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Cash Laughing out loud i needed some extra cash,i asked the universe to help,i thanked the universe,i asked for my money to be delived the next day,i said thank-you to the universe.the very next day i had money in my bank account,believe in the gifts of the universe and whatever you want can come true,thank you for answering my call for help.xxxxxxxxxx

lucky you

really?where did the money come from?well done!!! Smile any tips for me on how to make it work?


The Money is alway there for you! Be open to recieving it in many forms and just relax and know that what you need will show up on time. Have faith and hold the intention that you are prosperous and abundant right NOW! I give thanks that money flows into my life in the most amazing ways! Let that be your affirmation to break out any doubt or resistance in your life.

the cosmos is listening

Cash Wink ask for what you want,imagine how you will feel when your dreams come true,then be thankful,say thank-you to the universe,then just relax.don't keep on going over and over your order,forget about it,just think more positive and really believe what you want is going to happen,the comos hears you.good luck,i hope all your dreams come true. i send positive energy to you. x

thanks.u 2.peace.xx

Smile thanks.u 2.peace.xx

my cat

My cat went missing and i placed an order for his safe return, so happy that he is now curled up on my lap safe and sound Smile

the two things in life that

the two things in life that would change me for the better no more struggling worrying and pain please i hope this works n not just a crazy idea/ Smile
best wishes to all


Smile Big smile Start each day with a smile. Whatever mirror you look in first thing in the morning, smile to yourself and remember Life is not that bad, you have been given a wonderful gift "The Gift of Life!" Smile

To live, to love, to breath, to experience is a privilege. Stop trying to control it life and go with the flow.


Hi all. Another newbie here Smile
I have known about cosmic ordering for some time now, after reading how Noel Edmonds had so much success with it. I truely believe in the power of positive thinking and truely believe my orders will be delivered to me. I wish you all great success with your orders and i will come back and let you know when mine have been delivered. Ooooh i cant wait..its like waiting for the postman to come with an important letter lol Big smile Love, light and happiness, Val x



I need support and guidance in placing my orders. I have placed a few, where I have followed the information of making my requests clear and followed the instructions of leaving them to the cosmic and getting on with other things. I have been asking for positive changes and chances, the complete opposite is being delivered.

I have not yet been successful in anything I have asked for and I have kept them positive, to myself and others. I would never ask for something negative to hurt others. So please can you give me some guidance.

Thank you


You are in the situation you are now .through cosmic orders you have already chosen. Let them run there course before you re-order.
Your order cant be found ,it will be deliverd.

When i found this site last

When i found this site last year having read a book about cosmic ordering i had been at the lowest point in my life. I had lost everything i had ever worked for. Two houses my business and my car. My wife had left and had taken the children with her. Since i have found "The Secret" and started using cosmic ordering in my life everything is changing for the better. I have had many successes a long the way and truly believe this works. Thank you universe for helping me turn my life around. I look forward to receiving more orders in the future.
With Love and appreciation.


i need a miracle ppl.i know everyones needs and wants something.but any1 who wants to-would u pray/cosmic order for me right in ur heart.i need,need, need this miracle.cheers.i need a miracle,thank u.xxxxxamen

I placed an order for you,

I placed an order for you, should be in within a week. Keep the faith !


thanks for ur help.but im still in the same dire scenario.worse even.god do i need some divine intervention right now.but thanks for trying.i know this works for alot of ppl.but its not working for me.would u tell me if it worked fo u?thanks.

things are alot

Smile things are alot thinking this maybe does work and that frame of mind,and how worthy u feel of orders has alot to do with it!
thanks for placing order.i hope the world continues to heal and get better for all in 2011.with more equality,green living and better human rights in certain placeesp china and asia.
and that things continue to improve for myself and family.happy new year to everyone when it comes!! Party Tongue peace.xxxxx



New to the site - was getting hysterically stressed and came across this site placed my two orders - Thank you so much will keep you updated with what happens

so thankful

hi all i am new to this site and have placed an order and am sooooo very very thankful and happy to say i have been brought the opportunity to make my order come to me thank you soooo much love and good wishes to all xx

New to site

Hi everyone - I have just signed up to this site.
I have found myself in a very stressful situation. After being married for 35 years I finally found the courage to leave my husband but have been living in a womans refuge for the past 13 weeks and have had no success up to now in the council finding a flat for me. I am staying positive in that the cosmos will help me here. Health and happiness to you all. Smile

Well done

Hi Caper...well done for having the courage. Getting divorced/separating is absolutely foul - I speak from bitter experience. Just be positive; the dark times will pass, & then you'll have happy sunny days...Good luck. Big smile


Reply to Chris

Thank you so much for those words Chris yes it is hard to make the move but now I am pleased that I did even though it has been a very stressful time, but I am now ready to move on and get on with my own life and am feeling much more positive now. Thanks again to you and the cosmos for fulfilling my order so quickly and am "over the moon" and really appreciate it. Smile


Just to keep everyone updated as I am so pleased and cannot thank the cosmos enough as I placed an order earlier this week asking it to be granted by Friday (tomorrow) and I got a phone call today from the Council today offering me a bungalow. I am just over the moon and so grateful and happy.
Thank you so so much Smile

Hello N Thank you

Hi there

Ive just joined up however, cosmic ordering is something I have been delving into for a long time before actually submitting my first order with you today. I truly believe and trust it will come to me. I have many wishes and wants and ultimately, in the end is happiness n love of course. And my nearest and dearest to also benefit. Many thanks.

I shall come back to you when my first order arrives and tell my story.

Best wishes to each n everyone out there and may you get your wish.

Claire Smile

Best wishes

Smile Hi Claire...seems like we're both 'newbies' ...I'm staying positive & believe my order will arrive...I trust that yours will too.
With the kindest regards...Chris

New member

Hi all..I've just joined & ordered for the first time; I'm a bit unsure how it works, but am full of hope.
I'll post again when I get some news.
Wishing you all that you'd wish yourself. Smile

6 out of 6

Smile Since January 2009 I have placed 6 orders and all 6 have materialised !!
They are nearly all answered in a way not expected.

i.e female relative suffering a mysterious illness after visiting Far East. Various
treatments and exploratory investigations resulting in nothing. Six months later she has a small exploratory operation that doesn't go well, they think they have perforated her bowel so they keep her in hospital and dose her up on strong antibiotics to try and prevent blood poisoning. Result! they didn't perforate her bowel but they did cure her illness!!!

I always send my order in the most basic way possible then sit back and wait for the cosmos to do it's work

2010- year of change....

Offspring of Eve... Smile
Your story is a truly amazing one!.. Giving me more hope that what I truly want can be made real.. I have been reading the book again this morning and I feel a new chapter in my life is at my fingertips... I have a couple of phrases that are embedded in my thoughts...
'Our desires are predictions of what we are capable of achieving'...
'You will never be given a desire without the power to achieve it'....

So positive and both of those phrases make me smile when I say them.

Good Luck to all how have placed an order I very much looked forward to coming back and sharing my fantastic news with you all!!
xxx Laughing out loud

Hello, I'm new to this site!

Hi, I found this amazing site yesterday and its great to read about other people's experiences of cosmic ordering. I've only recently started using cosmic ordering but my daughter has had quite a bit of success and I'm currently reading books on the subject. My daughter and I had an order fulfilled last week. We're setting up a business and have been planning it for a couple of years intending to open a shop. We don't have money yet to actually get a shop (so we thought!) and both of us asked the cosmos to give us the opportunity to get the business started. By a series of coincidences, changes of plans and a walk up the High Street we saw a couple of empty shops with 'To Let' signs in the windows. We took the number, my daughter phoned and the rent was really cheap so she went and had a look. Its perfect for what we want. It won't be ready for a few weeks but we've been given the opportunity to get started. Now I have to try to continue with this positivity and really believe that the cosmos will provide everything I want. Not easy for someone whose spent a lifetime thinking I could never have what I really wanted. Smile Reading other people's positive comments is a great help and really encouraging.

Cosmic Ordering, amazing.

Hi All,
I am new to this wonderful site but not to cosmic ordering i first gave it a try back in 2009 and have never looked back, it just amazes me,

My other passion is talking to my Angels they aswell help out a great deal,

Lulu, my advice would basiclly be, Positivity, that is the keyword in Cosmic Ordering and such like, you think positive, use positive words,and once your order is placed you just forget about it just like you would when you use a catalogue, Love and Best Wishes. Smile

I am so happy i stumbled across this website,

Eternal Happpiness To All,


Good experiences

Have been using cosmic ordering since 2007 and all my orders have come to fruition on the dates specified. We as human beings have the power to trust in the Universe (God) to supply all our needs. This message is with much gratitude for all I have been blessed with. Thank you sincerely for this site.