosmic Universe. I will be using this again very soon.


Hi I am new to this site and reading other peoples testimonials is really comforting.

I put my order in to the universe(GOD)and thanked cosmos afterwards. I have been reading books on cosmic ordering for a few months now and found this site while surfing the net I am glad I did as came across answers to some of my questions, its all about positive thoughts and getting rid of the negative thoughts, which I do have!

Thank you so much our dream has come true...

We have moved into our new home we are very happy, it was not the house I had originally asked for but this one is so much nicer and in a lovely area, we are very happy I will be using the Cosmic Ordering Service again..

Keep believing..!!!

I just want to thank the Cosmos for delivering another wish, and on the due date. I never believed that this would come true, but it has.

Anyone doubting that Cosmic Ordering doesn't work, I can testify it really does.

Thank You again