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Wait for my wishes.

I make several requests on cosmic ordering in few weeks and not one of them to come. Puzzled I hope it come soon.

5 requests granted within the

5 requests granted within the last 2 days Smile Divine loving Cosmic Universe, thank you, thank you, thank you. x

The proper way to ask

Hi everyone another question I wanna ask, What is the proper way to ask when making a cosmic order? Do you need to say Universe I would like whatever it is you desire and then say a big thank you at the end.
Also can there be a time delay which means the universe is taking a while to manifest your desires as the universe probably gets a lot of cosmic orders.


Party Party My submission to the universe has been granted and God Bless you!!!! Thank you!!!

Same day delivery,Wow thank U Cosmos***

Thank You so much,2day was awesome.Mwaaaaah

A time delay

Hi everyone it's Stephen Langley, another question I wanna ask, when you place a cosmic order, is there sometimes a time delay which means your cosmic orders a taking a while to manifest as the universe probably gets a lot of cosmic orders.

The word thank you after placing an order

Hi everyone I'm Stephen Langley, just a quick question after placing a cosmic order, do you need to put the word thank you afterwards.
Because one order was due yesterday and one is due today but I haven't recieved them yet but hopefully I will and I was wondering is it because I forgot to put thank you at the end of my orders.

should I put thank you

Smile Hi there, yes you must put thank you at the end of each order Smile

Wow Woww Thank You Cosmo

Another one has been delivered,I asked for more opportunities on my art,and I got a dancing gig...2day was my 1st rehearsal,it ws awesome...I'm so glad.thank you so much!!!

I wasn't looking in the right place

So therefore I didn't realise that the universe had delivered, and more than I expected! Definitely need to keep your eyes open because fulfillment can come from an unexpected source. I have now put my second order in and am very excited for the outcome. I think the keyword is trust.

Auwwwwww!another one

I asked for a great day and I had two awesome days...thank you cosmos

Dreamt about this site....

I'm sooo happy I found this site Big smile I dreamt about it last night so it was meant to be! Love hearing other people's success stories and as soon as I made my orders today I relaxed as I know the cosmos will deliver' Smile

How does Cosmic ordering work

Hi everyone I'm Stephen Langley and I'm new to cosmic ordering, so I don't really know how it works.
To make your desires come true through this site, do you have to believe in it to make it work?
Is cosmic ordering easy? and how is it possible for it to work through a website.
I've placed some cosmic orders and I really want them to come true.
If they do come true after placing them on this site I'm gonna use this site a lot.
So to make cosmic ordering work, do you just need to believe in it and expect to get your desires as I've heard belief and expectation are the keys to making cosmic ordering work?

Hi Stephan

You have already answered your questions. And good luck

One of my Cosmos have been delivered,Yeeeeyiii!!!

I would like to thank the Universe for delivering on me,Now I can see things coming 2gether for me...its not much but its a start and I'm happy to see a change***

House Move

We desperately need to move house and wanted to give CO a try. I hope it works!

my wish granted

I would just like to thank the universe for all the help and guidance I hve received. My wish has been granted and I am extremely grateful. Thank you sooooooooo much. Just trust and believe.


I placed an order for today have a made a mistake? Should I always set it for the future no matter how long? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Marlon,
Dont worry about a time scale, just accept that its coming. Once you accept that youll be ever so surprised.

Ok thank you I think it

Ok thank you I think it happened the next day after I asked for it Smile

I just placed my cosmic orders,signed,sealed and delivered

And now I relax,keep my eyes open for opportunities,I'm positive coz I just believe,all in good time will be delivered...Thank You



The best format for ordering?

I'm new to the idea of cosmic ordering and haven't yet received anything, though having recently done a lot of research I'm excited about it, believe it and am convinced things are coming my way! I'm just wondering what is the best way, though, to place orders? Is it better to state "I want... such-and-such" or to state the order as though I already have it, ie "I have... such-and-such"?

Thanks for the great site! Smile

hello :)

I find the best way is to find what works for you personally, start with the small stuff and once you've got your ordering down then you can move on to the bigger things. You'll get there!
love and light!

Once again another order delivered well before time

I have had countless successes with all I have asked the Cosmos for on this site. To all who post here, never dream of giving up, just place the order, believe and step back awaiting manifestation. It really works. I wish the same for you.


Its Amazing

Yet again my orders are coming through, exactly what i asked for came, but the results from my orders made me realise i was asking for the wrong thing so again im truelly thankful and can continue.
I know there is a reason and now my energy can be spent elsewhere so again thankyou.

hello :)

having you been using the site for long paul? you seem to know what you're talking about! and i meant to say that your advice about capturing that 'christmas eve' feeling worked wonders!
thank you Smile

Hi Steph

Thanks Steph, I hope everything comes that you are asking for. And always be open because allthough what you have asked for is there right infront of you.
Have a great weekend.


I am so grateful I came across this site. It was as if the Universe led me to it. My prayer has be answered within 2 days. I am truly grateful for my blessing. You have to really believe in your request and ensure that it is heart felt. Wow, it feels as though I am dreaming. Thanks again cosmos, I am really grateful to you. I most surely will give with all my heart.


Thank you universe

My orders are starting to be delieved to me and I am extremely grateful!!! I noticed once I stopped stressing about my problems, it was then that they slowly started being delivered to me.

For all those that are waiting for orders please stay positive and happy.

Best Wishes
Aqua x x x