Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for granting my wish for my friend to get her life savings back. she is a frail old lady and it has helped her road to recovery, and in very quick time .

Blessings be

I just want to say thank you to the cosmos for answering my desire for the recent tension in my family to be eased.

On April 28 I asked for my share portfolio to double, I felt a little guilty asking for so much, a day before the due date I got what I asked for. It's made a big change to my life, THANK SO MUCH TO THE COSMOS.

I put in a request December 2015 to get stationed in South Korea at exactly April 9th 2016 after my training. Well after I graduated I arrived exactly April 9th 2016 in korea!

I had put in my first order just to test it out. I asked for $20 on May 7th. I did not receive anything, but on May 8th I received $40!

Just would like to thank you Universe fro my wish to come true at last I have got a message from my boyfriend or ex-boyfriend,but he also is coming for a chat tomorrow.Will put another wish straight now.Thank you once again Universe!

Thank you Universe for giving me the oportunity for my dreams to come true !!


I just want to say that I am sooooo THANKFULL FOR THE UNIVERS !!!
Already placed my orders and I know that they will arrive soon !
Thank you so much !!

I am so thankful to the Universe for granting the sale of my home on the exact day it was due! I am soo happy! Just believe and know that everything will work out! My computer screen even started to jump that day only, which I feel was a sign that my order was complete! Thank you Cosmos!

So I ordered on this site for a new boyfriend around December 2015. I guess I wasn't specific enough. I told this ordering site I wanted my soulmate to be my boyfriend. And well, the Universe chose one of my soulmates (a guy friend) for me to date and end up having a relationship with. Idk where it's going but we love each other very much. I even created a vision board for romance and love and it has been working perfectly!