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please can you send prayers/positive vibes my way

I've just put in a cosmic order & feel I really could do with some positive vibes/prayers whatever.

I asked for the man I love to contact me & for us to be together etc.. I'm sure he has feelings for me but will never actually say it I Love him with every fibre of my being, i just want him to let me know directly how he feels, not mess me around just to actually contact me & Say what he feels

I wanna know I need him if he loves me then i want him to show it

I'm dying inside without him. ;( thanks

Thank you for orders

Thank you for orders received.

Help please

Can people have a positive thought for me as feeling low. I put in a big order of a job and put my heart and soul into the process, but was told that I was not successful. I am very low and still trying to be as positive as I can, but need other's positivity to help me through this. Sad(

Not sure why my order didn't work have been through the site information, not sure what I was doing wrong.

Your order didn't work

Your order didn't work because the cosmos has bigger and better things planned for you...... You will get your job maybe not the one you thought you wanted but a much bigger and better opportunity. Stay positive and best wishes xxx

Hi FIn I will send a big wish


Hi FIn

I will send a big wish out for you xx

good luck to you, I wish you well/everything you desire

Hey there just read your message, I'm sending you my best wishes and positive vibes, hope it helps you

I Sincerely hope you get what you desire/need

love and light xx


All my love to you and positive thoughts.

My positive thoughts and best wishes are with you. Don't give up, keep your head up sometimes it just comes later than you suspected. Hugs and love. Smile

Sending you positive thoughts

I.m sending you positive thoughts that your wishes come true.

Positive vibes and angel blessings

Smile Smile May positivity come soon. Maybe there is something better out there for you. x

Hey Fin will send you a

Laughing out loud Hey Fin

will send you a happy wishes and keep that chin up as it may turn up when you least expect it xxx

Cosmic Ordering a Flat

Hey guys Smile !

I'm new on this site but have been cosmic ordering on and off for a few years now and had great success.

Was wondering if anyone has any heartwarming experiences with cosmic ordering their home? Would love to hear some of your techniques as this is the biggest thing I have cosmicly ordered!

Over the last 7 months I researched and looked at properties online with a vague ideal in my head and 3 or 4 areas in London. Over the last couple of months I have become drawn to a particular road in NW London, although I'd never been there before my aura seems to connect with it. A specific flat on this road has just come up for sale and from the pictures every bone in my body is telling me it's perfect for me - the right size, location, feel...everything Love . So, I took the plunge yesterday and viewed it and sure enough my gut instinct was justified. I truly feel that this flat signifies a new chapter of growth in my life. So, I have placed an order for this flat. I don't know how it'll be done but I'm just believing that it's mine and the universe will work out the delivery.

Do you advise meditating/visualising this each day or just placing one big order and leaving it in the cosmos?

Thanks in advance! x

I'd really love to know if

I'd really love to know if you exchanged contracts yet!!! Really hope its happened!!! I'm in NW London - I'll look out and see if I hear any housewarming parties!! Party

You have to really want it to get it!!

Hi all,

I have been using this service for past few months and I have come to the conclusion that you must really want what you order rather than just ordering something you would like to have in your life. Your orders must affect your life at a more deeper may be love, money or peace.

Only those of my orders have manifested which were really important to my life, happiness and overall well being.

I love using this service. It has really given me all what i wanted!

just had had my order delivered.

Big smile I am fairly new to the cosmic order site and was really interested in trying some orders for myself. just a little one to start off with, I had lost my mums wedding ring and I could not find it anywhere after nearly a whole week looking so decided to place an order for help in finding the ring. I placed an order 2 days ago and it was due by today, all day still No ring. then out of the blue there it was... lying on the floor like I had never spotted it before. very impressed.
a big thanks to the cosmos. x


I must admit, I have No evidence of any of this working!! All it does is give false hope to vulnerable people. Myself included. it set me back in the break up of my last relationship, because I was living in hope, instead of moving on and accepting what had happened.
If life was all that simple we would all be happy and sorted and the world would be a better place.
I am tired of searching for wacky conclusions or reasoning.
From now on I would say that existensalism is the omly healthy approach. This says that the only thing we can rely on is ourselves, this is the only certainty. There is no God, no greater being, no after life. We have to live for today and accept this to truly be happy.
Thats not to say there is no good in the world, there is, but we can only truly rely on ourselves.

Hi I put a wish out for ex


I put a wish out for ex to contact me in some form after we split . I then accepted relationship was over and started having fun and dating again . My ex who had dumped me then got back in contact just wanting to say hi which is ok by me.

I think you still have to move on mentally and if it comes back in some way great but you also need to heal and repair yourself to start afresh

Don't give up

I had asked the Cosmic to bring my ex back into my life. He did come back but only on a friendship basis which I have accepted as one cannot force another's free will but who knows we may get back as a couple eventually. Until then I just fill my life with things I love and know if he is not the one for me someone better will come along. Never give up hope on any thing you ask for as timing can be out. Good luck and positive vibes to all of you on here.

Hi Sceptic, I'm sorry for

Hi Sceptic,

I'm sorry for your pain, but broken hearts are a tough part of life. If you read this site... you will see that in terms of relationships - we strongly advise against attempting to use Cosmic Ordering to bring a particular person into your life ( or keeping them there). By demanding that the universe deliver a particular person, you are asking that the universe deliver someone to you - even if it is against their ( and probably your ) best interests or will. The universe will never deliver such an order.

With regard to self reliance - I think this is a great characteristic and many of your points, you won't find me disagreeing with - BUT that does not mean that the world is not abundant - all we have to do is learn to tap into that abundance. this often involves easy sounding, but tough in reality things like - letting go, grattitude and having a strong belief in yourself.

If you are not too brusied, I recommend that you do what we suggest - open your heart to attracting a new exciting relationship into your life. No conditions, no specification - just ask for your perfect partner and then be open to receiving it. Love

Good Luck!

peace of mind

Smile i used this site in past , i have ask a lot like many my life is in disarray, praying the universe can send me peace of mind and better luck than i have experianced in the last 10 years ,

it hasn't happened yet

Hi All
8 orders so far this year, but unfortunately not one of them has come through. I thought I was being very positive and imagining what life would be like with a cosmic order, but still no luck.

Any ideas ?

Re Hasn't Happened Yet

There could be any number of things that might be causing your Cosmic Orders to fail. have a look through the site and some of the articles and video's. These can all help.

Next time, pick something you really want and just focus on that - 8 orders seems like a lot to me.

Here is a technique I use to get to the fundamental want:

Think of an order... then ask youself why you want it - not the shallow why but the deeper why. When you have answered that... form a new order based on that - keep repeating this until you have gone as deep as you can go.

In terms of relationships this usually starts with "I want XXXXX as a partner", but as you follow this technique you will often end up with a more open, abundent order that is more likely to tap into the flow of the universe. Something like "I want my perfect partner in an honest and joyous relationship" - (don't we all want that!).

Hope this helps Wink

mine came true

Hey all

I thought the same its hasnt happened in the dates i posted. Well they did come true not quite as i had asked, but WOW 2 out of 3 isnt bad.

The 3rd will be abiggy if it happens. Funny though as I had stopped thinking about what I had ordered and it happened.

Works for me

my order

i do belive in what goes around comes around ,i try to belive in cosmic ordering but mine dont seem to happen wonder what im doing wrong.wish i was more positive.

so far so good

I tried giving a testimonial but it was not posted & I placed it over a week ago so I guess it will not make it onto the I will just share here that so far one of my cosmic orders was fulfilled & though it was not on the exact date I asked for, it was EXACTLY what I asked for!

It's not obvious at times

Cool Cosmic ordering... something I had never heard of and when my girlfriend mentioned it to me I assumed it to be complete hokum. I tried the cosmic ordering service... I do not believe it will give you the exact thing you ask for but a means to access it, almost like an open invitation! Each on of my cosmic orders has come true so far and I'll be honest... I'm astonished lol.

As I said, I do not think it gives you what you want (in the raw form!), But that it gives you the means to get it, If it be a sudden inclination to go left rather than right or if it be an ad in the local paper or on the internet! But whatever it is... It works!

I am very pleased that my Girlfriend suggested this to me and it has really pointed me in the right direction of where I want to be Smile

Think happy positive thoughts!


I have so much faith and am very positive and open but am disappointed nothing has come of my orders. Is there any advise?, have I done something wrong?

Having Faith yet nothing happening

I would like to comment and suggest that what has worked for me is when I take the action behind what I request and help follow through, Miracles abound!!!

The universe works in mysterious ways.......

The universe works in its own way ....... Have faith and keep sending out happy thoughts and good vibes. Smile

Not the usual type of cosmic order

I'm a man in my early 60s and I must stress, very happily married, so I'm not looking for romance. In 1965 I met a lovely girl and we were very close for a time, probably for four or five months, but as with many young relationships we drifted apart. I haven't seen that girl for 45 years and just recently I learnt that her husband had died early last year which must have been absolutely devastating for her and her family. I have no idea where this woman lives now, but I feel that I need to let her know that I feel deeply about her sad loss and that if she wants someone to just talk to then I will be there for her. As I've said there is absolutely no other purpose for wanting to contact this woman, my wife means everything to me and I've even discussed this with her and she is totally understanding. Even if I knew where this woman lived I wouldn't contact her because I would not want to intrude on her grief or disrupt her life in any way. However if it were possible to bring about a meeting through the medium of cosmic ordering then she may feel that it was her decision to contact me, though how she would be able to locate me is another matter.
Naturally I would welcome any help or advice you wonderful people who have contributed to this forum can give me in this particular matter. I hope you all realise your dreams and desires and my very best wishes to you.

can you be to greedy when it

can you be to greedy when it comes to cosmic ordering?