Cosmic Ordering for the Stars

Remember the guy who made a fortune selling a million pixels off his homepage? Well now, a new cosmic ordering phenomenon is promising to make people stars, with a similarly unique idea. And you don't have to be a celebrity to do it.

Celebrity stars like Noel Edmonds, Jonathan Cainer and Barbel Mohr have either endorsed or attributed some of their success to cosmic ordering and it has generated a massive boost in its popularity. This popularity has been spreading to the web where new ways of exploring people's cosmic connections online are beginning to appear.

In a new cosmic phenomenon and an internet first, a website is offering its visitors a free virtual star-scape. The idea is that every time a visitor places a Cosmic Order using the free service, they will receive a symbolic star lit up in their very own online Cosmos. As they add requests, so the number of stars increases.

"Our visitors often come to our site wanting the world," said G. Symond, a spokesperson for The Cosmic Ordering Site. "We thought it would be great idea to throw in a Universe as well. It adds even more fun to the process and people love knowing that they have their very own star symbolically marking their requests.

We believe our concept is totally unique and know of no other sites where visitors get this kind of service. It is a bit like lighting a candle for a loved one; it allows us to build a connection with people visiting the site and gives them a reason to come back again. We think its going to be very popular".

Each star has its own unique position in the virtual Cosmos and remains there until the wish or request is due for delivery. Visitors are able to return to the site at anytime, view their Cosmos, and see each of their Cosmic Order Stars. Each star has a date marking its delivery time.

For more information about Cosmic Ordering, or to place your own Cosmic Order, visit The Cosmic Ordering Site at .

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