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Another one has been delivered

All my dreams and wishes came true tonight, I placed my order for next week and my order was delivered tonight, I cannot find the words to say how grateful I am so happy, and it all down to the universe,
Thank you Thank you Thank you
and Thanks to God for creating such a beautiful and wonderous thing.

ps. Samjay, I'm still thinking of you Smile

Hey Sanny

That's really weird I was only thinking of you recently and here you are. I am so pleased to hear your orders have been delivered and I hope that they are in relation to our previous conversations as I know how much they meant to you. Thank you for saying you are still thinking of me, it means a lot x

Thanyou Amazing Universe!

My wishes are coming true, and with the realisation of each one, I grow daily more strong, positive, happy & fulfilled. Thank you Universe! I am deeply grateful to emerge from the shadows of misery which have engulfed me xxx Love

Can I still think about it?

Hi everyone. Really enjoying using the cosmic order service. Placed my order and now feeling positive. However, many say it's best just to forget about it and accpet it. I do accept my order is coming but I do like to think about it a lot and think about the order, however my mind set is very positive and I am getting a little excited as I believe in the order. So is it ok to think about your order a lot, provided you have a possitive attitude? Many thanks! Ant Smile

thinking but not worrying...

Hi Ant!
I reckon its good to try to put it to the back of your mind, knowing that it is on its way, however we are encouraged to take opportunities as they are presented so dont think you can forget about your orders completely. As long as you dont worry about it, and stay positive about it in general then i dont think theres anything wrong with thinking about it a bit. Hold it in your mind lightly if you can. be aware of it, but not focused on it.
love and light
Steph Smile

Thank you!

Thanks Steph for your reply. As it means a lot to me I find it hard to forget sometimes. However, since placing the order, as days have gone by, I have strangely found myself forgetting about it a bit. Is this normal? Everytime I think about the subject, I tend to just smile and think "it will come" and move on, so it looks like I am getting there!

Thanks again Smile

keep it up!

I found that it took practice for me to be truly relaxed about my orders, but you'll get the hang of it. Be excited, but chilled. Sometimes the universe needs a bit of time to organise things (or thats the way i like to think about it) so I just give my order to the cosmos...and as you say, If i think about it Im quietly confident that its on its way, and i'll get it when im ready to receive it. Smile
glad its all going well for you!
love and light, steph

Keep trying

I recently placed an order as i always do, this was an order that i thought about alot. Well it has just came through not exactly how i would have liked it to but it arrived like i knew it would. The thing is it came when i stopped thinking about it.
Hey im very happy and like ive said or written before (with me) all my orders come faster when i just accept that its on the way, and not worry about the "how when or where"
So i slipped a little and started to question.
Just accept the things are on the way and guess what im really happy, thankyou so much

keep happy

time frame?

hey paul,
I was just wondering about the time frame you usually have for your orders? I know its important to be flexible and leave the universe to do its thing- but what do you usually give it? and how specific are you with your requests?
love and light
steph Smile

Hi Steph

Hiya Steph,
It's rare that i give a time frame, i know they are coming. The first time i never really thought about it and it came through. I do always think about what i order and its important to stay possitive. And it has to be believable. There are always little clues act on them and they come in the strangest of ways.
Im very precice now with my requests because i have 100% confidence in the universe and i always keep it fun.
I hope this helps you Steph
keep happy


Hello all im glad to see that cosmic ordering is working for most people and I hope your orders continue to be delivered. I have been trying this for about a year now and with no success but refuse to give up. I just don't know how to get it to work. At present like anyone I just want to be happy but feel like the problems in my life will never go away. I am presently stuck in a job that I don't want to be in yet have no idea what it is I want to do. I am also single and have been for a while and I hate it and still love my ex partner to the point I can't move on. These are the two major things in my life at present that I wish to change but although ordering for this I am getting no where in fact things just get worse and I continue to get more miserable. I have even had someone place orders for me and still nothing. I just don't know what to do anymore. Please I ask for your help x

hello :)

Smile hi samjay8383,
ive was having the same sort of problem with my orders. the orders i placed for other people were manifesting but the ones for myself werent! i realised that i was ordering what i thought i should want- not what my heart really wanted. for example- instead of asking the universe to send me something like say, a new job opportunity, i asked the universe to give me the strength and determination to perservere until my perfect job came along. and also, you sound like your not in the best frame of mind. try doing something that makes you REALLY happy, or go somewhere that has a positive feel for you and release your order then... i really really hope this works for you. but i have every faith that it will. just be true to yourself!! theres enough happiness and wealth and love out there for everyone to have their fill. be positive, appreciate what you are already blessed with! every morning i get up and commit to myself, i imagine Im a magnet for whatever it is Ive asked for and i am absolutely certain, beyond any doubt, that i will receive what ive asked for. maybe instead of thinking about your past relationship, ask the universe for the ability to put the relationship to rest and give you courage and conviction to move on? let me know how you get on, I hope ive helped in some way. Smile love and light,
steph. xo

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for responding to me and for your suggestions which i will try. I am just finding it very difficult to be positive at present as it feels like every time i take a step forward something bad happens and i take two back. I feel like i have a lot of regret and have made a lot of mistakes and finding them very hard to come to terms with and feel like i am being punished. Feeling like this i know isn't going to get me my orders but its very difficult to get out of that mind set when all i get is more knock backs. I just wish that one really good thing could happen to me in hope that it will snap me out of it. Sorry to be so down and miserable but i just needed to let it out. Thanks again for your kindness. I hope all your wishes and dreams come true x

being human...

the thing about regrets, mistakes and guilt is that they are normal. everyone has them. and no matter how bad things have been, or what you have done- as long as you learned a lesson you can look back at these things as memories, and be proud that you have come through the dark times. also its good to remember that your memories cannot hurt you.
you probably feel like your being punished because you believe you should be. Maybe what you need to be asking the universe for is the ability to forgive yourself and those who have hurt you. Every action is a reaction to something or someone, and if you remember that you are just as important, just as human and just as deserving of happiness as everyone else- then you'll get somewhere. Try to give out what you want to get back from life. Be kind, be generous, be happy, be friendly (am not questioning that you are by the way!) We are all equal! I sometimes feel undeserving of the things that i ask for/request/want/need, but then I think, 'why NOT me??' and i just give it to the universe/gods/angels (whoever suits you best) and truly believe, sometimes because its all the hope i have, that its on its way.
keep trying, and believe!! i'll place an order for you.
love and light!

Hi Steph

Thank you so much for your help and advice. I am really going to try this with all my heart as I want so badly for things to get better. I think my biggest problem is just not believing in my orders enough. Its a lot easier to be negative than positive. Thank you so much for placing an order for me as well. You have really helped. I hope all your orders are delivered and I hope the next time I am writing on hear is to let you all know that my orders have been delivered x

Message for SaffronMolly

Hi SaffronMolly,

Hope things have improved since your last message. You, like me, said you are having no joy with Cosmic Ordering. Well I'm going to place a few orders over this coming weekend as I'll be driving my Mum to a party she has been invited to. And while I'm out of my normal surroundings and the area which I live, I'm going to choose this moment to 'release' my order, away from the 'negativity' which I find myself in. This hearkens back to what I said you to about getting away for a while from your normal surroundings, finding a good location, then release your order.

Anyway, as I say I'm going to try it this way and as we both have had difficulties and like you life keeps kicking me in the teeth (I thought some positive news was coming my way but at the very last second Fate crushed my hopes again, but that's another story..I'm sure you can appreciate this) I will also include you in my Cosmic ordering and maybe you could send a positive order my way as well? Would you be okay with this? I'll just word yours to find a new job and happiness (i believe you were looking for a new job?) I am also looking for a permanent full time job so any wording like that for me would be greatly appreciated. I have given myself a timescale for this happen so let's see what the Cosmos can deliver..hope you get this as I'd love to hear back from you.

Take it easy! x Wink

For Scorpious - good work, keep believing!

Hi Scorpious,

I was very touched that you recommended my advice to Saffronmolly and it just goes to show how much good you are doing for others as well as yourself when you reach out to help other people. Because when you give, you get back tenfold!

I read about the disappointing outcome on the wish you were hoping would manifest for you, but perhaps in some odd trick by the Universe, just perhaps, that wasn't the right thing for you after all. Maybe there's something EVEN better just around the corner. I’m sure it is!

One last thing I wanted to share with you that has helped me tremendously: the American Life Coach, Tony Robbins. Usually buying his CD’s are quite expensive and you have to buy them from his own website or go to his seminars , but I've bought them second hand on ebay and I've REALLY benefitted from them. It's like having someone there as a personal coach to help you achieve everything you want to achieve in life. He's really helped me to sort things out and see life in a whole new way. If you can just ignore the American "accent" and just listen to what he's trying to get across I can guarantee that it will help you. Try Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within & The Edge (or also called 7 Days to the Edge). The books are good too, but I find the CD’s were better for me to really get me into the right frame of mind. I just imported them into my iPod and listened to them while walking my dogs! Or listen in your car!

Do try getting at least one of these Tony Robbins CD sets and it will really help you to improve things dramatically in your life...what have you got to lose?

Anyway, I hope everything works out for you.
Remember: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. LIVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE IMAGINED!

All the best,

Hi Nirmala, Many thanks for

Hi Nirmala,

Many thanks for your comments! Yes I am currently utilising the Money mantra from your earlier reply. Fingers crossed on that one! Yes I will check out the Tony Robbins CDs and see what they are all about. I hope there is a good opportunity waiting for me as I have really struggled, work-wise, and have other issues in my home life that I do not wish to go into on this website but thank you for your encouraging words. And that is what I hope to try and do with SaffronMolly as well: encourage her and if it helps her, then in some small way it might help me.

Anyway thank you for you for your time. In the next few months I hope to write some positive words on this website about my ordering. I will update accordingly on this website. Good luck with everyone else and their orders! Glasses

What to do?

Hi all Smile
After reading through some of your comments on the guest book I'd really like to ask for some advice from you all. I've been using the site for a few months now but I just can't seem to stop worrying about my orders. I do order quite a lot for other people and those orders seem to be the ones that manifest, for instance my husband had been searching for a job for 18 months. I placed an order that he would find a job that he would enjoy and get fulfilment from and a week later he did and he still loves it!
But I feel like I'm asking for too much maybe? Although I know that the universe is abundant and I know that after everything Ive been through my family and I deserve what I've ordered.
Any tips on how to order, how to stay 'unattached' to the outcome when the order is important and would any of you be willing to place an order on my behalf to see if that helps? Thank you!
Love and Light,

Hi Steph

Reading your post it sounds to me you still have doudts on your own orders. You have written that you know your orders work when placed for others.
I have aready wrote a post on how i use this wonderful gift (thats available for us all) the cosmic ordering service.
Don't worry when you place an order if you cant stop thinking about your order just imagine(really imagine) how good it is having what you want and believe you allready have it, just feel it.
After your first order has come through the others will come quicker and easier!
Ill use an example. The 1st time i used the internet i found it really difficult and thought" ill never use this" and here i am writing to you no problem not a worry in the world because i know you will get this.
So thats how i feel when i place an order. I know and believe that what ever is coming.
And for me itis very important to have fun doing this, Imagine christmas eve when you where 5 years old and capture the same excitment.
I hope this helps you. You are already there Steph
Im sure others here will help aswell and ive already placed an order on your behalf.
Thankyou for reading this

thank you!

Just knowing that there are people out there who believe I'll get the hang of this makes me feel better! And I had a bit of a revelation yesterday about, well, life in general I suppose. Lots of positive thinking, and imagining that Im a magnet for love and happiness, drawing the things i want and need to me directly.
Feel better already!
Thanks Paul Smile
love and light!

Sharing the abundance...thank you!

Hi Everyone,

I had a couple of really nice things happen to me & my family just now. My mum and I had launched a fashion company last year and though we've been working very hard and people love our designs, it's been tough to get the recognition we hoped we would have gotten. Despite some set backs and rejections from stores and media who don't want to take a chance on a new brand label, we've struggled on. I persisted in hoping that things would pick up soon - using The Secret, Cosmic Ordering and just saying Thank You to the Gods everyday and being grateful for the chance to be able to do something worthwhile together with my mum. Then one day, I picked up one of my mum's books called: One From the Heart, by Claire Saunders. This is a very special book written by a lady called Claire, who is a channeler. She suddenly found that when she put pen to paper and cleared her mind, that someone or something would make her write down all these words of wisdom. She says that she is only the messenger. The way to use the book is to "open it randomly for positive guidance." So, when you need advice or reassurance about something in your life, just pick up the book, hold it for a few seconds with the thoughts in your mind that you need advice on and then open the book and let your eyes fall upon the page wherever it opens.

I want to share what I read in the book when I opened it up a couple of days ago and I really hope it helps all of you out there!

"Things will also happen when they are meant to happen which you will learn to see. There is a time for everything and what will be will be.
Things are coming together that you cannot see, but that does not mean that they will not be. Patience is a virtue and you are virtuous in many ways and you will be rewarded for them all in the coming days."

I also read another passage which I hope will help many of you:
"Expand your thoughts, expand your plans and open up your opportunities. Operate on many levels and do not get isolated on the earthly plain of day to day living without even giving a thought to things.
Plans can be realised and dreams come true. If you don't have a deam, how can you have a dream come true? Be your own hero and get your goal and be not afraid to receive your rewards and they will not be delayed in coming to you. Acknowledge your own success and welcome it warmly when others acknowledge it too with ease and comfort and it will be both easy and comfortable. Success is yours in whatever field you decide to plant your seeds of love and life and hope"

I really felt that these were such wonderful words that I wanted to share it with all of you on this site!

I hope everyone's dreams and wishes come true!

M x

A great big THANKYOU again

Again my orders are coming in! What ive found is happening now my orders are coming alltogether, (at the same time) and all this does is confirm everything i believe. I hope everyone experiences the same as me.
Have a great weekend everyone and everthing out there.

Thank you all

It is really comforting to read all of your comments. I am waiting for my orders, which are over due but reading your comments has helped me to believe that they are all on the way. x x x

Love and best wishes to you all

Don't give up .....

Hiya. I found the cosmic ordering site when I was having really tough time. There have been some lovely messages sent to you from others , and you definitely aren't alone.

Sending you a massive hug and I ask the cosmos to help you ! Kittykat x

Its not working....

Sad( Ok, Ive read all the books and watched the videos...and I have tried....REALLY tried to do it EXACTLY like they all say! Ive been practising for years honestly, got my vision board and my gratitude journal and I say thank you all day every day for what I have in my life.....but its just not working!! In face my life is going worse and worse and it is a struggle not to panic when I see my income going lower and lower, my furniture falling apart, car on its last legs and Im even failing at my job...I work in sales and Ive had no sales for ages!!! My job is new as the last one nearly killed me it was so stressful....and this is going the same way! Im middle aged, single and practically penniless. Please can someone advise me on what to do? Im really losing the will to carry on x

My thoughts on your situation, saffronmolly

Hi there, I read your post and just wanted to ask you: is sales really what your passion is in life? I ask this only because it's possible that the Universe HAS granted you what you've asked for, but you're looking in the wrong direction. Is sales in your future, is it your passion? Or is there another career path or education path you love more that might be more emotionally, spiritually, and thus, financially fruitful? I think that the Universe always answers us, whether that be with a literal response or silence. Remember, silence IS the answer sometimes. It might be the Universe trying to steer you onto a different track so that your financial situation may improve. You might just need to meditate for a second and get in touch with what that new track is in life.

A friend once said, "The universe ALWAYS responds to your prayer. I find that those that say it didn't, probably got a response they didn't want to get and found it easier to shift the blame instead of accepting the response that was given. Do not seek universal intervention until you are truly ready for universal wisdom."

I don't use this quote to blame YOU (her wording is a little harsh, but I wanted to post it exactly as she said it to me), but I think there might be some insight to this. Is there a possible response from the Universe that you might be missing or ignoring? A calling to a different purpose, perhaps? Let me know. Smile


To Saffronmolly...

Hi Saffronmolly,

It must have been very difficult for you to read about other people's successes of cosmic ordering on this site, when your own efforts do not seem to be working and you feel your life is getting worse.
We all have different circumstances in life, but we are ALL working with one universal law: the law of attraction. Yet, it must seem strange when we are told that everything that happens to us, we have “attracted” it in some way. How does it make sense that anyone would consciously attract negative things into their lives? How do some people succeed at cosmic ordering while others are struggling?

I've really thought about your comment above and how best to try and help you. You need a fresh start. You seem to be stuck in a routine of following what you have read about cosmic ordering or seen in the video, without really being in touch with your inner feelings. You write about your gratitude journal and the vision board which are excellent tools, but I sense that you are gripped by fear and that this is what is holding you back. You fear what “can” or “might” happen to you such as losing your income, being middle aged and single... This really is very scary for anyone, but I hope that you will try what I am about to suggest.

First, you need to face your fear and really examine things in the cold light of day. Ask yourself: what’s the worst that can happen? Break things down into smaller pieces so they do not overwhelm you. I promise that once you do this, you will feel much better about facing the future and will have courage to deal with anything. Next, you need to build up your self confidence and self esteem again. Start volunteering for a few hours a week at a local charity where you can really get involved and get connected with the people you are helping.There are always people who are worse off than yourself in your community and this will help you to take focus away from your own problems. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you know that what you are doing is valued and that you are making a real difference in someone else’s life who is less fortunate. When you start giving, then you will be amazed at how many doors and opportunities will open up to you. Perhaps a whole new way of life will present itself. Remember: YOU are the artist of your life, YOU get to create your life. Don’t be confined by what or where you “think” you need to be in life. Also, don’t feel imprisoned by lack of money. If your car were to break down, I’m sure that another opportunity would present itself for a new car if that is what you really want. Or you might even decide to get a bicycle and get fit instead!

You have already received so many words of support from your Cosmic Ordering friends on this site, such as Paul Noel and Scorpious. I’m very touched that Scorpious has passed on our advice to you - thanks so much, Scorpious! Go for a nice walk somewhere, think about how you want your life to be, really get in touch with the inner you. You need to feel joy again because you have lost that feeling while struggling to survive everyday. Take a few minutes to breath in some fresh air and release yourself from your problems. Just imagine what you want, feel the joy and feel confident that it is on its way to you.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing...don’t give up on yourself.

M x


Hi there, i hope you are feeling better. And dont think for one moment you re alone!! I dont think there is anyone who has not touched rock bottom. The secret to it is 'YOU DONT GIVE UP'
You have told us that you are using all the things seen all the videos and it doesnt work. Another little secret. If you are thinking it doesnt work you are right it will never work, you have to stop that way of thought!
Start thinking of something 'OK' thats going on around you. It doesnt have to be amazing just OK. Amazing will come later!
Dont worry bout being middle aged i think im in that class and i love it!!
Single? Dont get me started on that one, again i am and i am making the most of it. And loving every single second of it!!!
Work? Its lots better than no work, again been there!
You work in sales instead of trying to make lots of sales or big sales just go for one sale.(the others will come)
And start looking for another job, Its easier to find work when you are working!
And have faith in what you ask for you have to believe and expect that your orders are coming.
Find out what is confortable for you when you place an order and dont worry or think about the outcome, just accept that it has been placed and its on its way.
I hope this helps keep looking forward to the wounders around the courner

Im off fishing with my friend tomorrow, perks of being single! Wink
Im off

I hear're not alone

Hi Saffronmolly,

I'll try and keep this as brief as possible but I'll tell are not alone. I'm almost middle aged and my life is a complete mess. I feel like the world's biggest loser. I do not want to go into specifics but I've tried Cosmic Ordering and it just does not work for me. But two people on this site very kindly replied back to me with some suggestions. Please read their replies. The names are Paul Noel and the heading for his reply is: Having my finger on the.. And Nirmala and the heading is: Some tips for placing orders. You sound like you're in a bad place as I, myself, have had suicidal thoughts. As I say I've had no luck but I want to make this work so the only suggestion I can possibly give is read the replies I've recommended as I am trying to utilise their advice. And, I know this is difficult, believe me, but maybe try and get a bit of time and space when you can be at peace with yourself like maybe going out for a walk, sitting in a quiet field alone or by the sea. Somewhere where you will not be disturbed for five minutes or and try placing your order then. If you've got a lot of negative stuff going on in your life you need to possibly go somewhere else and try and 'switch off' for a while. Listen to some relaxing music, maybe try some deep breathing or the like. I'm no expert at all what I have suggested is just that: a suggestion which, coupled with the two replies I'm going to try and see if it works.

Hope this might help but the main purpose in replying to you is to let you know that there are other people struggling with this and I hope in a strange kind of way you can take comfort from that and maybe we can all help each other out on this site so that we ALL can get positive things to happen in our lives. Try and keep the faith. Difficult I know.