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No, If you are unhappy in

No, If you are unhappy in your job then it is the right thing to do to question whether a change is in order.

But before you go rushing for change - spend a little time finding out WHY EXACTLY you are unhappy. It is often not always clear where the root of discontent lies. Keep digging - keep asking IS THAT TRUE and WHY.

Sometimes just small changes in reality or perception can change the complete outlook!


Yet another one!

Yesterday, I asked for the cosmos to deliver me £1000 to put towards my wedding. Last night I received a text from a friend asking me if I would be interested in marking some papers in the next couple of months.....the payment of which will be £1000! Thanks to the Cosmos for putting this opportunity into my lap, I am grateful x

another cosmic order fulfilled!

I placed an order at the beginning of this month and asked for it to be fulfilled by the end of the month (that my fiance and i will find a home to share together) and it was fulfilled on 18th february! thankyou cosmos once again! Cool xxx


Smile just wanted to say i only found this site last night and was skeptical although i have heard of cosmic ordering through my sister who swears by it. my boyfriend of one year moved out last Thursday (valentines day). i love him to bits and have been totally heartbroken. i requested that the anxiety and hurt ive been feeling to be taken away and to be replaced with calmness and happpiness by today. i know it was a pretty big request nut i woke up this morning looking at things completely, i havent cried today, not even nearly and feel positive although he has still been on my mind almost all day, i feel genuinly better and able to cope. I have to say a huge thank you to the wonderful universe as i usually feel bad for months after a break up and was feeling yesterdsy that i really didnt think i could cope, now i know i can and im feeling very positive about my other requests and the future in general

\thank you lorraine

Mine didn't come true


Maybe next time I sit my exam in march I will pass it.

Keep that awareness that your

Keep that awareness that your exams are important. Then when the opportunities to succeed arrive - take them - ie choose to do revision and really get to know your subjects.

Cosmic Ordering delivers the opportunities to achieve your order - but these opportunities must not be ignored!

You seem to really want to pass your exams - if you tke the opportunities delivered - you will pass your exam in march!

A truly amazing result - thank you beyond words

I came across this website a couple of years ago and gave it a go. From my first few orders a few came about and a few did not. But the most important one was for my sister to be recovered from her horrible illness which had been with her for the last 4 years. Almost to the day i had asked for she was told that her tumor had shrunk and now she is back at work and riding her horses again. I am constantly amazed and humbled by this and I thank the Universe for this mind blowing result. To see her smiling and living her life again is a miracle. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xx Smile

WOW so glad for you & your sister

WOW what a lovely, wonderful outcome . No wonder you are so happy. I hadn't realised the cosmos could fulfill medical health problems . Smile I hope your sister continues to get better & her tumor vanishes all together
Love & good health


why does this not work for me can someone plz tell me

Cosmic Order Success Tips

There is no doubt some people find it easier than others. Read some of the articles and the how-to on the front page - these may help.

Make your first Cosmic Orders - Small ones that are not really that important - that way it is much easier not to fret about them or get anxious. Success on these small cosmic orders, builds confidence and faith in the process that helps with the bigger Cosmic Orders!

The paradox is that the things we want most - generate the most anxiety. Anxiety seems to have a very negative effect on Cosmic Order success. Keepng a very "light awareness" is difficult when you are worried.

I hope it starts working for you - if so please come back and share your tips!

none of mine

Sad( none of my cosmos have come true no matter how hard i believe and send it out to the universe I'm gonna try one more maybe who knows.

"Believing hard" implies

"Believing hard" implies strain and force or pretending to oneself. My understanding is to put the order out there, then just let it go. Forget about it. However when you notice that it shows up - and it may be some way down the track - remember to give thanks for it. As admin said, anxiety seems to impede the process. As does, "believing hard". In my experience, that is true. Better to believe that no matter what happens, you are okay, and that you will be looked after in every circumstance. Put in your order, but then focus on the thought I just gave you. Much easier to believe that, than, "I will receive 4000 dollars by next July". By all means ask for the $4000, be thankful for it in advance, be thankful for what you already have (I find this helps bigtime, as well as makes you happier generally), knowing that your order will be fufulfilled (I've had orders show up 20 years later!!!!!) either in the way or form you want it, or another form, but even so, you are being looked after, the universe knows how to take care of you more than you do. Trust and believe in that instead.

Hope this helps


i placed an order on friday that my boyfriend would come home for my birthday and asked for it to be delivered that day. literally 30 minutes later i received a text saying that he was on his way home that evening! thank you cosmos! Smile Cool xx

I,ve ordered different things

I,ve ordered different things small and large over the last few years and never once have any of them being delivered...very disappointed what am i doing wrong Sad( Sad(

The two most common problems

The two most common problems that need to be overcome to get Cosmic Ordering to Succeed are

1) Over-attachment to the outcome
2) Not seeing or ignoring the opportunities the universe offers - the are often not as expected.

Try to place your orders lightly and then just let them go - try to hold the utter conviction of a child that it is coming! Keep you eye open for new opportunities, ideas and thoughts and ACT on them.

Good Luck! Smile

me to

Sad( i would also like to know what i am doing wrong as well

Gratitude for Cosmic Orders

I am grateful that my Cosmic orders have manifested.I am grateful that I am able to access the Internet through Wimax facility on my computer easily and effortlessly.
I am grateful I have located my purse, debit and other cards.I have located the documents relating to the allotment of HP gas connection. Thank you, Universe.


I have tried this in the past and none of my orders were ever delivered, so I stopped trying. However it would appear that one of my orders were delivered although it was very late. I was extremely happy that this order was delivered as it was for something I had wanted for so long. But............. Its now all gone wrong again. I just don't know what to do. Why would the Comos deliver me what I asked for just to take it all away again?

Thank you

Smile I had requested the universe something gone past my date within next day delivered my requests... Just 1 more to be delivered ... Keeping thinking positive ... Thank you follow your dream. Smile

None of my orders

Came about but yet I'm not willing to disbelieve that this works does anyone have any advice for me?

I love you Cosmos!

Three Cosmic orders all granted! I got the good job I need to support my family, my children are going to have an amazing Christmas and I passed a test I needed! Firm believer! I will be placing more cosmic orders! Smile


I put in a rather substantial, life changing Cosmic Order request in April asking for a lot of things. One of them was about my work and career path and I asked for that guidance by the end of July - it didn't come and I was a bit disappointed but I decided to have a little faith and trust that the best thing for me would come my way.

On 30 October I went for an interview for a voluntary position at a local charity and I tell you everything I asked for my Cosmic Order has come without a salary right now but I do believe that it WILL come!!

I am SO happy and extremely grateful! Thank you Smile

Worked again

Yesterday I asked the Universe for funds to be available for a child I know that won't get any presents on Christmas Day; she has to wait until afterwards and then her family go to The Salvation Army to see if there's anything left. I asked for the funds to be available for today.
I was telling a friend yesterday about the situation and received an email today from her today saying they would donate some money for her Christmas present.
Thankyou Universe for this very special gift. I give thanks x

Thank you cosmos!

I asked for a new sofa a couple of months ago and was quite specific about what I wanted. It arrived past the due date and wasn't the colour that I had in mind and it's second hand BUT I love it to bits and wouldn't swap it for the world!!! Does the cosmos know better than us sometimes?!
Thankyou Universe, I continue to ask, believe and receive xxxx

Thank you

I just wanted to thank both this site and the Universe for helping me so much: two months ago I was in utter despair, but having had several cosmic orders so kindly granted to me, my life is so much better and I feel renewed positivity and happiness. Thank you so much again - I can't tell you how grateful I am, and wish all sentient beings true happiness and great blessings Laughing out loud

recovery from stroke

Hi all, i had a stroke a year ago which left me with left side paralysis. Although I have made some progress- i can walk very short distances with a stick, I still cannot mobilise outside my house and my left arm is non-functional. Not surprisingly I have asked the Cosmos for a full recovery, and to be able to walk outside by next year. Is this an acceptable and realistic request on my part? I am only 42 and still have youth on my side so I am pretty hopeful. Good luck to all for your future orders and please keep posting. Other cosmic ordering forums have all died. Lets keep this one going! Smile

Good luck

I truly hope this will be answered for you xx Smile

good luck I hope your order

Smile good luck I hope your order will be successful for you xx

Asked for a lucky weekend

Smile Smile I put in an order just yesterday, asking for a lucky weekend, and today I found £over £7. Thanks universe. I have some big orders for next year and i'm sure most if not all will be granted. I'll let you know how it goes, Paul


1.Room for my stay in Haryana Bhawan Delhi was arranged easily and effortlessly.2 I purchased a new laptop computer using my debit card. Thank you, universe.