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awwwwwwwww nothing, probably

Wink awwwwwwwww nothing, probably just a warm interview getting you ready for the REAL DEAL!!! Positivity!!! The Cosmos does not give you something you can't handle... Remember what they tell you on here, opportunity will present it's self YOU just have to be ready to GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS AND HOLD ON TIGHT... Cool


thanx for that, I know it will mabey come in time just that I was so sure that this was the one i really need a full time job with more money coming in and thought i had found the one, I really know that it was a job i could have done and done well x Puzzled


Onward and upward

Maybe you would have got that one and thought it was all that and a bag of chips. THEN!!! you wouldn't be looking for this FANTASTICLY SUPER WONDERFUL, MEGA DOLLAR PAYING one that is just about to burst in on your doorstep like and over ripe pinata (spelling sucks) but you get the idea???

So come on chin up, enjoy the nice weather, work on getting lots of Vitamin D...

Your new job is waiting for you!!!

I know easy for me to say huh? I need all my wishes to come true too BUT I am singing that song, 'I gotta feeling, that tonight's gonna be night' ... so sing along with me and we can work this summer solstice, lunar eclipse and sunspots into a major event for us both Smile

Positivity my dear, positivity, let it leak outta your pores and flood the world with our positivity and wash away all the negativity that permeates the world courtesy of the media I personally think BUT thats another rant for another day... Write and let me know when that wonderful job is bursting in your door 'hugs'

Dreams Can Come True

Smile I wished for some site like this and voila the cosmos answered me, I am sharing this site with all of my friends. SUCH a relief to find some place that's not after gouging money offa me xx


First order delivered to me !! I didn't doubt it though. I knew it was on its way as I know my 2nd one is too. xx Laughing out loud


out of 3 orders...... not even close.... nada, nothing Hmmm very much unconvinced

fingers crossed

Big smile fingers crossed xxxx

Thank you yet again

Another cosmic order delivered! Thank you so much!

I honestly would never have

I honestly would never have believed the success I have had with this cosmic ordering. 99% of what I have asked for pops up as coming true !! If I ant something to happen it does. If I want someone to make contact they do. Hope that it keeps up !!

cosmic ordering really works!!

i ordered a new job recently and i was offered a new job one day after the due date! i am also getting paid the exact amount i asked for too! loads of other things have happened since i started and i cant thank the universe enough. it really does work Smile

new to ordering

just ordering 1 thing. need to get a job. or lose the house.

I wait to see if this works.

Wishing you lots of luck x

Wishing you lots of luck x

Love this site, couple of

Love this site, couple of small orders in already. Few on the way I am sure. Believe and it will happen I am sure. No big orders placed yet, working up to that. Xx ps. Orders not always in ways expected but that is quite fun, life is a mystery after all. Xx

my first order

My best friend is a great believer in cosmic ordering and i have just discovered this site tonight so i have placed my first order and i know it is going to be answered. So many thanks in advance cosmos and i'll keep you posted when the inevitable happensxxx

better relationship with Mom

Smile I sent out a cosmic order for a better relationship with my mother. Although my wish did not happen exactualy when it was supposed to it did start to happen. So as a note to everybody. Believe your desire and it will come true.


I placed my firt order a few years ago and got the result I wanted Smile I have recently came back onto the site due to a change in my personal life. I'm optomistic that it will work again, say a wee prayer please and good luck to you all x


A cosmic prayer for you! ;0) did you place yourfirst order then forget about it or did you do anything extra?

First Cosmic order


I've been doing cosmic ordering for around 8 months now, applying a variety of methods (affirming my desire twice a day (8 each occasion) at 11:11. These were sucessful but didn't always happen the way i would have hoped. So i thought i would try this method and see what happens. I've made a few orders, but with deadlines for May/June time, and i thought i'd put one in for a due date of a few days. The thing is it almost went completely the other way. I started small by ordering a fun night out with a selective group of friends, but only 2 of the 7 friends i ordered could make it (all backing out last min). The night was still fun, but was cut short due to an incident at the venue.

Is there anything i could have done wrong/differently? I would like to know for my bigger more desired orders. Thanks

very positive experience and

very positive experience and look forward to placing more orders


I ordered an order today, unfortunately it went in the opposite direction, and put more pressure onto me, even though i have tried being more positive about things, wonder what went wrong Sad

my last two orders

I have made two orders and both times the majority of what i desired came true. I couldnt believe it and it has made me see that the universe does work to our wants and needs if we will it hard enough great site just hope my next order comes true

fantastic site

Thank you for setting up this fabulous site. I have always believed in cosmic ordering and because of the power of positive thinking I found your site. I have completed two orders and both have materialized! Your service is fantastic and I hope the cosmos is rewarding you for all the positive energy and well being you are sending to others in this universe. Job well done!

order came true

Smile Thanks so much, my daughter had her heart set on a particular high school for next September and as we lived out of the catchement area we thoughbt we would have to move house for her to get in , but after putting in my order to the cosmos we were thrilled when it delivered and she got her school.

I am going to try another request and see what happens with that one.

Thanks so much to the cosmos


i have put in an order, and i am trying to be positive but i just keep breaking down, has anyone got any ideas to help me think positively and get rid of the negative thoughts once and for all please help

I was about to lose my home

I was about to lose my home and, after placing my order, I imagined how I could cope if I did (I am bringing two boys up on my own with no assistance from my ex-husband who divorced me and walked away). I realised I had other options (not what I really wanted) but that it wouldn't be the end of the World. This gave me a better perspective on my fears and anxiety and stopped me feeling so negative.

I forgot about my Cosmic Order and started thinking of ways I could get around the problem. Whilst none of them worked, I think the fact I was taking some form of action allowed the Cosmos to do the same! In my attempts to sort the problem out I met a lovely lady who helped me with the result that the mortgage company finally gave me more time to sort things out. It wasn't what I asked for but I got the result I wanted and kept my home!

I hope this helps. I had spent eight months breaking down until I found this site and placed my order. Nothing is ever as bad as you think it will be and I pray that you focus on whatever you can find positive in your current situation that allows you to stop your negative thoughts. xxx


I sent a cosmic order after a relationship break up, to make my ex feel able to contact me again with a view to reconcillation - it was totally my fault we split. I knew in my heart that it was wrong to go against someone's free will, so I added the proviso that he was to come back only if it was meant to be.

3 days before the order deadline he has contacted me, and things are looking good. It's been a VERY hard few weeks, but I realise that in order to attract positive things you HAVE to send out (genuine) positive vibrations yourself. I also recognised that I had to be happy and content within myself - without the need for any external factor (material or person).

This has been quite a wake up call, and even before he actually contacted me again I felt genuinely grateful for the meltdown that had happened - in order to facilitate these changes. I felt that I turned a very important corner, only a few days before I heard from him. I really did feel in my heart at that stage that I could cope without him, and that good things would still happen to me.

One thing that really helped during this process was listening to the Jerry and Esther Hicks CD set - The Law of Attraction (whilst going on the treadmill!). I would recommend these to anyone who needs a bit of help to keep on track.

Also, don't forget to keep a gratitude journal to remind yourself of the good things - big and small. You really can only have one thought at a time, so it makes perfect sense to make it a positive one. And of course, this speeds up the delivery of those orders - that WILL come!

Enjoy - and Thank You Universe!!!!

Party Love Big smile

Hi michelle, just wonderin

Hi michelle, just wonderin how long it took for you to be confident with yourself etc as i am too trying to work things out with an ex as i placed an order on here that i wanted to meet the man of my dreams and wrote down the characteristics i wished him to have, 2 weeks after the due date i met him and he we got along really well, then because i wasnt grateful for what i had when i had him the universe has now taken him away, because of my order i do believe he is the 1 but like you want and need to feel comfortable with myself before i can think about a relationship and also want to focus on me that way i wont notice the lack of contact from him and the universe can bring him to me and work out what is best.....look forward to receiving your reply Smile

positive thinking

Smile I have had a bad 2 years through divorce and even know i am still get hassle and allegations made against me,i have lost my kids, job and my new girlfriend, even though there are no charges, so thought i would try to think positive and gives this siye a go, hopefull i can report back with some good bews at last

My cosmic order

i have just made one of the most important cosmic orders of my life.. i am desperate to get pregnant with my partners baby not just that but would love it to be a little girl as i already have an amazing and lovely little boy. i know my boyfriend would be an AMAZING daddy and i would love to make him one.. fingers crossed X Laughing out loud ill let you know.. wish us luck xx Big smile

Thanks for many orders fulfilled!

This really works Smile