Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I want to say that i placed different and many orders and some of them have come to pass in a very exceptional way. at first i thought that it was pure magic then i discovered that it is the work of the spirit. i believe with all my heart that it works.i felt freaked out as opportunities presented themselves in an incredible way

After being introduced by a true friend to this site, I admit to being unsure but I have placed my orders to which there have been positive outcomes. Just goes to show how powerful the Cosmos can be. For that I Thank You.

I... seriously am in shock. I have been researching everything I could about cosmic ordering, the law of attraction, everything. And i've changed my whole outlook. Every day I've been saying and more importantly -feeling- gratitude for the things I want in my life (as if I already have them) but also giving thanks for what I have in my life.

I wanted to receive some unexpected money, and the day before my order was due I won $10 on a scratch-off ticket. On the actual due day I won another $10 on another scratch-off ticket but the most unbelievable thing was I won $10 on PCH. I know it may not sound like a lot but the Publishers Clearing House blew my mind. So thank you Universe. I hope it will continue for bigger and better.

I have been using this site for a few years and placing cosmic orders just by thought for more than 6 years. I can't say I get everything I ask for but usually when I don't, I tend to realise why for valid reasons.

It really does work. I placed an order wishing for my ideal job, it came with all that I had wished for.

I start my training on monday and couldnt be happier
thank you so much cosmic universe .x

i just want to thank the universe for bringing me into the world of cosmic ordering, slowly but surely my orders are coming in and i'm startng to understand which ones im blocking by not letting go and im working on that hence my order to be a cosmic ordering pro! which i truly believe is on it's way thankyou universe!!! Smile

Ive recently lost my job - so Id ordered a couple of 'biggies'. Whilst waiting for results I was in need of a bit of a lift, so I just asked for 'something good to come to me tomorrow' (I wasn't bothered what - just something to lift my spirits).
The next day, the post arrived with a bank statement I was dreading. However, when I opened it I was amazed to see my wonderful brother had deposited a large sum of money for me - so I had far more money than I had anticipated. It certainly made my day!!! THANK YOU COSMOS!!! Smile

I asked for a small windfall for delivery by 30 September. Nothing up to the 30 September, but I received an e-mail on lst October informing me a cheque for £50. was on its way. I call that a success.

My house needs decorating and my sons bedroom and I put in my wish for help, my landing ceiling came down insurance would not pay but did pay for new carpet and a few items which got broke, oh no was thinking how to pay for my ceiling, had a little flutter on bingo and won £1500, thank you so much Cosmic