Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I am a firm believer in the benefits of Cosmic Ordering although I only discovered the benefits, from this very site, 5 weeks ago! My life and prospects have changed DRAMATICALLY since joining. If you are unsure or hesitant at all, place your first order and watch your life transform, too!

Great work, guys.

just to say thank you to the cosmos for your help in the little things and in the big things and for the things that haven't worked out, then there must have been a reason.

many thanks cosmos for giving me hope again and to renew my faith in the universe.

I just wanted to thank the universe. A couple of weeks ago I was thinking how great it would be to see someone close to me that lives overseas, and was thinking about it when i placed a different order with the universe.

This week, I got a call to say that my friend was back for a couple of days and we managed to meet up. Best order fulfilled ever Smile

thank you thank you thank you.

I am really thankful to the universe for delivering the majority of my requests on time. I know that all of my other requests will be delivered.

It is amazing that when there is something you really need, you are able to just put it in writing and have faith that it will be delivered.

All thanks to the Rich Universe.

On February 20, 2012 I asked the universe for something precious.

I asked that I concieve in my womb and carry to term a health strikingly beautiful intelligent physically, spiritually and mentally perfect baby girl. I would concieve this baby girl by April 30th 2012

I asked for some mutual forgiveness, and It deilvered by my birthday. I an really really happy and grateful.

Thank you God! Thank you Universe! Thank YOU!

I would like to thank the Universe/Cosmos/Cosmic Ordering Service and this website for part of my order being completed. I have had the windows put in, I just need the money to pay for them.

I placed an order on the 8th march for my granson to recover from a serious illness he is only 8, and 6 days later he woke up.

I've placed another order which I have faith that it will come true will keep you posted.

thank you universe so much.

Dear universe,

Something happened after my order. Everything flared up. Suddenly the arrogant officer got a bad exposure in a newspaper. He came up regretting to some extent. But the desired submissiveness and peace is not yet gained in my husband's office.

Anyway I believe universe is in action I will get the desired results as I ordered.

Love, radha.

I recently placed a order for my Panic Attacks to go away. I had tried everything to get them to go away from meds to Doctors and and yoga a diet and they just wouldn't go away.

So when I seen this website that was one of the first things that I ordered. My husband was not a believer until one day I went to a Doctor appointment a hour and a half away and I did that by myself with out even asking my husband to ride with me. I use to not be able to drive very far from my house with out having a bad panic attack. I noticed that my attacks stop as soon as I asked them to.