Cosmic Ordering Testimonials

Okay I have been using this site for a little over a year, usually I make big orders, and I give them a time frame which for me is believable enough for the cosmos to conspire for. Last night I made a small order for this handsome gorgeous guy I met at a party to text me the next day. Well the next day came by, I totally forgot about it, and it happened! I would be writing this testimonial if this website wasnt the most mind blowing, beautiful of things. Thank you so much!

I am so happy and grateful to be posting my testimony! And my wish is for it to help increase your faith in your power to create the reality you prefer effortlessly.

I don't know if its the cosmos or a guardian angel but I have been so lucky a few times this year and most of its all been orders that have been fulfilled!!

Thank You Cosmos!!

Thank you for helping my dog. I thought he was going to have to be put down as he had a stroke. I requested he get better or stay sleeping. He has since made a full recovery. Thank you.

After sending a few requests to the Cosmos recently, which manifested successfully I would simply like to say a big THANKYOU Cosmos - I am now forever a believer. I have sent requests before but thought the positive results had simply been coincidences. Now I can see that my positive thinking and help from the Cosmos is what has helped manifest my wishes into the results I longed for Smile

I was waiting for a big order for my cosmic order and placed it for the end of November. Today I looked in my Paypal account and I have waited for a huge payment of work done 2 months ago. Not only did they pay it in but they send my 5 checks and I am over the moon. Thanks so much :-0

I placed a rather large order and to enhance my belief in the cosmic service, I also placed a tiny insignificant order - to see a person with a bright green jacket outside. Which is very rare in my country and city, mostly everyone wears black or at least very dark clothes. And voila - I did see one, just as I was entering the supermarket right after I had placed my order.
Now I can't wait for my other orders to arrive! Thank you, Cosmos!

I had an order delivered, a week ahead of schedule, and now I'm looking forward to the future. Thank you again.

I placed an order to run happy, confident, and strong at the half marathon that I ran on October 26, 2014.

After being miserable in my jobs for the last ten years, not to mention being stressed and depressed,I placed an order for great new job,And a few months later after taking a chance I got the job I was looking for,thanks to the cosmos