Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I've always struggled with getting good grades in school because I freeze when i take tests.

I asked the universe to help me get a 100% on this test I had yesterday and sure enough I got it. I feel confident this semester knowing I can truly relax and trust that I know the answers.

Thank you

I tried the technique last night, you see I have been having trouble sleeping and I had just read Barbel Mohr's book "The Cosmic Ordering Service".

I thought I would give it a try and as she says in the book start with little things first. It worked for me, the last thing I remember is ordering a good nights sleep.

I had the best sleep I have had in three weeks. I am so happy.

I asked for help with my brother regards a job and lovelife. He has a new job which was difficlut to begin with and was fraught with some problems, but these have been ironed out and it would appear that he is happier now and his employers are happier now. So many thanks cosmos for all your help in that dept.

We still need to work on his love life though, lol.

Many many thanks cosmos

My mother was 93 and was not really living. She had alzheimers and was suffering. I requested the cosmos consider this and take her home. Before 24 hours I got a call and within a week she was taken to her new home in a far better place.

How can I thank you enough?!!!

We had been troubled by a neighbour who had recently moved in. He would constantly slam doors,shout, and generally made our lives stressful and unbearable.

I thought I had nothing to lose in trying, by placing the order.

He moved out after ELEVEN days of placing my order.Thank you so much.I am SHOCKED and AMAZED and very very grateful!!!!!!!!!!

Been struggling with getting fit. Asked for help and the aim to run under 60min for a 10k race. Managed it by 4 seconds, next stop a marathon!


After many successful & splendid cosmic orders I was so pleased to have delivery of what I'd asked for right the next day.

It was really needed and has made an enormous difference to my day - tomorrow is a new day & things are looking spectacular.

I must thanks the Cosmos for helping to reduce my debt this month as the ACTUAL DAY my Cosmic Order was due, my accountant rang me up to tell me I had no tax bill to pay this month!...strange & fantastic too, as I couldn't see how this could work, but amazingly, something good came from it on the due date...keep the faith guys Smile

I have been using cosmic ordering for a while now and it is really good had lots of orders fullfilled and a few still waiting on just have faith x


I ordered a £1000 to be delivered by the 7th Dec 2011. By the 9th Dec 2011 I was sent an very unexpected and delightfully recieved Cheque for £1088 pounds!
Thankyou !!!!