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Thank you great cosmos, i recently, have had a developement that will change my situation for the better, proof that you do deliver, many thanks again.
Blessings be

my star

Thank you cosmic I place an order and I have received my order I cant beleived that it really works, Thank you, thank you, thank you cosmic.


Smile thankyou for helping my friend be successful in her difficult quest.i just heard today she had been successful and now she will be able to move on with her life.i have always belived in the universe cosmic ordering .i await the completion of my last orders which i know will arrive as well.thankyou.

I think that to have them

I think that to have them delivered we must believe they will be delivered.
If we simply place the orders and then - doubting - we move with the flow thinking they won't be delivered, there and then we influence negatively the result.
We MUST have faith that the Cosmo will bring deliver. We MUST move in life conscious that they'll come to us as a wonderful gift.
It's the same with praying and worshipping: one involves simply repeating few lines, the other involves the strong belief that those words will be listened AND our needs/wishes granted.
I therefore order to the Cosmo that you'll receive more faith in its ability to deliver your orders, and ultimately, that all of them will be fulfilled.

Much love,


Thank you for you help and advice x

Order delivered.

Thanks to the Cosmic my orders were delivered today trough a letter bringing me the money that I needed so much.
Since I had put orders to the Cosmic many good things came into my life.
Still a have there the most important order to be delivered a truly believe that will be soon.
Thanks and thanks again Cosmic.

No delivery

Well, I posted my order in mid-January for delivery on 30 and.. absolutely nothing..

I know that mainifesation does work because I've experienced little glimpses, so what did I / not do this time? (It was a BIG order for money).

Any suggestions?

What am I doing wrong?

Hello Everyone!!
I really hope you can help me. Quite a while back I placed some orders ago and none of them were delivered. I have even checked them now as given how long ago I ordered them I have forgotten about them and therefore thought they may have been delivered but NO!!!
This is something I would really like to try again but don't want to if they are not going to be delivered. I just don't know what I m doing wrong. Everyone else just seems to be having so much success. Please tell me what I need to do, how should I ask for them etc. Can anyone give an example of how to ask?
Thank you in advance xxx

Some people seem to be

Some people seem to be naturally good at Cosmic Ordering. Your reaction of not wanting to do it again if it doesn't work indicates that perhaps you may be overly attached to the outcomes. Cosmic Ordering is free and you can simply state your desires here and forget about it. If it works - great, it not, is it really a big deal? If you can get into that space it will help!

There is some guidance on the site and in the articles where I provide some guidance but these are not set in stone - each person needs to discover their own way of doing things and their natural connection to the Universe.

Good Luck! Smile

Can depression prevent your orders happening.

Just wondering if you have constant negative feelings considering a relationship break up that has nothing to do with what your order(e.g order for a sunny day) Can it hold back and prevent the delivery of your order ?

Unfortunately, depression

Unfortunately, depression really can block Cosmic Ordering Success. It is one of the few pre-requisites that you must be able to be confident and detached about the outcome. When depressed it is virtually impossible to maintain that state.

Take steps to see the good things in life. Try being positive and being grateful for the good things you have. This is a good way to challenge depression. And in those glimpses of positivity, place a small order and then let it go - hold it lightly and don't fret about it.

I hope this helps and good luck. Smile

a new start

I put my cometic order in on new years eve its regarding a person I use to go out with. He came into my life after i split from a 12 year relationship. I was on the rebound. After a year i realised how much this person means to me. Hopefully my dreams have been heard and we will be together in May time. I feel so nervous and excited at the same time.

Ask, believe, recieve...

Ive had quite a few orders delivered with grateful thanks to the universe. thank you, x


I have had quite a few orders delivered over the past few weeks, just saying thanks doesn't seem enough Puzzled

Thank you so much UNIVERSE

Innocent it's really works, u just have to believe it, & be ready to receive it!!!

Totally agree, ASK, BELIEVE,

Totally agree, ASK, BELIEVE, RECIEVE Smile


Grateful thanks to the Universe.

I truly believe in the cosmos.

I would like to spread to the world about my cosmic ordering experience.
I placed my orders on 09/11/13. I asked for some money to start my own business (tarot reading and counselling) and for a part time job in the same area.
Thanks to the Cosmos my orders were delivered on 09/12/13.
Money and job come together.
Thanks , thanks again to the Cosmos.

There is another order over there as soon will be delivered I will post again.


A million thanks x Smile

Ask Believe Receive

I placed an order at 10 am today, by 11 am I got what I asked for Smile quickest one ever Laughing out loud
Thanks to The Universe x

Another one.

I had another one delivered within the hour Smile thank you Divine Universe. So grateful x


You just have to believe in the cosmos and not think about your order too much and it will come. It may or may not be on the exact delivery date. It will come when you least expect it.

For example, I had placed an order a couple weeks ago that I hoped to have the best thanksgiving ever, as I was kinda worried about where I would go for thanksgiving since I was kinda broke to buy the food, plus I didn't know how to cook a turkey, and I didn't really know where my family would go for thanksgiving. I was short on just buying some cheap thanksgiving food at some restaurant. On thanksgiving day, my grandparents called me up to say that I was invited to go to their house to spend the thanksgiving holiday. Needless to say, I had the best thanksgiving holiday ever his year.

So you see, if you place your order and then let go of that thought, it would come up naturally, usually with the best result possible. If you get nervous or worry too much about it, it would probably mess up your order, and it would either take longer to deliver or it won't be delivered at all.

I also have an order that is overdue just last week. It was a pretty big order and for the first few days after ordering, I was really anxious and paranoid to worry about if it was really gonna be delivered. It's been 5 days already and still no result. But now I came to learn that either it would be delivered eventually or that the universe has something better for me. Now I don't even think about what the outcome would be anymore since now I have accepted that if for some reason the order never comes, then so be it, I move on to other things.

So the key to that is, place order, forget, believe, and see what happens.


Well what do you know, my big order has just been delivered, even though it's about a month and a half late. Once again, thank you universe Smile

The law of attraction definitely works ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE

I placed an order to be delivered in 3 days time and it started to deliver by the second day. Although what i asked for had to be paid back it delivered

Dear Cosmic Universe Thank

Dear Cosmic Universe
Thank you so much for delivering another order.

My daughter sold her car for near the asking price and bought her new one.
Thank you again. Smile


I asked for a job for my daughter! As she had worked so hard at uni , and was becoming so down, I had to try. At first I kept thinking about it and willing it to happen! And nothing. So I had one last go, asked for a job that will be right for her, left it to the cosmos, let it go and believed ! and today she has been given a chance. Thank you cosmos! Smile

To Glynis

How wonderful!
I've seen other people say you can't (or shouldn't?) place cosmic orders on behalf of someone else, but you've proved it can work. Of course, knowing your daughter is happy has also made you very happy so perhaps it was 'your' order all along. Blessings to you both! Smile

Thank you

Although my order came later than requested it came when I least expected but more likely when the cosmos thought I was ready.With strong belief and patience the cosmos does deliver - so thank you I am happier than I have been in a long while Smile

Last night

Thank you Great Cosmos for listening to my desperate plea.. my short term wish was granted, the long term one would be an answer to my greatest desire..i thank you once again. Brightest Blessings

Keep believing te universe is tronger than we know

Gratitude, gratitude gratitude within a week job of my dreams, partner and I are working everything out-also listened to" the Secret," Believe and keep believing, feel it xxxxxx