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It did not work for me

What did you say to get your order. I did not work for me

Why is it not working for me?

I wonder why no one of my wishes havent been delivered?
I have made a couple of it but so far not even one came true.
Why is that?
I havent made impossible wishes.
What is going on?
Sad Sad(


I just want to say thank you for my luck recently.
You have delivered several orders whenever I ask for your help.
You have given me a positive outlook on life.
Thank you Cosmic Universe.

Thank u first order came

Thank u first order came through not the way i hoped it would be but after thinking about it its beter this way..
the cosmos had a better plan!!
Second order was exactly spot on!!
Love will defenitly order again xx

Thank u first order came

Thank u first order came through not the way i hoped it would be but after thinking about it its beter this way..
the cosmos had a better plan!!
Second order was exactly spot on!!
Love will defenitly order again xx

Thank you

Cosmic Universe you have truly inspired me to request more orders.
I have asked for small things and big things and you have delivered.
I place my order, forget about it but always believe you will deliver.
I would like to say a very big THANK YOU. Smile

I am writing in a somewhat

Smile I am writing in a somewhat incredulous tone as I have something very odd to report which I'm still hardly able to believe. On the 10th March I 'ordered' a work project for £30,000 for which I'd make a profit of at least £20,000. The 'due date' was 31st March.

I have been exploring the idea of taking control of my life and have been thinking about this: 'Fears & anxieties make sense only if you believe that something outside of yourself is creating your reality. Without this conviction, fear does not make sense.' - Bodo Deletze

On the 4th April I received 2 letters from a long-dormant pension company telling me I can now access £35,000 (or around £30,000 after tax). This means we can now finish the modernising work on our house.

This leaves me a) delighted b) a bit freaked out c) wondering if there is a hitch d) wondering what next I should order e) confirmed my suspicion that we shouldn't be too prescriptive with the mean by which something you've ordered comes to you. Its probably better for the universe to find the best way of delivering what it is you're looking for.

Anyway, so from now on I'm going to continue to do what I did last time, which was really to just stop worrying, enjoy my life and let it happen. I can trust things will be sorted out.


Place your order, let it go and be positive…

The times that Cosmic Ordering has worked successfully for me was when I treated my goals lightly, got on with my life after placing my orders, and remained positive at the same time. The times that Cosmic Ordering did not work for me was when I attached myself too much to my goal, asked for specific orders to arrive at unrealistic deadlines and viewed these goals as the be all end all.

Example: if it’s a new job you’re looking for, place your order, keep applying for roles rather than expecting it to fall on your lap, but treat your goal lightly. Get on with your life, and your order will likely manifest. This recently happened to me when I got a call from a company for a job I applied for. They wanted to see me again for a second interview as I had been successful in my first one. The call came when I had least expected it, as I was so busy getting on with my life and applying for other jobs that I’d completely forgotten about placing an order to get a job offer from that same company!

Thank You Universe!

I was very miserable with my job and wanted to be released from it instead of quitting and also be financially independent to the point where I didn't have to get another job.

I'm happy to report that I was release from my job, no fault of my own/layoff and I'm receiving enough pension to never have to work for anyone else ever again. Now I have my days all to myself and I can go to school for free and be paid to go also. The Universe is real and it's AWESOME! Look for more posts from me, b/c I'll be posting miracles/blessings that I know I'll continue to receive. Believe it b/c it's real folks. Party

Thank you

You have delivered another order for me for which I am very grateful. My
daughter got the job she applied for.
Thank you


thank you 99 per cent order come up trumps.

Thank you

Smile I have placed many orders and a lot of them have come true and when ever I need a helping hand you are always there for me so for that I say a big thank you x x x

you are lucky

I read almost all of the comments here and I realize that most of the people got what they wished for.
But Why havent I?
I didnt asked for big things.
I guess I am not worth it and I never will be.

I am done with wishing and hoping. i am done with thinking that a universe will help me with my wishes and guide me to my happyness.
I give up.

Order received

I orded a job for my son who was looking for work and asked for it to be deliverd by
Feb 6th, today he was phoned and offered a job and he starts it in Monday, I'm so
Pleased, thank you cosmos


Most of my requests have been granted, for which I'm so thankful. Two major wishes, however, have not as yet transpired despite repeatedly asking. Hopefully, this too will be granted soon. I remain optimistic! Smile

positivity will travel

What can I say, while at one of my lowest ebbs I made my first cosmic wish/order
I was feeling penned in with bad cabin fever without a mode of transport Sad , I knew I need a car but had no funds to just buy one , so I ordered a car as my cosmic order, I knew that one wasn't just going to drop out of the sky so gave the universe over 12mth to complete such a large order.
I remember using my mind to imagine getting this, feeling it with my hands the cold metal feeling that in my heart the car was mine, even to the colour. I knew that if the universe felt I needed it before the date I'd given I would get it before.
well what can I say, 2 month after making my wish, my husband bought me my very own car, not brand new but almost, in the colour I had imagined small and compact just like I had wanted....WOW! Laughing out loud
I've since made a few more wishes/orders and feeling very confidant with a particular one, that is due to land very soon Smile now I've found cosmic ordering I will never let anything pass me by.

Hey my first order came

Hey my first order came through. I can see the knack is to make the order and then forget about it. Although it is very difficult to not be attached to something you want. Thank you... Big smile


Hi I have been trying this on and off for many years but with no success. None of my orders have ever been delivered but I don't want to give us when I can see that for a lot of people it does work.
What am I doing wrong? Why isn't it working? Thanks in advance

The Universe always provides!!!

I initially learned about cosmic ordering years ago when I first bought the Noel Edmonds Book Positively Happy and then also read another book by someone else about cosmic ordering, it was another male!? I also read the book by Barbel Mohr on Cosmic ordering. I always looked at it from the point of view that it was worth a try but was probably a load of nonsese, over the years since then now and then Ive put a few cosmic orders out there but never really noticed until now looking back that some of them were probably actually fulfilled!

I have now been on this site for a few years and again have put many orders out there via this site, initially I was just as skeptical although one thing I always remember from reading about cosmic ordering that you have to be positive, look at it like once you put the order in that it will actually happen and not to doubt it, be more open to the possibility that its real! So anyway Ive continued to place orders here on the site now and then and although some big ones not happening or maybe even not happened yet but Ive had lots of other small ones and its always been when I really needed it and I never really thought that it would be down to cosmic ordering although now and then when somethings come through I have jokingly said thanks to the cosmos for my orders but Ive noticed that the times Ive asked for orders or needed something many times in the last 10 years that its came through, some extra unexpected money to help out with bills or christmas or whatnot and it seems like the more I believe that putting orders out there is actually happening and just trusting in the universe to provide when I need it and being grateful for these orders then it seems to be more successful.

So anyway I have cleaned out my computer, wiped the hard drive, removed a lot of clutter in my house and also in my heart and mind, letting go of old hurts and things that ate away at me and just held me back I actually feel so much better than I have in a long time. Im so laid back its horizontal, communication is much easier than it had been for a long time, things dont get to me the way they used to!? Maybe thats just me growing older although I do suspect its some other kind of spiritual growth thats helped so much. Ive had a difficult few years, had brain surgery last year and my daughter is also ill and facing the same things but still I am grateful for everything I have no matter how little it might be and again I would just like to thank the universe for all the help it has and will continue to provide! Happy New Year everybody! Smile

Still waiting

Hi i have placed an order which i am still waiting to receive but i am feeling very positive and i can visualise my life once my wish has been granted it is very frustrating waiting but i know it will be worth the wait.

Thank you!!

Just got the good news we were hoping for!! Many thanks! Big smile

Hi, I've placed a few orders

Hi, I've placed a few orders over the years but I've never had an order fulfilled. Just a lot of heartache. I wont go into details but I'm devastated to be honest but I keep on. You've got too.

If anyone could put in a prayer for me be much appreciated. I read that mass intent has more power than just one persons.

Feel like I'm working against others intents and wishes, whatever they me be, who am I to judge. And the corrupt system we live in, how do you beat that. But there's still good people out there.


God bless.xxxxx

Sending you happy thoughts and healing x

Never question how , what or why........ Have faith in the universe and think positively x

Something seems to be working....... thank you universe!

I asked for some money, around a thousand pounds about a month ago and I just won almost £1000. Not all in the one little wins of £50 and £100 over a period of 4 days, totally bizarre like amazing good luck!! So grateful and over the moon Smile

Ordering success

I have asked the universe for many things to happen and have been very direct in my requests and I'm very pleased to say my orders have been granted. I always thank the Awesome Universe. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Big smile Party

Ask Believe Recieve

I have had many orders delivered, both small and large orders, it does work. have faith and believe it will be delivered, if something you ask for is not delivered its because it was not meant to be and God and the Universe have other, better plans for you.

1st order granted!

Big smile
I had heard about cosmic ordering before but never gave it too much thought. We had put our house on the market and I honestly didn't think we would have a problem selling it. Anyway, after the first viewing I got a bit despondent. I was sure the first person to see it would buy it but they weren't interested. So i decided to ask the universe to sell my house. I set a deadline of 16th August which I admit was far too soon as the house would have only been on the market for a month but I was hopeful the universe would come through for me. On 13th August we had our second viewing, on 15th August they put in a very low offer and on 16th August they put in a higher offer which we accepted.
Not only did we accept the offer on the day I had specified, we also got our ideal price for it meaning we can now pursue our dream house. I have asked the universe to make sure this one goes through and I have no hesitation in believing it will come through for me again.

feeling low

Hi. Just not feeling it at the moment, really tried to believe my orders (or at least 1 would be delivered).. But none, don't know if it me giving a bad vibe .

Have positivity

Stay positive. xxx

Thank you

Big smile I placed three orders earlier on this year. In my heart the one I wanted the most never came to me as I requested but in a kind of round about way, which was probably meant to be (OR NOT). The other two came true one within 3 days and the other just today and to say I am over the moon is putting it mildly.