Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Out of my 9 cosmic orders, 5 were delivered and i got exactly what i needed. I will continue ordering because i believe in the positive poarers of the universe.

Although not in the time frame I asked for, unfortunately the time frame was out of anyone's control. But I got exactly what I asked for! Thank you!

I have used cosmic orders for a number of things which have all come true on the day or just before that I had requestedl.

I asked in January for a nice new flat for me and my partner at a good price to arrive by 27/2/11. On the 26/2/11 we collected the keys to our lovely 2 bedroom flat.

I also asked for a payrise and I have had two since I submitted the order.

Recently asked for my partner to pass his driving test and me to get a new job. My partner passed his test and I have an interview for a new job.

Many many thanks for request granted, i had asked for help for my son to find a new job with decent wages and conditions, this was granted just before the due date, please accept my most grateful and sincere thanks.

love Chris xxxxx


I requested urgent help to change my car.

On 17th September I was offered and agreed to buy my niece's car which I collected on 30th September!

Thank you!

It was July 2011 and I claimed a star for a Transformation in Tuscany retreat on 29.09.11. I forgot about this, but as the date got closer, my yearning for this was stronger, although financially it looked impossible.

On 24.09.11, 5 days before the start date, I paid for this and booked my flight. I couldn't believe it and neither could anyone on the retreat.

I was already in Tuscany when I got the reminder that my cosmic order was due.

Hi, just want to say that this really works. I placed an order to the cosmos for an answer by 23rd of September last and received one!

It was just enough to keep me going and be ready to take my chances.


A big thank you to this site...

I began using this site and never really had much faith in any of my dreams becoming reality but thought worth a try, a few of my orders didnt appear then I added 1 and it happened because i ordered it and let the universe do the work for me i never once questioned the outcome i just got on with my life, it didnt arrive on the due date but no less than 2 weeks later, cant wait for the rest of my orders to manifest...

thank you universe Laughing out loud xxx

I placed my orders back in March 2011 to be delivered by July 2011 ...

by then they had'nt arrived... but my orders have just arrived in the last two days.... arrived late but you know it worked out perfectly as I was not ready for my orders then... but I am now prepared ... so proves to me your orders are fulfilled when you need them most!

Have put in a few orders this year and so far they are all coming or have come to pass

thank so much for this site

love and light

Sandy x