Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I tested this out with something I saw as nearly impossible and stated I wanted it today..... I'm still in total shock that it came true ... will be putting in my orders frequently with true believe Smile

Thank you universe

Thank you Mighty Cosmos my request came through and as a result so many doors will open!

Order, be specific, grateful and receive x

I don't know how it works or why it works, but if you believe it works, it does.
Thank you Universe, you've helped yet again.

Hi all,

yesterday I asked for a nice surprise for this coming weekend, and today I received a refund from my mobile phone provider for £11 via a cheque through the post and my wife said "that was a nice surprise".

I know it was only £11 but it's still a fulfillment of my order nonetheless. I had a stroke last year and still have some big orders that I'm waiting for. I'll let you know how it goes in a couple of months time.

Good luck all, Paul.

I asked for help with a problem which could have been disasterous if not fulfilled I did what was asked to submit order and than let the cosmos deal with it and all worked out well.

I have another two i am waiting for but I don't become obsessed with it I just wait.

I put in a request for the universe to bring me a new car,and i could not afford to buy one, as my old one was broken and unrepairable.

I am so grateful and thankyou that my cosmic order happened just in the time limits I asked for. My partner bought me a new car and i love it its just what I wanted.

Thank you thank you so much for making this happen.


Tricia x

I asked for a satisfactory conclusion to our house sale.

The 'other side' were deliberately delaying and we almost lost our dream home. I asked the cosmos to help us by today's date and this morning we heard that everything was settled and had a moving date

Asked the cosmos this morning to let my partner get a job offer that would allow him to work back in this country - currently in Africa on an oil rig for months at a time......

today out of the blue he e mails to say he's found an e mail in his junk folder offering him the job he went for an interview for weeks ago but had not heard anything about - so we had thought he was unsucessful.

Amazing xxx

Thanks, back in October last year I ordered being a contestant on TV show by March this year.

I was informed yesterday that I have been selected as a contestant following an audition. Really works!

Even when you think what you have asked for is impossible, it turns up trumps