Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I love Cosmic Ordering! The Cosmic is the best!
I enjoy ordering invitation from others, since I'm kind of a shy person and I don't initiate conversations too much, when I want to go somewhere, I like other people to invite me.
I have a lot of success for this, for example:

1). I ordered an invitation to a concert, and the next day my friend invites me to LMFAO's concert via Facebook.
2). I ordered an invitation to go on a ship/boat/cruise, within 1~2 weeks I got an email saying that they need one more person to be on a cruise.

Wow, couldn't believe it when I put in a cosmic order and every went according to the plan I had set out in my cosmic order.

We were just about to put in plans for an extension, my cosmic order was for it to be accepted, for us to get our mortgage advance, every go smoothly and come in under budget. Did I get a shock when all of it happened and so quickly!!!!!

All my dreams and wishes came true tonight, I placed my order for next week and my order was delivered tonight, I cannot find the words to say how grateful I am so happy, and it all down to the universe,
Thank you Thank you Thank you
and Thanks to God for creating such a beautiful and wonderous thing.

I've placed many orders and I am grateful that most of them have arrived. Believe and feel what you want is yours and the magic happens.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thought I would have alook over my orders. just realised that March last year I gave myself 6 months to find employment. 2 days before my order was up I got offered the job im in now. Wasnt what i wanted at the time, but has worked out to be the best thing that happened. so grateful to the universe xxx dancechick

My eternal thanks to the Universe for delivering a well paid assignment to my sister Merl to a gent in Bromley who resides in a house with no stairs. Also much appreciation for orders which have been delivered before, there have been many Smile

Thank you thank you thank you, I placed an order a few months ago which appeared to disappear as fast as it appeared, but looking back, the timing would not have been brilliant. I replaced the order last week and 100% believed it would be delivered and expected it, and it has been delivered this week. All of my orders have been fulfilled so far, and I thank the universe for the abundance of joy that is out there for everyone.

I asked for help for my daughter who was having trouble at school,I would like to thank the cosmos for helping her , life for her is happier now.

On June 27th i asked the cosmo to grant me £400 for me to afford a holiday for me and my children, as we havent had a holiday for 10 years, today i received a cheque for £400 which will enable me and my children to have 5 days away in Blackpool this summer.
Thank you so much x


I am grateful to the universe for a speedy response and for looking out for me. I just posted a request for improvement in my trading career and minutes later when i looked on my trading platform, the market was sky rocketing in my direction bringing many of my positions into profit. Am so grateful