Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

You have to try it to believe it, it all worked out for me, I'm so thankful, thank you.

I would like to thank the universe for all of my orders that has been placed over the last few weeks which all have been granted on the exact day I requested. I now have a very special man in my life and my son and me are financially stable. Thanks again universe xxx

Thank you Cosmos for the well timed win, and the loan application coming through for me, just when it was needed. so grateful. Brightest Blessings

2 years ago I said I wanted to go to South Korea for my first duty station on April 9th 2016. Well, after I graduated AIT, I headed to Korea on April 9th 2016! Thank you universe!

Thank you Universe for responding to my request! I have the job I wanted and the money I asked for - not where I expected to be working but it is a better place than I had originally asked for. Thank you so much! That took 8 days! Letting go of trying to control the 'how' has always been the issue for me manifesting what I desire. This website helps me let go and not worry about the how. I don't worry or angst nearly as much anymore about when my orders will be delivered, what they will look and feel like and how.

Thank you universe for my order being delivered today , I am truly greatful
And if u really believe it will work for you

I have been making orders for a little while. And while not all of them are answered some are. And this one was a job with a particular company and I just got hired. Thank you.

My daughter hadn't heard from her university for ages if she had a place. In l
Placed a cosmic order and two weeks later she suddenly had an offer I so please - thank you

I joined this site five years ago and had a little play. My husband and I went through some financial issues and I forgot about this site and my positivity had gone. I got into a rut and couldn't see a way out. Through sheer determination, we came out the other side. I recently remembered that I had joined this website and decided to try again. Well, I can say that my orders have started to flow. I realise now that five years ago, I was not in the right frame of mind and because we were in such financial dilemma, I was not letting go of my 'orders'.

Time and time again Cosmos comes up trumps for me I'm so happy I found this site, I truly believe the forces, I have wished for so many things and so many have come true thank a million Cosmos.