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a new start

I put my cometic order in on new years eve its regarding a person I use to go out with. He came into my life after i split from a 12 year relationship. I was on the rebound. After a year i realised how much this person means to me. Hopefully my dreams have been heard and we will be together in May time. I feel so nervous and excited at the same time.

Ask, believe, recieve...

Ive had quite a few orders delivered with grateful thanks to the universe. thank you, x


I have had quite a few orders delivered over the past few weeks, just saying thanks doesn't seem enough Puzzled

Thank you so much UNIVERSE

Innocent it's really works, u just have to believe it, & be ready to receive it!!!

Totally agree, ASK, BELIEVE,

Totally agree, ASK, BELIEVE, RECIEVE Smile


Grateful thanks to the Universe.

I truly believe in the cosmos.

I would like to spread to the world about my cosmic ordering experience.
I placed my orders on 09/11/13. I asked for some money to start my own business (tarot reading and counselling) and for a part time job in the same area.
Thanks to the Cosmos my orders were delivered on 09/12/13.
Money and job come together.
Thanks , thanks again to the Cosmos.

There is another order over there as soon will be delivered I will post again.


A million thanks x Smile

Ask Believe Receive

I placed an order at 10 am today, by 11 am I got what I asked for Smile quickest one ever Laughing out loud
Thanks to The Universe x

Another one.

I had another one delivered within the hour Smile thank you Divine Universe. So grateful x


You just have to believe in the cosmos and not think about your order too much and it will come. It may or may not be on the exact delivery date. It will come when you least expect it.

For example, I had placed an order a couple weeks ago that I hoped to have the best thanksgiving ever, as I was kinda worried about where I would go for thanksgiving since I was kinda broke to buy the food, plus I didn't know how to cook a turkey, and I didn't really know where my family would go for thanksgiving. I was short on just buying some cheap thanksgiving food at some restaurant. On thanksgiving day, my grandparents called me up to say that I was invited to go to their house to spend the thanksgiving holiday. Needless to say, I had the best thanksgiving holiday ever his year.

So you see, if you place your order and then let go of that thought, it would come up naturally, usually with the best result possible. If you get nervous or worry too much about it, it would probably mess up your order, and it would either take longer to deliver or it won't be delivered at all.

I also have an order that is overdue just last week. It was a pretty big order and for the first few days after ordering, I was really anxious and paranoid to worry about if it was really gonna be delivered. It's been 5 days already and still no result. But now I came to learn that either it would be delivered eventually or that the universe has something better for me. Now I don't even think about what the outcome would be anymore since now I have accepted that if for some reason the order never comes, then so be it, I move on to other things.

So the key to that is, place order, forget, believe, and see what happens.


Well what do you know, my big order has just been delivered, even though it's about a month and a half late. Once again, thank you universe Smile

The law of attraction definitely works ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE

I placed an order to be delivered in 3 days time and it started to deliver by the second day. Although what i asked for had to be paid back it delivered

Dear Cosmic Universe Thank

Dear Cosmic Universe
Thank you so much for delivering another order.

My daughter sold her car for near the asking price and bought her new one.
Thank you again. Smile


I asked for a job for my daughter! As she had worked so hard at uni , and was becoming so down, I had to try. At first I kept thinking about it and willing it to happen! And nothing. So I had one last go, asked for a job that will be right for her, left it to the cosmos, let it go and believed ! and today she has been given a chance. Thank you cosmos! Smile

To Glynis

How wonderful!
I've seen other people say you can't (or shouldn't?) place cosmic orders on behalf of someone else, but you've proved it can work. Of course, knowing your daughter is happy has also made you very happy so perhaps it was 'your' order all along. Blessings to you both! Smile

Thank you

Although my order came later than requested it came when I least expected but more likely when the cosmos thought I was ready.With strong belief and patience the cosmos does deliver - so thank you I am happier than I have been in a long while Smile

Last night

Thank you Great Cosmos for listening to my desperate plea.. my short term wish was granted, the long term one would be an answer to my greatest desire..i thank you once again. Brightest Blessings

Keep believing te universe is tronger than we know

Gratitude, gratitude gratitude within a week job of my dreams, partner and I are working everything out-also listened to" the Secret," Believe and keep believing, feel it xxxxxx

Thank you!

The first cosmic order I placed has now been delivered in full. To be honest, all it really needed was for me to exercise some willpower, but believing someone or something 'out there' was cheering me on made the goal much easier to reach. I'll be placing some more orders soon Smile


Thank you to the universe for delivering my orders. Thank you

Results in one day!

I have read a lot of books about cosmic ordering, so I was quite excited when I found this website.

I decided to start off by asking for some cash, just to build my confidence with ordering up a bit.

So on the Sunday I ordered that I was to come into £100 cash that day.

On the Monday I was given £20 as a present from a family member (as I had spent some money on her the week before) passed to my dad to pass onto myself. As my dad gave me the £20, he gave me £20 from him to fill my car with petrol!

So I am happy to say I feel my first experience on the website was a success!

Thank you thank you thank you.

Follow the signs!

I placed an order asking for someone I had been close to, to get in touch again by a certain date. (it had been ages since I'd heard from him and he'd ignored my messages). Then out of the blue I had a strong urge to get in touch with his brother, who I didn't know at all but was on his Facebook friends list. So with a bit of trepidation I sent him a message to ask if his brother was ok as I was a bit concerned about not hearing for so long. He wrote straight back to tell me the guy in question had been ill and unable to get in touch with me. And within a few hours I had a message from him via his brother.
So do take notice when you suddenly get ideas that may seem odd, and act on them, as I believe it is the Cosmos helping out.

Mr Right

Just over 6 years ago a friend gave me a copy of Cosmic Ordering andI read the book from cover to cover. After many failed relationships I had given up on finding Mr Right. Until I was given the book. One night I opened my blinds looked into the stars and ordered my man. He came into my life a couple of months later, we were engaged within a year and married within two. We are due to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and I have never been as happy.
I have just placed my 2nd order and look forward to receiving it. Smile

thank you so much my son got

Laughing out loud thank you so much my son got a 2.1 in his degree and I just can't believe it but once again my wish came true x thank you thank you

i asked i believed and received

i would just like to say a big thank you to the universe for the granting of my wish.

my wish was recieved on the very day it was expected to arrive and am so happy!

i now have faith that my situtation with mr sunshine my future lover and friend will now be the way i want it and that he is coming home soon all thanks to the uinverse!

Process of Cosmic Ordering

Hi, I was just wondering if there is a limit of how many orders you can make? Is it wise to submit a lot in a short space of time? Or is it better to wait after each one has been fulfilled/or not?

Can cosmic ordering tell you outcomes for other people?

I just wanted to know if you ask for a sign to show if an outcome for someone else will be positive or negative if this is something cosmic ordering can deliver


can someone please tell me honestly that this works

Yes I can say that for me it

Yes I can say that for me it has worked I have never asked for money so I don't know about that but the things I have asked for so far have worked x Cool