Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Everything I asked in my order worked out exactly as written, to the last detail. It was a matter of the heart. It's a bit too complicated to write everything out here but I was really REALLY surprised that it not only happened within the timeline but it also that it followed the last word - nothing was left out. This really works and I am thankful a million times over.

Thank you for me getting my drivers licence, for keeping Mel and myself safe on our journeys, for every day, this beautiful blue planet, my health and my life.

I thank the cosmos for granting peace of mind on an issue that had me worried sick, it turned out ok. brightest blessings.

Cannot be more thankful than I am. We have been looking for somewhere good to move to after our landlord went bankrupt and our flat was riddled with damp and mould.

Just checked I am a member 1 week and 6 days and amazing have already received three of my 7 orders fantastic - thank you Cosmos!!!!!!

I ordered the delivery of a great public speech last Saturday. It was delivered. Thank you cosmos!!!!!!!!!!

Made an order to have my paper approved for publication and while it did not come on the exact date I got what I ordered. Thank you Cosmos!!!!

Today was my due date and I just got my wish!! This is the first time I have ever used you and I was a little sceptical (But nothing to lose, so thought it was worth a shot!) and I've just had my wish!!! Thank you so much!!! Smile

Thank You Cosmic ordering site for fulfilling my wish. I was too reluctant to go for this 2 day trip with my friends as I donot get along with one my friend's girl frind and soon to be a wife. Turns out we all had an amazing time and she loved me, I also think she isnt bad now. we had a great trip and I also got along with one of her friend's at the trip.
Thanks universe.
This worked for me in this case. Will keep u all posted on other orders too.

Hello Everyone, I would like Advice Please. I have been placing my orders to the Universe on here since 2015 and nothing so far has come to be for me. I am more miserable then ever and feel more ignored by the Universe then ever before.....I am still struggling so hard, and still needing the $250,000 I asked the Universe for many months and over a year ago now. I don't understand why some orders get fulfilled, while others never do.......are the testimonials on here honest? am I missing something? what did I do wrong?