Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

at 09:00 this morning whilst reading from the Book "The Secret" I saw that a film , highly acclaimed about the secret had been made.

I decided to place my order for the Film.

at about 11:30 whilst fishing at Mudeford Quay, a lady (An Estate Agent in Christchurch, Sarah) stopped to talk with me, after chatting a while it transpired that Sarah was too, a fan of The Secret, and she is lending me a copy of "The Secret" Film.

Now that is what I call an Affirmation,

thank you dear Cosmos

I placed an order on the 25th july and I can proudly say that this was delivered .

I am so grateful to the universe as this has restored my faith that orders can come true . The request was for people to stop coming to our area and causing a disturbance and this order was fufilled in the time span.

Thank you, thank you! within a week my cosmic order has been delivered and I have chosen the outcome I wanted out of several options.

I start my new job on Monday, the date I specified!

When I discovered this site I was feeling anxious and panicky, but submitting the order online really helped me let go of the need to control what happened next.

Looking forward to the next deliveries and will be encouraging all my friends to use the site too .....

in january 2012 i asked for a new job with no horrible shifts, earning the same wage, but with nice colleagues to be delivered around april 1st. I had an interview in feb but didnt get the job, or so i thought.....they phoned me april 6th to offer me the job and ive been there a while now and i dont do shifts and the wages are the same as my previous job and the staff are great!!!! thank you so much xx

I've been cosmic ordering since May 2012 - it's now August and things are starting to change for the better! For me, i believe the key things in your cosmic ordering practice are to visualize what you would like to achieve when you ask, and start off with small requests. Stay focused and keep focused on what you want. Thank you Universe!

Just one little thing. Iknow from experience that you really must be careful what you ask for. You must put forethought in to the mix, because you really really will get what you ask for [ good bad or downright bad for you] it will manifest in your life if you ask for it.
Never ever ever ask for something bad to happen to someone, no matter what they did to you.
Never ever ever ask for a specific person into or back into your life.

Where to start? Once again I turned to the cosmos for help and it has granted what I asked for, a windfall of cash the exact amount was given,a toxic friendship dissolved, before the due date. Ask the cosmos for help and leave it to work.
Thanks again cosmos i am very grateful .

just wanted to thank the universe for answering my requests- sometimes its not always how i imagined, but I appreciate it! keep positive and keep believing!

I love Cosmic Ordering! The Cosmic is the best!
I enjoy ordering invitation from others, since I'm kind of a shy person and I don't initiate conversations too much, when I want to go somewhere, I like other people to invite me.
I have a lot of success for this, for example:

1). I ordered an invitation to a concert, and the next day my friend invites me to LMFAO's concert via Facebook.
2). I ordered an invitation to go on a ship/boat/cruise, within 1~2 weeks I got an email saying that they need one more person to be on a cruise.

Wow, couldn't believe it when I put in a cosmic order and every went according to the plan I had set out in my cosmic order.

We were just about to put in plans for an extension, my cosmic order was for it to be accepted, for us to get our mortgage advance, every go smoothly and come in under budget. Did I get a shock when all of it happened and so quickly!!!!!