Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I asked that if me and my love were meant to be then he would contact me. He's been ignoring me for quite a while, so I sent him a message just this moment and he replied instantly. I'm not sure if this is a co-incidence or my cosmic order really came true.

Thankyou anyway.

I placed an order for help with my son's piano fees for the year I won £500 on bingo,

Thank you very much

I asked for a monetary win, didn't specify how much, ordered on the 11th October for delivery by the 31st October.

Bought 1 scratchcard today and it was a winner, won five pounds.

Thanks universe!

I asked for a sign from my love that he was thinking of me and he posted on fb that he was at a place where we stayed. And then we had an email convers ation. I have asked that everything will be alright not sure the anser to that but contact was made!

Hi all it works! Thank you Universe thank you! Thank you for this Website that has truly shifted my thoughts in an awesome and powerful way!

I asked the Cosmos for a baby girl. Concieved by end of April 2012. I concieved and sent out a testimonial that I was confident it is a baby girl!!! I confirmed yesterday using 3D ultra sound that it is indeed a girl (there was not doubt from the potty shots!!!). I am now sending out a cosmic request for a health pregnancy and delivery and a health mother and baby.

YAY!!! Thank you!

I cant believe it after a week my 1st cosmic order had been delivered and i am feeling happier when i thought all was lost thank you Universe and i'll be ordering more.


Back in January 2010, I started to write a blog. In this blog I wrote that I was going to try to 'cosmic ordering' a new job. Id saw Noel Edmonds on ITVs This Morning talking about how he'd 'cosmic ordered a new wife'. Intrigued to find out more I googled cosmic ordering.

Using the power of positive thought and a little help from my dearly loved Grandad who'd passed away in the May, I accepted a job in the June 2010. I loved the job dearly.

Thank You I love this site.

My first order has been delivered and it really worked then my second one has brought me peace within I have another order due its the ultimate one something I really want a few signs but uncertain if it is linked and will happen I am staying positive and humble sure will be back to let you know the results

Thank you Wonderful Universe from the depths of my Heart & Soul for weaving your Magic and delivering my orders right on cue!

Quite blows me away how these things come to fruition, but they do, and I
am so thankful for the joy and hope the Universe is bringing to me !