Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I want to say a huge thank you to Universe. I order to get a job and got it. I did ask to stay in a stable position and I am here! So thank you very very much! I have got few orders more and hope they will become fulfilled.

Thank You Universe!

last night I ordered the selling of 2 rings. I went to bed about midnight and in the quiet dark I saw thousands of orbs on my ceiling. amazed, I went outside and the heavens were filled with a million stars all twinkling and soooo bright. My arms raised up and I gave thanks to god for the beautiful heavens and thanked the cosmos for the wish it was about to grant me. I might add, I hadnt registered at that stage. today, I sold 2 rings, got some cash and a medievil style velvet dress I have always wanted but could never affords. So, 2 wishes for 1 order.

My house had been viewed by a lady wishing to exchange. I loved her house and needed a larger home but she had other properties to view and wanted to keep her options open.

I placed a cosmic order that we would be able to move without any setbacks and both be very happy in our new homes. I asked that it be done by April, 2 months' time.

TWO DAYS LATER the lady text me to say would I like to exchange! We are signing papers this week!

Thank you Universe, forever grateful : ) xxx

I requested for a friend who I havent seen in a long time to still be in my life, she got in touch the next day to get together! I didnt expect to receive anything so soon. I have always been an optomist and I am now EVEN MORE of a positive person. You have changed my life cosmic ordering.

Thank you Universe XX Big smile

On the 23rd of January 2012 I asked the Universe for financial independence by the 23rd Feb 2012 as I have been struggling for a long time and was extremely depressed. It is the 23rd of February and I had forgotten all about the cosmic order, until I received an email stating that my cosmic order was due.

I want to say a very big thank you to Cosmic for granting my request for my son's exam. He passed with good marks . I am still waiting for the rest of my requests to come by. Thank You again.

Thank-you for accepting and applying my request. I asked to hear from someone and a couple of days later I had an e-mail from them.

I wish to thank the universe for this.

I would like to say a huge thank you for request granted. I had asked for my daughter who has been unemployed for nearly a year to find the job of her dreams, this was granted yesterday, many many thanks universe it means the world to me knowing she is happy again.

God bless xxxxxxxxx

This is a pretty good site, and a good idea. When I broke up with my boyfriend in October, I had asked the universe for a fulfilling friendship with him, as I still wanted him in my life. I described what the friendship would look like in detail, and I think it's coming slowly. We had a nice talk at Christmas, and we've chatted several times since then. We're both open to a good, positive friendship, which is what's important.