Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I placed an order for a nice unexpected surprise. I got it and it was not what I was expecting. My kitchen faucet has been dripping, and I didn't want my maintenance people in my apartment. Today the drip stopped. So Thank you Universe.

Gracias por que poco a poco estoy creyendo, si se dan cosas buenas y se comparte lo bueno todo es posible. Espero seguir en este camino y obtener las bondades que merezco

Rough Translation!: Thank-you for showing me that there are are good things out there and for sharing how everything is possible. I hope to continue on this path and share in the benefits we all deserve

I am so grateful, so many of my orders have come true. Yes a few haven't, but looking back I didn't really believe they would. I am so thankful.

I can honestly say it really works. You just have to believe, control your emotions and not obsess over your orders, or they will not happen.

Thanks for everything universe Smile

Abundant Infinite Gratitude Dear Universe, for granting my wishes, my life is so much happier now! Thank you! XXX

I had only £1 to my name and needed just something to get me through to payday, and oddly, someone gave me £36 that they had borrowed that I had forgotten about, and I then signed into my Paypal account to update something and found I had another £25!

Thank you Universe - I am now going to try for something a bit bigger!

Im new to the whole cosmic ordering thing. I put in an order thatI needed a working sewing machine. not 10 seconds later, a friend called and asked if i wanted her sewing machine because she doesn't have room for it anymore and thought i might want it. this is so amazing!

thank you universe!!!!

This really works. I have to admit I was sceptical at first but the three things I asked for materialised, one just a few days late but I'm not complaining, would like to say huge thanks to the universe

So far everything I've asked for has been delivered and other things are well on the way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you want to experience the wonderful world of cosmic ordering keep your requests positive and let them go. They will be delivered.

I have to say that the things I've ordered haven't been for material goods and neither have they caused any harm to anyone. If I really need something material I believe it will be delivered. I may ask for something in the future but there are so many other things that need sorting out first.

I have been having a massive issue with my daughter and her disrespectful behavior but I put my order in this morning with a time frame of basically immediately.

Thank you cosmic you delivered what I requested.

This was the first time I used the site. I relaxed, ordered and forgot about it I really believe things happen for a reason.

Thank you again.