Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I placed my first order asking for some extra cash and I received a cheque today from a tax rebate I didnt realise I was due one

I asked that my new neighbours are considerate and quiet and asked for a two day time span. Well, the Universe has come through for me so far! Not a peep from them. Let's hope the Universe continues to help me with this one.
Thank you Universe! I can relax a bit now.

I have asked the Universe to keep the neighbours quiet on the other side of me. The order date is not due yet so here's hoping my request will be honoured.

I am impressed so far - thank you


A month before my year-end exams I requested to pass my 2 exam papers with distinctions and when the results came out, I had passed with distinctions.

The cosmic ordering site is my platform to practice my faith, it is a platform that teaches one that if you can see it, then it will happen as long as you have faith and want it for the right reasons.

Thank you for such a wonderful tool. My husband has recently started using Cosmic Ordering and I believe his requests will be delivered too.

I would just like to thank the cosmos, I requested that my eldest daughter would get the job she applied for last week, this was confirmed on Thursday morning, also I requested that my youngest daughter would be given part time hours after returning to work following the birth of her baby. This was also granted on Thursday morning.

thankyou very much. x

Thank you for this wonderful site. More than one of my cosmic orders came true. Specifically around the exact figure of the pay rise I asked for. It came - and the pay rise became effective a month-to-the-day later than the request was for. The wording of your order is important. I thanked the people involved in my order and wrote it in a way that it had already happened.

The company policy is to potentially give a payrise after six month's service, but I got mine in less than three!

Have faith and good luck.

Great, thanks universe I got the show I asked for ,even though my audition was pretty ropey!!!! It also came 4 days early even better!

This was my first cosmic order as I am new to this. I asked for blinds to be delivered on a friday so my husband could put them up on the saturday. We are decorating the whole house.

They did not arrive until Monday down to the universes' wisdom. As it turned out we werent ready for them on Saturday and Monday is a better day as my husband can put them up during the week. It enabled him to complete other jobs at the weekend which needed completing first.

Thank you Universe. Am looking forward to receiving my other orders when you feel it is the right time for me to receive them.

Yesterday, I placed my cosmic order to "embrace life and to experience success in all aspects of my life." Maybe a bit vague, however it was my first order.

I have my own business and I have been making less money this year than I did the year's past. Today, I went to work, and I made as much money in one day, as I sometimes have in an entire month! I knew immediately why this was happening, and I gratefully thanked the cosmos for listening to me, and delivering my order - and so quickly!

I feel nothing but good and positive things to come!

I asked for my car to pass the MOT and i have just had a call from the garage..its passed!! Thankyou so much to the cosmos Smile


My cosmic ordering has been delivered i would like to thank the cosmos for answering me. Now me and my family can move on in life i am very grateful. You just have to believe in what you have asked for and let the cosmos do its work!!