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Hurrah, worked again!

I have been after a large piece of furniture for a while but have been struggling to get the funds together to buy one. Wished for one a little while ago, was due yesterday. Lo and behold yesterday I came across one in a second hand shop that was exactly what I wanted.

Thanks universe!

wow thank you

Wink woow , I have cosmic order for my on line shop to do well and I am snowed under, thank you so much for granting my wish it is fantastic , I would like to thank the universe for all the good and wonderful things in my life I am so grateful and so happy with my life , it is wonderful world we live in lovely sky lovely trees stars and the sunshine we as so lucky to live on this gorgous planet Earth xxxx

Order fulfilled

I placed an order today morning that I get my dues from my previous employer. Just now, the courier came and delivered a packet from my previous employer containing three cheques towards my dues.Thank you, Universe.


Please could someone tell me what is 'tapping' I've seen a few people referring to it on this site.
thank you xxx


I'm assuming the tapping people are referring to is EFT (emotional freedom tecnique) sp
You tap away on specific acupressure points to release blockages in your life.
If you google it you can download the manual for free

Cosmic ordering really works

Big smile I was amazed when my first ever cosmic order worked out completely for me! It happened a few days after my delivery date, but nevertheless, it happened! I was so happy and I'm thankful to the cosmos for giving me hope and reassurance Big smile

My wish came true

I wished for a win on a scratchcard by today, but I forgot to buy one when I went shopping. Surprisingly, my dad called to say he bought a scratchcard when he visited me from overseas and won £10. Because he is unable to cash it where he lives he is sending it to me. Smile I will be making more wishes to the cosmos. Really pleased.


My orders have all arrived, a bit later than I asked but I am impatient Tongue

i have now submitted a new order, I believe in cosmic ordering, give it a go you won't be dissappointed Smile

I recently ordered all

Smile I recently ordered all obstacles preventing the completion of a sale on a property be removed allowing my daughter to purchase her flat. As of today, I can honestly report that those obstacles have been removed and she should be able to pick up the keys on Friday. This has been a long and complicated road to travel which was extremely stressful for all involved. At one point it looked like it was not going to happen and the developer was threatening to rescind the contract and sue her for breach of contract. The universe provided me with the determination, motivation, confidence, knowledge and skills to tackle the issues systematically. I asked for my order to be delivered by the 31st October and sure enough the blockages started to unravel right around this date. I can not begin to express my gratitude and thankfulness to the universe. I am far happier than I have been in a long time, thanks to the universe. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Lx

Its happened again, order

Its happened again, order delivered by the due date, I am delighted, Thank you Glasses

I am wishing for fame..!

I'm have high hopes for this to work so wish me luck. I wanna be a really famous internationally known singer who does pop/R&B! I play piano, sing, write my own songs and dance. I have currently too offers up for helping me record my song. I am doing a talent show and a famous recording artist is going to be there watching and I want him to ask me to sign a record deal! I'm 14 and I wished that I would get really famous and never fade away when I am 15 or 17.. I forgot but I really hope this will come true!!! Wish me luck and I wish all of you luck also! The world just might get this right! Wink I hope to get over never and biters when I preforming at
another Talent show!

Thank you once again :)

Success once again! This time I wanted to be able to buy some professional photos as Christmas presents for family and friends. We were only able to view them for one day and we had to buy them there and then or not at all. I woke up this morning without the money but still believed that I would have the photos. We went to collect them and the woman let us have them on account!!! Once we have the money, I just send a cheque, she even gave us one of the prints for free!!!

I'm beginning to think that I might be getting the hang of this....


I noticed a comment about 'tapping'. Can someone please explain what it is and how it works? Thank you Smile


I filled my order out back inJuly and it was filled by my requested date1 I am so happy and i received the 2 things i hoped for. This truly is the power of the universe. Thank you, thank you Smile

Thank you :)

Last night I asked for a lovely lie-in until lunch time! We have a demanding toddler and as we work for ourselves, I thought that I would have to be up at the crack of dawn as usual so that my husband could take care of business, but my lovely husband got up with our daughter instead and woke me up with a cup of tea at 11:15 Laughing out loud Lovely unexpected lie-in! I hope that some of my bigger orders are delivered so lovingly Smile Thank you! I am very grateful for my lovely lie-in (and my husband enjoyed his daddy daughter time too Wink).

OH! And for the commenter who was having a hard time manifesting anything, I noticed a fair few limiting beliefs in your comments, perhaps 'tapping' might help with those. Give it a try, it only takes a few minutes to learn and a few minutes to do and has worked wonders for a lot of people that I know who don't believe in the laws of the universe. I hope that you manage to work past your problems and see that a problem cannot exist without a solution, just as darkness needs the light in order to be. I know (and believe me, I do know) that sometimes it feels like you are sinking faster than a brick in water, but I started to realise that there are only 'situations' and it was my own opinions and beliefs that made them 'good' or 'bad'. You made a comment about using CO to cure cancer. I often wondered why George Harrison didn't cure himself when he could've done and the more I thought about it, the more I realised that he lived his life the way he wanted to and when he was diagnosed with the disease, maybe he felt that it was a sign that he had accomplished everything that he wanted to do in his life and it was time to move on. Everyone has a 'map' of how the universe should behave, and (although it is natural) you really can't place the map of your universe onto someone elses as chances are they won't match up.

I know that things seem bleak sometimes and I am sorry that you feel 'cheated' or 'mistreated' by the universe, but I really think that this is something that you should take responsibility for and try and clear before manifesting anything else as you will just continue to push it away. I think the reason why many people achieve their orders is because they are detatched from the outcome. Place desperation onto a desire and it will only be pushed away.

I hope that helps anyone struggling to manifest! OH, and I would just like to add that these are all just things that have worked for me, I found them useful and thought I would share them, they don't necessarily represent the views of anyone on this site and I am certainly not promising that they will work for you, all I am saying is they have worked for me, or people I have known and so I am making you aware of them, they are suggestions and certainly not the only way of doing things Smile

Hello I'm new to this site

Hello I'm new to this site and to cosmic ordering and I was wondering what does 'tapping' mean and do you do it. Smile

Order fulfilled!

I placed my order on 18th October, not expecting it would be fulfilled really - but it did - only 2 days later!!! I am thrilled!

Thank you so much my order

Thank you so much my order was successfully fullfilled, I am a very happy lady!! Thank you again!!

Big Cosmic Order!

In August I wrote that I wanted to get engaged to my boyfriend- my cosmic order was due on 19th Ocotober. I had completely forgotten about the order, but we got engaged on 5th October!! Out of the blue with no idea!

1st order fulfilled

Made my first order, only a fairly small one....but it's been fulfilled early. Thank you.

Sorry but it’s just not working for me…

Firstly I would like to say thank you for some of the helpful comments I have received on this site for utilising Cosmic Ordering but despite everything, it just isn’t working for me and, frankly, enough is enough. The Cosmos just keeps failing me, even though I have followed the rules for asking and know I am worthy of my orders. I have even ordered behalf of someone else on this website that was having problems in her life and was having no luck with Cosmic Ordering, and was told that by helping someone else, I would be given back tenfold. Sorry, but not only has this person not replied back to me ( which tells me that C.O has failed her as well, and I hope she hasn’t done something stupid, if you get my meaning, although I feel now like I’m starting to lose it as well) nothing ‘tenfold’ has come my way. It would take far, far too long to explain all the problems going on in my life. Suffice to say I have had a deprived life, filled with constant stress and more hopes raised and dashed than most people would experience in an entire lifetime. After the huge financial and personal sacrifices I have made in my life, I know I deserve better, and if there was any justice in this world I would have what I asked for, but the Universe just wants to keep using me as a punch bag!

It then got me thinking that this website contradicts itself. On the one hand it states you can have whatever you want, health, wealth, money. Yet it has been noted on here that when someone does an order and it doesn’t work, the Universe has decided that ‘you’re not ready for it’ or it will ‘give you something better instead’. So clearly you can’t just order ‘whatever you want’ because if the Universe decides against it, then you’re going to have a very long wait. And if the Universe is deciding what is best for you, then it has got nothing with what you want, has it? I just find it incredulous when people are praising the Universe and God on this site for such a wonderful thing as Cosmic ordering and how all their orders are being fulfilled. Yet if it really was that powerful then why didn’t Barbel Mohor use CO to cure her cancer…? After all her knowledge of Cosmic Ordering it still wasn’t enough to cure her. A cheapshot? No not at all. I am just pointing out that, clearly, you cannot order whatever you want. Otherwise she would still be alive. Now Barbel Mohor is just an example of where Cosmic Ordering falls down and I know some people on this website will say if your order doesn’t materialise then it’s your fault as you didn’t believe strongly enough. For those people who think like this, are you telling me it’s Barbel Mohr’s fault she died of cancer? If you start going down that route, then frankly, it’s quite nasty as you might as well say to all the starving kids in Africa, people with incurable medical problems, and people living in poverty, and thousands and thousands who are unemployed in the world, and all the ills and injustices in the world, etc that it’s your fault, the Universe will help but because you didn’t believe or ask in the right way, then, tough, you deserve a life of misery! I mean, how can the Universe justify letting murderers and rapists win thousands or even millions on lotteries while the average hard working person can spend a lifetime doing good and not win a penny? That is just an example. There are far too many injustices in this world to list here.

Look, I think the principle behind CO is a good one regarding positive thinking etc but as I’ve outlined there is a real danger you can put your faith in the Universe and wait until your last dying breath only to realise your order never came and you’ve just wasted your whole life believing in something the Universe was never going to give you. If it’s working for some people on here, then great, keep at it. But if this is such a wonderful gift from God then it should work for ALL and not just a few. And please no comments like ‘keep believing’ & ‘don’t give up’ etc. There’s only so much a person can take and not even a Saint would have the patience with what I have had to put up with. Sad

Cosmic Guide Response

Thanks for Your Post. You raise a few issues that I think need correcting/addressing.

  • "I have followed the rules" Its important to realise that there are no rules on how to ask or tablets of stone with regards to Cosmic Ordering. We have provided some guidline principles to help those new to Cosmic Ordering get started and offer guidance on what seems to work. But you should always ask in the way that feels right for you.

  • "I have even ordered on behalf of someone else on this website" Nowhere does this site recommend Cosmic Ordering for another person. On the contrary I strongly recommend that you don't! I'm not saying its not possible - simply that it is better to invite the other party to try Cosmic Ordering for themeselves. Remember - NO ONE knows the inner most desires of another. And no matter how well intentioned - doing so is effectively an attempt to control or interfere in the destiny of another. Something I do not support. In the Cosmic Guide - principle #2. It is made it clear that Cosmic Orders are best kept personal.

  • "Nothing Tenfold has come my way" You are talking about tything an ancient concept of giving away 1/10th of your income which is practiced by some spiritual groups. But Tything is not even mentioned on the site and is nothing to do with Cosmic Ordering.

    We have many wonderful members here who post wonderful ideas and beliefs to our guest book - and we welcome them! But that does not mean that their posts have anything to do with Cosmic Ordering or that you should take that advice or that that advice represents the views of this site.

  • "the Universe just wants to keep using me as a punch bag" If that is really your belief, why are you so surprised that your orders never get delivered?

  • "clearly you can’t just order whatever you want" Another negative belief! Hmm. We do say Cosmic Ordering can bring you whatever you want - that is a broad brush statement that is confirmed by many of the wonderful testimonials we receive. But nowhere does it say that you can achieve this without having to do anything yourself or that everyone succeeds. Cosmic Ordering is not magic, there is no "magic wand" that you can wave and "poof" whatever your wish just appears, that is not what Cosmic Ordering is. YOU have to recognise and take delivery of your Cosmic Order - the path to fulfillment is not always direct.

    To succeed in your Cosmic Ordering your order must be delivered in the natural flow. So asking to turn a glass of water into a bar of gold is unlikely to succeed because it runs against the natural laws as we know them - and you know them. In many ways our knowledge limits our abilities. In the same way, when we look to achieve dreams in our own lives - the natural laws in-which we live must sometimes demand a life journey of us and the first part of that journey may be what is delivered. You would be surprised by how many people fail to recognise or refuse that first step!

  • "I just find it incredulous when people are praising the Universe"Why do you find it incredulous? They place Cosmic Orders and their Orders get delivered - that is something to be happy and grateful for!

  • "if it really was that powerful then why didn’t Barbel Mohor use CO to cure her cancer" Yes - I think that was a misguided and cheap shot. I did not know Barbel Mohr personally and I suspect you did not either. Therefore I think your using her death as an example of failure is wrong on so many levels. I think her life was a wonderful example of success!

    We are all born, we live the best we can and die - that is the natural flow of things. You seem to be operating under the illusion that life is fair and that the Universe cares and somehow balances up your idea of good deeds against your idea of bad deeds. That sounds more like Karma or a religion than Cosmic Ordering.

  • "and wait until your last dying breath" Why would you wait? The most successful Cosmic Orderers I Know - place their orders and just get on with their life - they say YES to the opportunities, they act on their ideas - they don't sit and wait on their orders, they just turn up!

  • "If it’s working for some people on here, then great, keep at it. " We agree!

  • "it should work for ALL and not just a few " That is a very big SHOULD there! On this site we do not claim to know for a fact HOW Cosmic Ordering works, nor do we claim it as a gift from God - maybe it is, maybe it is just the way things work. Yes we speculate and explore possibilities. Quantum physics is offering an interesting confluence between science and Cosmic Ordering. Here we simply recognise the phenomenon and try to help people tap into it. It is a gift, which, if you can harness, offers wonderful reward. Personally, I am happy to accept that gift and do not feel the need to require an explanation. An explanation that I am sure would be both simple and beyond our comprehension were it revealed.

  • "no comments like ‘keep believing’ & ‘don’t give up’ etc " You are absolutely right - if what you have been doing is not working for you, try something different. If Cosmic Ordering is not working for you and you don't believe in it anymore - then just let it go!

If you are still interested in using Cosmic Ordering, I think you need to deal with all the emotional "stuff" that seems to be sabotaging your efforts to have a better future. Once you have cleared that away - you may have greater success at reaching that calm, confident space of absolute faith necessary to make your orders succeed.

Good Luck with everything and I wish you future success

The Cosmic Guide

What an excellent response and explanation!

I was really impressed to read your response to the person who felt their cosmic orders were not working whilst apparently following the rules etc. Doing an order for someone else and assisting with the goal of a ten fold reward is the very opposite of what tything and sharing good is all about quite apart from that is not what you cover here under cosmic ordering. My own personal experience of Cosmic Ordering has been good but only when I am going with the flow and coming from a loving and almost playful place. The minute I feel desperate or demanding it just stops working so I let go and relax or leave it until I am more intune so to speak and bingo! I do not feel the universe owes me anything but also do not feel it holds anything back from me either. I love this site, I love its integrity and forthright approach and I particularly love reading all the testimonials. Thank you and keep up the goodwork. Love

Thank you

I placed my first cosmic order a while back, and I would like to thank the universe for delivering well within the time frame!


It was my first time ordering and i wasnt aware i had to put a thank you at the end of the letter...
is that still ok or should i re order and put a thank you at the end?

Your order is good - say a

Your order is good - say a thank-you when it arrives!

ok thank you xxx

ok thank you xxx

thank you Universe!!!

my first wish fulfiled Smile thank you so much Universe!

This really works

Most of my orders have been realised after visiting this site. There are a couple more special ones that I am hopeful for as well in the not too distant future.
Thank you Cosmos.

Requests manifested

I have used this site to place my requests over a lengthy period of time. They have always manifested by the time I give and often before. This last one was actually late but only by 2 days so never give up.!!!! The Universe wants us to be happy and fulfil our wishes. I always give gratitude each time I make a request. Good luck to all on here. May your dreams be fulfilled. Smile