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Still waiting

Hi i have placed an order which i am still waiting to receive but i am feeling very positive and i can visualise my life once my wish has been granted it is very frustrating waiting but i know it will be worth the wait.

Thank you!!

Just got the good news we were hoping for!! Many thanks! Big smile

Hi, I've placed a few orders

Hi, I've placed a few orders over the years but I've never had an order fulfilled. Just a lot of heartache. I wont go into details but I'm devastated to be honest but I keep on. You've got too.

If anyone could put in a prayer for me be much appreciated. I read that mass intent has more power than just one persons.

Feel like I'm working against others intents and wishes, whatever they me be, who am I to judge. And the corrupt system we live in, how do you beat that. But there's still good people out there.


God bless.xxxxx

Sending you happy thoughts and healing x

Never question how , what or why........ Have faith in the universe and think positively x

Something seems to be working....... thank you universe!

I asked for some money, around a thousand pounds about a month ago and I just won almost £1000. Not all in the one little wins of £50 and £100 over a period of 4 days, totally bizarre like amazing good luck!! So grateful and over the moon Smile

Ordering success

I have asked the universe for many things to happen and have been very direct in my requests and I'm very pleased to say my orders have been granted. I always thank the Awesome Universe. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Big smile Party

Ask Believe Recieve

I have had many orders delivered, both small and large orders, it does work. have faith and believe it will be delivered, if something you ask for is not delivered its because it was not meant to be and God and the Universe have other, better plans for you.

1st order granted!

Big smile
I had heard about cosmic ordering before but never gave it too much thought. We had put our house on the market and I honestly didn't think we would have a problem selling it. Anyway, after the first viewing I got a bit despondent. I was sure the first person to see it would buy it but they weren't interested. So i decided to ask the universe to sell my house. I set a deadline of 16th August which I admit was far too soon as the house would have only been on the market for a month but I was hopeful the universe would come through for me. On 13th August we had our second viewing, on 15th August they put in a very low offer and on 16th August they put in a higher offer which we accepted.
Not only did we accept the offer on the day I had specified, we also got our ideal price for it meaning we can now pursue our dream house. I have asked the universe to make sure this one goes through and I have no hesitation in believing it will come through for me again.

feeling low

Hi. Just not feeling it at the moment, really tried to believe my orders (or at least 1 would be delivered).. But none, don't know if it me giving a bad vibe .

Have positivity

Stay positive. xxx

Thank you

Big smile I placed three orders earlier on this year. In my heart the one I wanted the most never came to me as I requested but in a kind of round about way, which was probably meant to be (OR NOT). The other two came true one within 3 days and the other just today and to say I am over the moon is putting it mildly.



I have used this site for several years now with mixed success - what am I doing wrong

mixed success?

I'm confused? You say success in title then mixed success, what does this mean? If you said success then what am I doing wrong, that makes no sense to me, that would be more, no success. ?

All Is Well

Thanks for your help.

My first order came through much as I had requested and on time.

I still have several orders pending so I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, my request for a solution by 7/8/14 was completed successfully.



still imagining, But As I totally believe In My Ordering it can Only Be a Matter Of Time.

why doesnt my orders work

please help me i have placed many orders and they do not seem to be coming true. i ask , i believe then i forget about them
is there something i am doing wrong ? Sad

it works magically

I have been using this wonderful website for the past two years and all I can say is "it definitely works". I placed many orders and most of them manifested WHEN IT WAS THE RIGHT THING FOR ME. I am now manifesting my biggest order ever which is about my career (my first big film being produced): I know it is going to work and I would like to thank whoever made this website and the Universe! Wow! Party Party Party

might work

i have recently done this but am afriad if it does not work Puzzled


be positive! aim high! dream, smile and dance whilst waiting... Smile

Thank you

Thank you oh great cosmos, I was granted the relaxing quiet weekend i so desired, It would be fantastic if that happened every weekend through the temperate months..
Brightest Blessings

A great site - and it works!

I wanted to say how powerful the art of cosmic ordering is and how wonderful this site is in channelling these orders. I have been using the site for over three years and it's amazing. Many of my orders have been released to me or given to me in a different way. I have been really pleased and would encourage all spiritualists to place their orders on this site. It really works!

If you trust and believe in the Universe, you will receive.

I have been busy placing several orders lately, some small, others really quite large, and every single one has been delivered so far. The last one, I think surprised me the most as I had detached myself from it, so when it actually arrived on Monday I was stunned with how powerful cosmic ordering really is. In my mind when placing the order I had almost expected it would be delivered on sunday as that is when most families get together over Easter, so I was pleasantly surprised when it all happened on Monday. More than I could have wished for and I am so grateful and would like to encourage others to believe. Thank you, and I hope that everyone elses orders get delivered Smile

A million thanks

Smile A million thanks to the Cosmos for manifesting all of my requests. I am filled with gratitude and look forward to my latest orders to manifest by the date I have given.
Wishing everyone on here all that they wish for themselves. Believe and Receive. It really will work.

thank you once again for delivering

I have recently put on some weight, and whilst I know that my ideal weight is now manifesting itself for me, I needed to get some clothes in the meantime. I hate shopping and normally cannot find anything so I placed an order and asked that I found some clothes that I felt good in. Yesterday was a successful day, ny order was delivered and I bought a few items I feel great in, so I wanted to say a massive thank you to the universe for delivering a fairly small order that made a big difference. Smile thank you, than you, thank you

Thank you cosmos

I wish to thank you great cosmos,
for improving my financial situation, it took a little longer than i asked, but worth it in the end.

Blessings be, Blessings be, Blessings be

Thank You

I wanted to say a massive thank you to the Universe for delivering another order for me, it arrived today, a day late. I honestly believe that everything that you truly wish for gets delivered and I am looking forward to receiving my next order. I remain truly grateful & humble. Smile

Thank you to THE UNIVERSE

Thank you thank you thank you to The Universe for delivering another order. This really made the last fortnight so much better than I hoped. I hope that everyone else has the same trust and that their orders get delivered too. Smile

Receipt of order being placed

Shouldn't Comic?? Read Cosmic?
Just a small observation I noticed
On the confirmation page. Shock

YES it should! Duly

YES it should! Duly corrected.... thanks Beer

Thank you Cosmos!

I have always believed in being a positive person, but learning more about Cosmic Ordering and becoming more focussed has changed my life.

My life is not easy and I work very hard, but I enjoy this, it is a life I have chosen and get pleasure from. My positive look at situations has most certainly attracted further positivity from the Cosmos and I am truly blessed. I asked for help with a situation with my business recently...and the Cosmos provided it within 12 hours.

If you are new to this it can be hard to remain positive when times are tough - stick with it, it becomes second nature before too long! Smile