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Yes & No!

With Cosmic Ordering - You cannot ask for 'too much' if what you want is what you really desire. However people often forget to understand the WHY of their desires. They ask for a million pounds - when what they REALLY want is a sense of financial security - or demand that the Universe delivers so and so as a partner - when what they REALLY want is a loving secure relationship. The danger is - you will get what you asked for and not what you really want or what is right for you - and that usually is NOT good!

The word 'Greed' implies 'taking more than your share', which of course in Cosmic Ordering terms is impossible as it is based on the concept of infinite abundance. The only time you can step over the line is where you seek to influence or take from another. It is one thing to say 'I want a beautiful house just like Joe's down the road' - that's fine. But to say 'I want the universe to give me Joe's House - well that's a big no, no... because it involves taking from another person.

My advice is to concentrate on what you really want - then keep asking WHY? until you get to the underlying truth - and ask for that. And if it is something really BIG - that's great!

Thanks to the cosmos

I did get what I asked for - it was in a roundabout way and at first I wasn't sure that I had got what I had requested. When I thought about it and then re-read my cosmic order, I realised it was exactly what I had asked for.

i want to be more positive

i want to be more positive and dream of being debt free some time this year but i do struggle to think positve.most of all i want my family to be happy healthy and content and not to have any major worries,my daughter to find a job my son to do well at school and to enjoy his football this season,and a new car would be nice aong wuth with the best family holiday ever but ill have to very positive to achive any of these goals so here goes
i to am new to this site but i have read positive ordering bboks also my daughter lost her bus pass one nite and i placed an order for it to be found and low and behols we found it under the bed so coincidence or not?

money wish

hya i am new to this site and have just placed an order for one particular number to come out next wed12th jan in the irish lotto,this no. has not been drawn since 21 august and is well overdue, do ye think that is a valid wish as it will bring me in some money and i hope money is not a vulgar subject in the cosmos Party

Need a bit of help.....please


I am a "newby" to the site, although I have read about cosmic ordering previously.

I am really desperate for a particular person to telephone me and for us to build the friendship we have into something more permanent.

However, am I correct in the understanding that you cannot place an order naming a particular person as this goes against their free will?

If this is the case, how would I go about placing an order for the person to contact me and for us to build our friendship into something more permanent?

I thank anyone who can offer any assistance on this as the person in question is really special to me and I really want to place the order correctly and don't want to get this one wrong.

Thank you again Smile

Need abit of help

Smile Hmm lets see I do not really think asking for a particular person is going against free will. It would be if maybe that person is already in a relationship. But if you and this certian person had some sort of the same feelings It should turn out just the way you want it happen. Smile hope this helps at least somewhat.

Needing help

Hi, I read your above posting with interest as I am in a similar sort of position and would love some advice. I broke up with my guy (my own decision) last June. I then deeply regretted it. He showed a lot of interest after that and we even met up but he was adamant he could not forgive me. Since then I have sent out several orders for him to text or phone and they have always manifested. I am now asking for him to come back to me for all time but like you am not sure about this free will bit. Someone with some experience, I am sure could advise.
Good luck to you in your own request.

Positive thoughts will get me there

Hello everybody...I had heard about cosmic ordering sometime ago and as it is nearly the new year I thought I would give it a try as 2010 hasnt been the best year for me and my husband. On the 17th Dec I had a burst pipe which flooded my living room and on the 24th Dec my husband was told his employment would end in 8 weeks. This morning I opened the newspaper to read of a lady who has tried cosmic ordering and it has worked for her (she is famous). I then bought the local newspaper (something I dont usually do) I also hesitated at the time of buying, anyway there was an article in which a news reporter got to live the day as a lottery winner. Only the other day I asked my husband if you won the lottery do you think you have to make your own way to Lottery HQ or would they send a car to pick you up. Well from reading the article I find out that a lovely Bentley car will come and collect you and you get treated like royalty. I have always had confidence I would win the lottery and I am sure I will really. I want to help people who are struggling financially and also intent to open a pet rescue centre with the winnings. I have put my wishes down for mid next year and hope to achieve this. I intend to try really hard and think as positively as possible.... happy new year to everybody for 2011

2011 hopes and wishes

Hello. Having endured probably THE most miserable Christmas holiday ever (being ill and realising I cannot rely on my family as they have different outlooks on life from my own) I have the urge to record somewhere my hopes and wishes for this time next year.

I'm lucky - have put myself through Uni twice, travelled the world on a gap year by my own means, have a fab job as a teacher in a brilliant school. And yet, because of my upbringing, I have little confidence and continue to sabotage my life. I think this Christmas made me realise that I HAVE to start getting on with it as my family will never change or show me the outward show of love and pride I have been craving all this time. hopes for this time next year...

1. To rejoice that I will, after 5 hard years, be debt free in 2011. I have done this by taking on a second job that takes up a lot of my social time. But, by July 2011 I would have paid back, single-handedly, the £26k debt I had five years ago and, apart from my mortgage, will not owe a penny to anyone from July 2011.

2. To start looking after myself better - lose weight. I need to lose 2 stones. By not doing this, by comfort eating all the time, I stop myself from going out and socialising and thus meeting people who are good for me.

3. Furthermore, to tie in with 2, I am going to do the Three Peaks Challenge - climb 3 mountains for charity.

4. I will go for promotion at work rather than think "this is the year they will realise I am NOT a great teacher, I have just got here by accident".

5. Through a combination of 1 and 2, I will socialise more, having the time and money to do so. In doing so, I hope to meet someone I can make my partner, having been single now for 5 years. Because of the debt, the low self esteem, I haven't believed for 5 years that I DESERVE a partner but now I am ready to believe I do.

6. I am now 39, 40 in late summer. My greatest wish is, if I find that partner, I can have a child and begin the next stage of my life.

Wish me luck! My positive thinking always extends to everyone else in my life. This Christmas has totally brought home to me that I cannot put things off for the sake of my family anymore and life is soooo short, I need to start living it and having fun. My new positive for ME attitude needs to start now! x

wishing you good luck for 2011!

Just wanted to say I am also new to cosmic ordering and that I think your goals for this year are fantastic and also very realistic and acheivable.

I wish you much luck and happiness for 2011! I am sure you will get everything you have asked for. Stay positive!

True inspiration

You really have your year planned out and I wish you all the best and send you positive thoughts to help you along your way - you will do it.


sounds like ur mentally ready for a change!!and ive noticed that orders happen better when ur mentally prepared and willing to accept.when u feel u deserve it.
well done on all ur endevours!sounds like ur waiting on praise from family and they didnt give u enough encourgement and praise growing up.but at the end of the day the only persons opinion that matters is the one in the mirrors.but we all need appreciated from others.
hope all ur wishes coming true and u gain even more confidence next year!peace.xx Smile

txt msg

i have been wondering about this since reading about Noel Edmonds to be truthful
I have had a serious blow to me in my personal life so i decided to try to take postive action

I placed what is maybe a big order but after reading some testimonials decided to test the water so to speak with a small order

I asked for someone very close to my heart to send me a txt msg to me today. I placed the order at about 10.30 this morning and at 10.55 she txt me for a chat! This is a person who i haven't spoke to for about a week and there was no reason for her to txt me,

This has made me very positive about my big order. I have set a date of 4th jan 2011.

By nature i am not a positvie thinker but this has made me realise that if i stay positive then i will get to where i want to be

your order

Smile hi just read testimonial> please just have the faith and it will come i placed a huge order and its all ready starting to happen>

regards tinytim Laughing out loud

reply to txt msg

One of motto's in life is " think happy thoughts". I'm so glad that you chose to place a cosmic order and I send you love , light and blessings and hope that your order comes to fruition - I'm sure it will ! Smile

good vibes to you

Smile ur wee story made me smile.hope u get the big order.peace.xx


I am fully excited to co-create Source Energy and allow the Universe to flow through me and do it's magic in manifesting my orders in tangible form. I fully release myself from the outcome knowing that my requests are already done. I will hold the intention of completion and absolute faith!

Happy Manifesting!!!!

overdue orders

I've put great positive orders in, i've visualised, and two of my orders are overdue......not sure what i'm doing wrong.. i made sure I showed gratitude and have put my wishes out there and been busy but nope, nothing..

Any suggestions or do things happen when it's right?

No worries, some request take

No worries, some request take longer than others. Just remember to hold the intention of "feeling" that it's already done. Remember the Universe responds to our vibration and when we feel that our request is already achieved, then we become in vibrational alignment. Remember, worry, frustration, doubt or any ounce of disbelief can cancel the intention or seriously delay it. Take a moment today and have a celebration party with yourself as if your desires are already manifested! Trust me, I am speaking from experience. Laughing out loud

I'm Soo Thankful!!

I'm so grateful I came across this wonderful site:)
It is amazing everything I have ordered has manifested!
THank you, Thank you Big smile


Laughing out loud I can't believe it!!!! I just made a cosmic order a couple of days ago that my wife would get a cute and sexy tattoo. She just called me and told me that she wanted a lower back tattoo for Christmas!!! OH my ---, I believe Party


I an truly grateful that my wishes were realized on the correct dates. This is truly a wonderful experience.

Cosmic Ordering Works for me...

I love this site. I heard about cosmic ordering on east enders and decided to try it out by writing out what i wanted, with a test so that i knew it was working. It did. I have just sorted out my new love and work orders on site and am confident they will be delivered on time.

Grazieeeeeeeee !!!!

Sono felicissima, il mio uomo mi da piu' attenzioni di prima!!!
Grazie per avermi ascoltata....sono sicura che si realizzeranno anche gli altri desideri...adoro questo sito! Big smile !!

Grazie grazie grazieeeeeeeeeee...
Love Love Love

It Really Works

Smile Innocent

I just would like to thank the universe for my cosmic order, it really does work.

I also believe that positive thinking also helps with your cosmic ordering.

Thanks Again.

So cool!

The Cosmos are really working! Smile Thank You.
You shouldn't doubt and you should allow yourself to send out all positive vibrations to the universe and it'll gonna work for all of you out there.


so happy

I love this site, and yes it works!
I started small and saw instant results so my orders are now getting bigger and I am still seeing results...
I have recommended to my sister who is also loving the site

Cosmic Ordering

I am so thankful that so far, all of my cosmic orders have been answered. I am really thankful for what God and the Universe has done for me. Thank YOU!

My Cosmic Orders

So far I have placed four cosmic orders and not one of them has been fulfilled. One left to wait for until I can be well and truly convinced. This does not work.

Your Order

If you don't fully believe that the Universe and Cosmos is going to fulfill your order then you have cancelled your intention. Frustration and constant worry will delay or delete your intention. Be full of faith. Act as if you already have it, give thanks for it daily that it's already in your life. Example, if you ask the Universe for a car, look out the window daily and say thank you for my beautiful car that's fully loaded, etc. Sure the car won't be out there, but gratitude breaks the resistance and doubt. Remember, what you don't believe, you won't recieve! The Universe is abundant and wants to give you your highest requests! Best wishes and I am holding the Energy for you! Big smile