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I have submitted several orders I have been positive all the time even visualized the outcome but nothing has come can someone please tell me WHY ? Xx

feedback from successful ordering

Simply amazing -thank you. I have my job,my car,my parking spaces, my new home, my healthy self and family all ordered from the Cosmos. Thank you so much :)x

Another one!!

Smile I asked for something to be delivered tomorrow, it materialised about 1 hour ago, thank you so much to the Divine Universe Laughing out loud

I have a little saying what I repeat throughout the day, " I ask, I believe, I will receive" try it.

how can I make my cosmic

how can I make my cosmic orders come faster thanks for all you help bren


Why does it ask for a delivery date if it might come before or after can I ask for express delivery

Wow thank you so much for all

Wow thank you so much for all that u have done universe, my dreams r coming true, it definitely pays to just be relaxed and let u do ur thing, and worry about it, thank you again Rix xxx

Feeling Optimistic

Tongue After having rather a bad day, and having a moan on the phone to a friend re my, lack of funds, partner, ill health & awful job, she spoke to me and explained cosmic ordering, so here i am giving it a try Smile I haven't been greedy and asked for everything, so hopefully i'll be back saying my thanks soon Smile

Happy ordering

I placed a few orders, and then just relaxed about them, and I have had positive and happy results, I would certainly recommend this experience to anyone Laughing out loud thank you xxx

Sort of received my order.

It didn't come about in the way it was asked for, but nevertheless a job opportunity to earn some part time cash came my way and the family finances have eased quite a bit.

Received one of my cosmic

Received one of my cosmic orders bang on time never looked back, im more positive now and been negative is in the past Smile :)

How do you believe

I have placed numerous orders over the years I started when I read the secret I changed the way I thought and everything I did, thought or said was positive, but for me this means nothing but sadness, I have studied hard ,worked hard and given everything to my family, and I feel so low, lonely and useless, these feelings are made worse by the fact that I was a believer but now I have doubts, I am struggling o keep my head above water financially and in life .
Is this cosmic stuff just mind games.

Just put mine in, time to

Just put mine in, time to move forward stay positive and get rid of negativity. x Smile



I placed a Cosmic Order today at around 1.00pm, specifying that I wanted to go back to work in a primary school. At 1.35pm I received a telephone call asking me to attend for interview.

Grateful thanks to The Universe, Holy Host of Angels and our Heavenly Father.



There could be many reasons

There could be many reasons why, but one thing I do know - having been in your position and worse before, is:

a) your order will show up - it may not be in the time you want it to, nor in the form you think. You need to be open to it turning up.

b) I understand it's scary when you need something so badly. So what can you do to help make it happen? Is there someone you could loan it from? Are there things you could sell on ebay? What is possible with what you have? Can you negotiate with whomever you need to pay that money to for either a temporary stay on the payment, or for small payments? (I'm assuming you either owe or need this money to pay for something).
c) and this is the hard bit, try and let it go, relax, and remind yourself that if you haven't got it, it's because the universe has something better in mind for you. It may be a lesson, something you need to learn. It may be it will send something else. Tell yourself there is a reason why you don't have it, and that because the universe sees and knows everything, including about you, it knows best. With LOA, you must also take any actions you feel you ought to. Just placing an order and sitting back doesn't make it happen (it does sometimes, but you have to do things).
d) make yourself a vision board (google how to do this); you need to raise your vibration and feel better about your life and your goals
e) pounding your fists at the universe doesn't work- I know, I've been there. The main thing I"ve learned is that whatever the reason is for your own good, even if it doesn't feel like it (I owe money!!! How could that be good!!!!, you scream). I know it sounds odd, but for some reason, it is. (And believe me, I know what it's like to desperately,desperately need money or to owe large amounts of money).

that's the best I can offer right now. I ask the universe to help you with your life, soon.


Why do we have a delivery date if it doesn't come on time

Results from a simple request

I made a request to feel good all day and night this friday.

Right now its thursday night and the universe has aligned some great things for tomorrow! We got invited to go out (finally) after about 2 months of nothing going on. I just got back from my brothers house where we played some old school nintendo 64 and we laughed for hours while playing it.

Been a while since ive laughed like that, I'm sure the universe is setting me up even today for a good mood for tomorrow!

The universe even aligned permission from my brothers landlord to have a party this weekend.

Thanks universe I am grateful for everything.

I placed a simple order , it worked but my 2nd

I placed an order , my cat has had a pretty bad ear infection which wasn't clearing , my vet thought they may need to operate , they sent of a sample to culture , I asked for it to come back & not to need an op , YIPEE it came back and she just needs dif ear drops for now but no op, I placed an order to win a dress , didn't win it tho . I also VERY, VERY BADLY , URGENTLY need £2500 , I thought my husband was paying the rent , I've taken over paying it now as he wasn't and we now owe £2500 with the charges added on , I ordered this amount , so far nothing , th I'm sure you would agree I badly do need this fast , can't understand why the cosmos doesn't think I need it, the guy who is dealing with it Sonya debt agency asked if I could pay £200 now then pay instalments, I asked the cosmos for £200 didn't get that either , why when the cosmos must know it's urgently needed . I asked for the £2500 by 18th may , hope the cosmos sees how desperate this is & it's delivered . Don't understand why it didn't deliver the £200 . I even asked to win the jackpot , but maybe that's just being greedy , after all who really truly needs 42 million tho it would be very nice , no 1 needs that much . But I do need £2500. What am I doing wrong ?
Please help . I virtualised I was paying it into the bank , but nothing Sad

your order

It sucks that some of your orders did not show up. Puzzled I hope this helps. You must believe you deserve to have that what you asked for. Tongue If you feel deep down somehow that you do not deserve your order it may not come. Also try letting go of being desperate. When someone is desperate, it seems like their wishes just stay away. Have faith, and believe. Hope this helps...

You place a Cosmic Order for

You place a Cosmic Order for your Cat - and it works out! Success! You start asking the Universe to "win" a dress and give you money urgently - and your orders don't work out. Hmmm.

Please read the website carefully again. You are demanding that the universe provides you what you want, in the WAY that YOU have specified. By doing this you limit or even block what can be provided. Your orders need to be open and you need to remain detached.

Cosmic Ordering is NOT some form of magic where you make a wish and it just appears - if that were so - would'nt we all be millionaires?

You must be prepared to look for the underlying desire and be prepared to TAKE THE OPPORTUNITIES when the universe opens a door for you. Sometimes those opportunities require you to step out of your comfort zone.

People often miss the opportunity or fail to take the steps and are left disappointed. I strongly suggest that you try to dig deeper into what you really need - and then try to get into a space where you can order them in a light-hearted detached way - with complete certainty that the order will come. And if you listen and take delivery of the opportunities - I'm sure they will!

Good Luck!

Thank you

Love My first cosmic order was for a healthy pregnancy and stress free birth as I was having my first baby, who had calcium deposits in her heart. My little girl is 2 now and is a wonderful healthy happy child. My 2nd order looks set to be fulfilled in the specified time so I am sure that the 3rd will do too.

Again, thank you.

Blessed Be

After having three very bad

After having three very bad vertigo attacks due to my tinnitus that came on last year I sent in my order for my vertigo to ease and my tinnitus to be at a level that I could cope with and it's worked my tinnitus is now very much improved to a level that I can cope and so far no more vertigo attacks thank you so much my life improved so much I know the tinnitus will never go but I am now able to live with it so thank you thank you Big smile Big smile Big smile I have two more orders in and will let you know how they go Big smile again thank you


My Order seems to be fulfilled..long may it last. thank you cosmos......brightest blessings.

general thoughts

Hello, I was thrilled and delighted when I was introduced to the cosmic ordering site. As yet none of my requests have materialised, however I am optimistic and believe things that I have requested will come about in due course. Most of my requests have been this year 2013. I am waiting in anticipation. I shall let you know when my requests arrive. One is due on April 21st 2013 Regards P Barrett. Smile

Gratefully received Thank you Universe!

I completely Believe in All. I asked for an iPad to help with my writing as laptop stopped working. I received when I almost forgot about it. Since trying to complete my novel, I have entered 2 writing competitions which I have also asked for assistance with, to be acknowledged as a writer. I know I will be writing on this again expressing more positive results that I asked The Universe for.
You must listen to your heart, know your Goals and Strive forward with the open arms of The Universe over you. Bright Blessings to All x

Order for Reconciliation didn't arrive

About two weeks ago I plcaed a Cosmic Order for Reconciliation - and it was due on 10th March 2013, but it didn't materialise.

My order was as follows:

"Dear Universe, with divine love & energy my order is for Andy **** to feel able to contact me with a view to Reconciliation - only if it is meant to be, and by 10th March 2013. I ask you fulfil my order because I miss him and love him and would like to arrange a time to meet and have conversation in a warm atmosphere filled with friendship, happiness and laughter.

I am open and ready to create my order and thank the Universe for giving me the means and opening doors that will allow my cosmic order to manifest.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe xxx"

I imagined it happening and even imagined it was already the case - but it didn't materialse.

Have I asked for something in the wrong way or was what I asked for wrong?

Maybe be its not meant to be

Just read your comments about getting Andy back , BUT maybe the cosmos has something better waiting for you , maybe you were both not meant to be & if he had come back you may have ended up splitting up again , which would only cause you even more sorrow so maybe the cosmos wanted to prevent you from going through more heart ache . I'm reading a book called , Cormier ordering made easier by Ellen Watts , and what she says does seem to make a lot of sense. If the cosmos knows that things will not work out for you both as a couple they it send you something better that knows is right for you . I on hope you find true love & happiness & I'm sure the cosmos will deliver the right man for you be it Andy or someone else .
In the book she says the way she asks for things is just a simple, What I need right now is , then order what ever it is you want and to always , always finish your order off with , for the good of all concerned. After all you don't want to receive an order at someone else's expense
Hope things work out for you soon
Love , Mandy

Dear Londoner, Firstly I must

Dear Londoner,

Firstly I must point out it is against this sites policy to allow the publication of full names to protect the privacy of third parties. I have therefore edited your post to remove the full details.

Other than this, you did nothing wrong - but you must accept the terms of your own order - "only if it is meant to be". And I believe that that is a correct view point because when it comes to relationships - there are two destinies at stake and each has the right to choose their own path.

A better Cosmic Order would have been far more open and addressed the true underlying desire - which is to have a warm loving relationship. The moment you place conditions - ie who, where, how etc - you limit what can be delivered. And if what you order is outside the natural cosmic flow ( ie your ex does not want to be in contact ), then it simply will not come.

I recommend you place another simpler order for that underlying desire and allow the universe to bring you what you want! Smile

Thank you kindly for your

Thank you kindly for your response and advice.

I see you mean ask for a warm loving relationship rather than with a

New career

I'm so needing to change my career path from midwifery but I'm lost and think I'm asking too big a question???