Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I have to just let people know, that by trying Cosmic Ordering and beleiving in it, it will work.

I've placed 2 orders for later in the year, and am waiting on those, and 1 order I placed was iminent, and came true.

Remember to be very specific, and push the cosmos, it enjoys a challange...

I asked that my Daughter passes her Theory Driving test today and she did. I thank the Universe so much. This will boost her no end.

Thank you so much. I had every faith my wish would be answered. Now looking forward to my other orders being fulfilled.

I am very grateful and thank the Universe for granting my order.

I can not put into words how thankful I am because with your cosmic ordering site, along with my keeping faith has brought to me a Man, whom is special and could possibly be THE ONE!

I asked for love to come into my life and so far after a month together, we both feel like we've known each other forever and he is everything any woman could ask for in a Man. Thank you for restoring my faith in love.

Sincere and special regards

Claire xx

I put two cosmic orders in mid January to happen by the 1st March. This was my first time using the site. One order was granted over the weekend (5th), so really pleased with that one.

The other order was more urgent, and I am slightly more anxious about it, which judging by the other testomonials here, may be why it has'nt happened yet??

The first order happened in a way that I could not have foreseen and also in a 'better' way than if I had tried to arrange it! At the moment, I cannot see how the other order will be achieved...

Have placed a few cosmic orders. The first was my so to get into the school we wanted, which has happened.

I wanted my business to be successful this year. One of the things was to get website set up. I have had an offer for a free website and seperately an offer of much reduced business software. Thanks.

I have placed quite a few Cosmic Orders to the cosmos, and I just want to say that the majority of them have all been granted.

I just want to say thank-you to the cosmos. There was only one not granted, which was to make my father in law well again following an illness, this wasn't granted but I trust that the cosmos decision to not grant this request was for the best. Smile

Thank you so much to the cosmos. Despite being told we would have no chance my daughter has been offered a place in the best school.

Thank you thank you thank you.


Would just like 2 say, am very grateful I came across this site, I've always believed in cosmic ordering, but this site makes it easier to do, I've so far put 4 orders in, one of them was for the day I placed it, was to help me mum, and amazingly it worked, the others... Due date hasn't arrived yet so will keep you posted.

Would just like to say thankyou very much. Smile X

What can I say - second order came true totally out of the blue

Just one more to go and this is a biggy. will ex come back !!! 2 out of 3 isnt bad cant wait to do some more...

Good luck everyone in your orders happening Wink

I have found all my wishes to come through, although I give a timelime I often find they come later then I ask for. Some things are yet to arrive but when I look back on orders from years ago, I'm shocked at how exact my orders came through, on that note, be careful what you wish for and be very specific! Enjoy! Laughing out loud

Love and light to all.