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Hello everyone. Im new to Cosmic Ordering

Hello everyone. Im new to this site so I don't really know what im doing yet lol!
How does all this cosmic orders work then? What do I actully have to do? I've seen it on eastenders to be honest haha that sounds funny but i was fascinated by it. So do I need to write it done and say it out loud? And how does the universe make these things happen?
I would love a answer to these questions and interested in any stories Smile
Lots off love and good luck that you get what you've asked for Smile

Welcome to the new Cosmic Ordering Site

Hi @Luu,

Congratulations on being the first to comment at our new upgraded Cosmic Ordering Site! About your questions ... Remember ... you can do your Cosmic Orders anyway that feels right for you. The important thing is that you set your INTENTION and then let it go ... but be ready to take the Cosmic opportunities that come you way as stepping stones towards your order!

Good Luck and have FUN!

Thank you

Hello. Thank you for writting back Smile
Hehe thank you I am looking forward to hopefully having good experiences Smile
Does it matter if you say your cosmic order a few times a week or is it just once and thats it?