Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

I asked for money for my bridesmaid dresses (£500) and I have received it! Thank you Cosmos! x

Thought I would give cosmic ordering a go after listening to a friend's success story. I gave a due date several weeks into the future which wasn't needed as low and behold my order was delivered the very next day!
Thank you Universe.

Thank you Universe for granting me a very important wish so close to my heart, and which has made me so very happy.

My cosmic order relating to a new laptop computer was fulfilled almost instantaneously. Thank you, God.

I'd forgotten I'd placed this order and it was fulfilled almost two months early! Thank you!

I make teddy bears and sales had been slow to non-existent! I placed an order and sold 3 in the first week! Always works! Smile I am very grateful to the universe for manifesting everything I want in life!

Several weeks ago I placed a cosmic order to ask that my husband receive the recognition he deserves within his workplace - Last Monday I received an email to say that my cosmic order was due, believe it or not 3 hours later the same day my husband, who works away, telephoned me to say his firm were actually sorting out his position as supervisor (after 18 months of waiting!!) Thank you - you don't know how much this means - to both of us!!

. Our house is 120 years old. We cannot afford to do any big repairs and as far as we know, apart from a bit of damp in the kitchen it didn't need any. But you never know do you? Yesterday I asked the universe to help me... We passed with flying colours

Yet again the cosmic ordering service has delivered - my mum has found employment and my sister has been offered a house she wanted. Thank you.

I placed an order today morning that I get my dues from my previous employer. Just now, the courier came and delivered a packet from my previous employer containing three cheques towards some of my dues.Thank you, Universe.