Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

and the Cosmic order has made this beautiful path open up for me and my new partner.
We are so happy and very much in love with each other..
Thank you so very much for my New Life on a new road leading to a far brighter future.
Yours Sincerely

Many thanks Oh Great Cosmos for the two well timed small wins came in very handy. Not wanting to seem ungrateful but I could do with a much bigger one.


I am completely grateful for the pay rise I got at my current job, I did have to fight for it and it wasn't an easy battle however the cosmo's delivered the exact wage that I had asked for. Even after saying no twice to my first two offers. You could say this was me but I could of accepted either one of those first two offers and they could of said no that was their final offer... but I had already asked the universe a year before it had happened. The 'deadline' date for my order was the day my wage started on a higher price.

Thank you Angels and the Universe for confirming my surgery will go ahead and most likely sooner than I thought. Also Thank you for guiding me to Angel Uriels red light and giving me strength to deal with my son's health issues. THANK YOU

Thank you Angels and the Universe for a very positive meeting with my surgeon. He has confirmed my surgery will take place in October. Thank you thank you thank you

Unbelievably... £500 arrived this morning in a cheque. I won this in a local charity lottery I support. More than covers my need right now. Thank you .

Thank you. My son has been found safe and will be home shortly.

This really does work! I asked for a new secretarial job for three days a week and a higher pay banding, free parking and a cafe and friendly work colleagues. I got offered the job yesterday!! Thankyou COSMOS. xx

I want to say thank you for all the good things you deliver to me every day
You always have a parking space near work for me.You helped the house sale go
through when we were at the point of needing the money.
You keep me safe and I am really happy at the unexpected wins the last couple of
weeks on the money raffle and bingo at our club.
Thank you again I will continue to order.

I asked the Universe to be curvier and guess what?? Va va boom! I can't thank you enough for all that you have done
! I have wished for more than this and the Universe has not failed me! So thanks again. xoxox