Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I feel so lucky to have stumbled across this site! It has changed my life the way I feel and made me so happy and positive. For anyone who is saying it hasn't worked for them, my advice to you would be to change the way you think. Ask. Believe. Receive.

Imagine what you've asked for has already happened and you'll see results.
Good Luck
Stay Positive, Smile even when you don't want to.

I did a cosmic order and it worked.
It was something I wanted for my son so deeply and I hope my success will inspire others to try this themselves.
I am very grateful

Thank you so much universe. I believed and received..thank you Smile

Okay I have been using this site for a little over a year, usually I make big orders, and I give them a time frame which for me is believable enough for the cosmos to conspire for. Last night I made a small order for this handsome gorgeous guy I met at a party to text me the next day. Well the next day came by, I totally forgot about it, and it happened! I would be writing this testimonial if this website wasnt the most mind blowing, beautiful of things. Thank you so much!

I am so happy and grateful to be posting my testimony! And my wish is for it to help increase your faith in your power to create the reality you prefer effortlessly.

I don't know if its the cosmos or a guardian angel but I have been so lucky a few times this year and most of its all been orders that have been fulfilled!!

Thank You Cosmos!!

Thank you for helping my dog. I thought he was going to have to be put down as he had a stroke. I requested he get better or stay sleeping. He has since made a full recovery. Thank you.

After sending a few requests to the Cosmos recently, which manifested successfully I would simply like to say a big THANKYOU Cosmos - I am now forever a believer. I have sent requests before but thought the positive results had simply been coincidences. Now I can see that my positive thinking and help from the Cosmos is what has helped manifest my wishes into the results I longed for Smile

I was waiting for a big order for my cosmic order and placed it for the end of November. Today I looked in my Paypal account and I have waited for a huge payment of work done 2 months ago. Not only did they pay it in but they send my 5 checks and I am over the moon. Thanks so much :-0

I placed a rather large order and to enhance my belief in the cosmic service, I also placed a tiny insignificant order - to see a person with a bright green jacket outside. Which is very rare in my country and city, mostly everyone wears black or at least very dark clothes. And voila - I did see one, just as I was entering the supermarket right after I had placed my order.
Now I can't wait for my other orders to arrive! Thank you, Cosmos!