Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

On the 26TH of December i posted an order to put me back with my boyfriend if it was meant to be or if not I asked to make me strong to stand by myself.

I am just in Love again and I know it is Universe send to me that man. I can't be more happy!

Thank you Universe from all my heart.

I have just reviewed my orders and majority have come true. My Dad is recovering illness and money is slowly coming my way as I start my new career. Amazing thank you soo much for this service. I'm very grateful x

I was looking through my orders and while some have yet to come through, others have.

Back in January I asked for a positive, uplifting message from someone as I was feeling down and going through a very difficult time. A few days later, during a meteor shower, I was in and out of the house when I came back to my laptop I had a message from an old acquaintance, who told me that he felt a need to let me know that I was a wonderful, beautiful person and I should go for my dreams. I hadn't spoken to this person in years and it seemed totally out of nowhere but it really made my day!

I asked the cosmos for a small windfall for my son. He has had at least three small windfalls since that time, not big sums but enough to tide him over until the next pay day. Best of all, he is awaiting a refund for over £400 on a bill which he had overpaid. Thanks again to the cosmos.

I have just had another success with Cosmic Ordering . I have never been let down and am eternally grateful.

I placed an order on 30th Jan for someone who has been unwell and whom I've not heard from for months, to be well and get in touch with me again. I gave my order a couple of weeks. Two days later, the person texted me and said he was now well and home from hospital. Thank you Universe and thank you cosmic ordering!

This truly is the gift that keeps on giving - I'm believing the unbelievable. Thank you SO much for granting my wishes far quicker than I could ever have imagined!

Can't believe how well this worked for me! I took a short trip to another country recently and I asked for an extra gift of money so I could enjoy myself without worrying about funds and I received it! I also asked to meet a gorgeous man when I was over there, to have fun with (not THAT kind of fun Wink, just harmless banter and flirting), as I recently broke up with someone and have been feeling like there are no other fish in the sea.

I asked for 1,000 dollars the first week of December. December 14, I received a check for that amount.

I asked for a new job just in Scotland with higher salary and financial security around Oct time this year yet I also would like to be able to spend more time with family and for hubbies sleep apnea to be cured.....well, I accepted voluntary redundancy in Dec 2012, got a fab package, spent 1 year with kids being a stay at home mum, hubby got operation to have tonsils removed which cured sleep apnea and I have been headhunted to go back to my old company where I took redundancy from ( different division though) and work just in Scotland, higher salary!