Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I asked the universe to ensure that the valuer looking at my house today valued you it at £600,000. I needed it to value at this to move on to the next stage of my plan. The valuer today could not have been nicer and stated that the house was there or there abouts in terms of value. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy and GRATEFUL.


I asked for my daughter to be helped pass her driving test please and she did

So I wrote earlier this week that the obstacles blocking my daughters house purchase were being lifted, as per my cosmic order.

I am now writing to confirm that the universe removed every obstacle and my daughter completed on her house purchase on Friday 9th November as scheduled. I can not tell you the relief and happiness that this has brought to all our lives.

Cosmic ordering WORKS!!!!

Thank you Universe, I am eternally grateful.

OMG about 7 months ago i placed an order hoping to be pregant by my 40th birthday, we hadnt even planned any babies untill new year..... low and behold, my man decided he wanted them now and ive just found out im expecting just one month after my 40th.......blown away.......

thank you universe so much xx

I'm thankful that i have this space to place all different requests i have to the Universe. I feel listened to by the Universe each time i place an order. It is amazing how you learn to just place your requests and forget about them and allow the Universe to find means of making things happen for you.

I cosmically ordered a baby girl for the 30th October. I am now 6 weeks pregnant!!!!! I had veen trying for 2 years and never got anywhere!!!!! It really works everyone Smile no harm in trying Smile

Thank you for delivering my orders. I am awaiting a few more to be delivered and I know they will be in time.

Thank you Great Universe.

I recently placed a cosmic order to help rekindle a friendship that had gone wrong, with a "due date" of 4th November 2012. Today that order has been delivered and I am now looking forward to my next one Smile

I asked the Universe for my house to sell and for my partner and I to get through our issues. Both have been answered.

I sold my house and within 4 weeks was moved out, my partner and I are back together after a short break and happier than ever talking of moving in together in the new year.

Amazing it really works. I am very happy right now.

My thanks to the Universe. I put in a request yesterday for our sick puppy and I am happy to say he is back home. Although he is tired, I am pleased to say he has made a full recovery.

Thank You Thank You Thank You