Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I work in sales and things have been really bad in the last few months, therefore I placed an order asking to make lots of sales.

It happened on the exact day I had asked for and worked for me everyday since.

Thank you universe.

I have placed several cosmic orders before without success , I now know it was because I was being too specific about what I wanted and the way I wanted it delivered.

This time I asked to meet someone special and was quite open about how this would happen , I wanted the universe to surprise me , and it certainly did . Really weird , I was listening to my ipod when I placed my order , on which I have over 3000 songs, and Lucky Star by Madonna came on. Cant tell you how many times ive heard that song on the radio etc over the last few months.

I thought I would order 'something exciting to happen this week' as I felt a bit fed up. I know the order was vague but the order placed and on Saturday I won £10 on the lottery on the following Wednesday I won £49 and my reaction was 'this is exciting'.

So my order was delivered and I thank the cosmos. I will definitely submit more orders as this gave me a real positive boost.

After 7 years of a relationship that just wasn't working, I had resigned myself that maybe this is good as it gets. Perhaps what I wanted in a relationship was pie-in-the-sky fairy tale stuff and unrealistic. Perhaps a real human male could never fulfil what I want. Perhaps just be grateful for what I do have, and accept it.

I ordered my new job to be successful. So far it's been better than i could have hoped for.

Thank you for a great job and being able to spend more time with my family.

I did as it was said tried not to over think the how and just submitting my wish and letting go with the believe that I do deserve., I asked for a big amount of money to be delivered to me and chose a non mistakable date 13/03/2013., and I got signed a job contract after working 8 months as a trainee not knowing when ill be signed coz of the companies' situation, changing from government to private.. Happened all in two days so fast and my official day of work was 13/03/2013!

I got the money I wanted formed in the job I wanted.. Thank u universe!

A couple of weeks ago I had my car serviced and new brake pads fitted. Upon leaving the garage the clutch went too! Was this just coincidence or something dodgy with the garage? I don't know for sure but I have never had a problem with them before and have used them for years! So I did not know what to do - with not being able to afford finance and a new car I needed my 7-seater for my 4 boys as i live in the sticks!

I tested this out with something I saw as nearly impossible and stated I wanted it today..... I'm still in total shock that it came true ... will be putting in my orders frequently with true believe Smile

Thank you universe

Thank you Mighty Cosmos my request came through and as a result so many doors will open!

Order, be specific, grateful and receive x

I don't know how it works or why it works, but if you believe it works, it does.
Thank you Universe, you've helped yet again.