Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I can't believe it - 2 months ago when I place I order I had no directions about what I'd like to do and suddenly I got this chance to be promoted to a brand new role with a lot of things to learn and create!

Thank YOU God! It's delivered!

I asked the Cosmos to help me sleep better more soundly. And although I placed my ordered in December, I just realized that lately I am sleeping thru the night without waking up.

I won the lottery thanks to my belief in the Cosmic order. I will provide for my friends and family and the rest of my winnings will go to charities and good causes.

I will help all those in need.

My first cosmic order was granted to me after just one day. I was so happy to hear from my special person, I am so grateful to the cosmos for this.

Who would think that something so small as a text being granted would bring so much happiness.

thank you.<3

I place my cosmic order on 2/29/12. To find a new job with good pay and good days off. and enjoyable work.

My order was due 3/12/12. Well on 3/10/12 I got a call for an interview on 3/12/12. On 3/13/12 I got the job.

Thank you universe and thank you to the people who created this website.

After living with a family member for a while, I felt it was time to move into some where more stable and comfortable for me.

In my order to the Supreme I asked for a smooth transition into my own home with the ability to care for my spiritual and physical needs. At this time I knew not how it would happen. I barely had money to buy food and surely did not have money to get my own home.

For almost a year I have bombarded the Universe with orders to keep me in contracts with my current employer who I am temping with, along with orders to make me permanent there.

Suddenly after Christmas, the impossible happened and there was an opening I could apply for. Eventually, a few days ago I was interviewed and secured this position - which was the exact one I ordered! I am so very happy and thankful!!

I don't know how it worked but as soon as I posted my order, having been so very very unhappy and ill with worry I felt a sudden peace of mind. Just trusting that the cosmic order is going to be delivered is so reassuring.

I thank the cosmos so very much, maybe I will sleep tonight which i haven't done for such a long time.

thank you thank you thank you

I want to say a huge thank you to Universe. I order to get a job and got it. I did ask to stay in a stable position and I am here! So thank you very very much! I have got few orders more and hope they will become fulfilled.

Thank You Universe!