Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

After lots of searching and some interviews, I finally got a job, and it looks like a good one!

Many thanks.

I was assigned a new project at work and as hard as I tried, I was nowhere near to achieving my goals for this project. It was very late at night when I decided to use cosmic ordering to turn this situation around. I also wondered whether I was cutting it fine by sending out a cosmic order for the following day? For this reason, I didn't request anything unattainable. I just wanted something I could achieve for the next day. As you can imagine, I couldn't believe it when on the following day, I achieved the exact goals I had requested in my cosmic ordering!

Dear Cosmic Universe
I have several things to thank you for this week.
My daughter Denise had a successful interview and has been offered the job that she wanted.
I have managed to get my new dream car.
My Auntie is reunited with her brother, sister, mum and dad.
We have sold mum and dad's house.
I'm hoping my husband, Terry had a good job interview on Friday.
I have had a parking space all week.
We are all fit and healthy.
Thank you eight times over.

OMG This was my second cosmic order and it was filled within 2 hours!!!!Thank you so much

In less than 24 hours my cosmic order was filled. Thank you Universe

I humbly requested a new job for my husband and it came through, so I did the same for myself, signed a contract 1st February and it comes with an increase in salary....Thank you again Cosmic Ordering you're amazing!!

Thank you so much for bringing my family together After 13 years of non communication old wounds have been healed & rifts mended & this is all because of cosmic ordering When I have been extolling the merits of the Universe to friends I was amazed to find some have already beaten me to it! I cant understand why they have been so secretive. Its a joy that I want to share with others Thank you seems inadequate

Today i would like to thank the universe for helping me believe that INDEED what we put out in thoughts has much potential to become our reality. All though i thought the universe had already answered my prayers a few weeks back, turns out i was only in a temporary solution to my problems. It sent me into a deep phase of introspection, and allowed me to makes drastic changes in my life to finally receive what i think is the actual manifestation of what is best for me right now... I can't wait to see what other positive events the universe has lined up for me! Thank you.

Thank you oh great cosmos for my well timed windfall that has helped in a desparate time.
Blessings be

I requested to have wonderful and unexpected surprise. And I wanted it to be delivered within one week. I received it, I'm getting a free tablet. I've been wanting one and now I will get it. Talk about wonderful and totally unexpected. Also several of my past orders have come true. But it was only up until now that I looked back and realized that it worked. I am so grateful for finding this site and the blessings that I have received. Everyone should try it, you have nothing to lose. And possibly everything to gain. Thank you.