Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

On 7th May I made my first Cosmic Order and wished for my husband to be offered the job he had applied for. Amazingly, on 18th May, the job was his.


I have been single for two years now. I thought, "what the heck", and went ahead and placed an order. Then, within the deadline, I met Ben. He matches what I asked for, down to the eye color. Not making this up. I am blown away.

I asked the comos to bring in money last week and the next day money came to me through my daughter . I truly believe this really works, and im so grateful for the help that comes in from the cosmos

i have made another cosmic order today i truly hope it comes
Tricia xx

I asked the Universe to help me sort out problems with some money I was owed. Within 2 months I was paid back the money and extra. Once again, I was amazed.

I needed a job and just a few weeks after I cosmicly ordered one - it was delivered. I'd specified what job I wanted and where and got an interview. The next day they rang to say it was mine!!! Couldn't believe it. THIS STUFF WORKS.

A few hours ago l asked for some good news that would cheer the family up. Just now l received a call from my son to say that he had been offered the job that he had interviewed for and he starts next week. He doesn't have much confidence in himself and l am so proud that he has been given an opportunity to succeed. A big thank you to the universe for making mine and my families wish come true. Believe and be positive that good things will happen

So yesterday was my first time using this site. I thank God for creating it. I simply asked for a certain man to take me to dinner and for us to have a good time. I dated this to happen on 5/4. Today is 5/4 and although the person who I wanted to take me out didn't, I got a text from a friend inviting me to dinner today! I'm very excited and I feel that this site really helps people think deeply and consciously about their lives and what it is they want to create!

thank you to the cosmos, the majority of what I asked for has happened. I know why the other things didn't because it is constantly on my mind.
you have to ask for what you desire then free it out of your mind

I requested an earlier date for my furniture to be delivered. Otherwise I would be paying extra for unused dates and a trail of other expenses. After a couple of days I was informed that my furniture would be delivered a week earlier. I'm so happy! Everything has now fallen into place. Thank you.

i have placed an order to pass my practical driving test and it has come true i was really happy that i passed