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Hi, I only just rememberd I

Hi, I only just rememberd I used this site when I wanted to be able to afford to go on a holiday with my friends in October 2008, at the time i was 18 and I felt I didnt have any chance of going due to not having any regular income. I come across the site and decided to put my order in to be abe to get the money together to be able to go. I totally forgot about this after I placed it but I'm pleased and shocked to say I somehow got the money together and had a really nice time. I have decided to try again now for my work and my dad is selling his business so I hope that he manges to get above or beyond for it as times are tough... Last time I placed my order looking back at it, it was only one line dose it work better like this?

I have made 3 requests so

I have made 3 requests so far, the 1st being for £3000 to help pay my tax bill by the end of July. It sort of came true in that people who owed me money paid up £1500 & then my tax bill was reduced by £1500 & I thought 'OK, the need was covered' then yesterday I checked my bank account & found I had been paid another £1500 rebate for a different tax bill, so I got my £3000 plus a £1500 reduction in the bill! Thank you universe for your generosity & for always providing for me Smile 2nd request is due today, so I am hoping that the universe will feel I am ready & will grant my request

assistance in finding a decent car for my brother

My brother and i were looking for a while through classified ads and internet for a decent car for him.We gave up.Just by chance,we were closing the pages,when i accidentally opened a new page.And there it was...
We made arrangements with the seller to purchase,and when we visited the seller,a deal was done there and then.
I had placed an order to give assistance in finding a decent car,and have to say it is just that...
below average miles for year,and an outstanding srvice history.Call it coincidence,but i have never experienced a deal to be done like this ever before. Shock Smile Smile Thanks cosmos. I am amazed. My order came a week later from when i asked for help. Thankyou.


I was advised that if you want something you MUST see yourself in whatever it is you want. So, if you have a wish for a house .............. see yourself in the house ! The important thing is to see yourself in your picture.

best wishes,


A Member For Six Weeks and Four Days AND LOVING IT!!!

Love I asked for an apartment on the 9th floor facing east in a building that we can afford. I was on Facebook and saw a rental agency ad, I clicked on the link and got information on a 3 bedroom house with a basement with the price right for what we wanted... Everything worked out great the Complex Manager, Jill, appears to be great and keeps a well run complex, so we signed the lease... Two days later we get a call from an apartment building offering us a 2 bedroom apartment on the 10th floor facing east exactly what I had ordered from the cosmos... HOWEVER, I figure the cosmos shuffled a few things so that we got the house first, it has a small garden and my ailing husband can potter out there and fix up a basement for storage for our things which we would'nt have with the apartment 'sigh' but I will miss the view from the 10th floor. I will have to get a friend with a view like that and go visit them... THEN, I asked for a super dooper job, with the move I am going to be making to a different town, one were a lot of my friends live, I asked for a transfer from my boss to another retail outlet thats in the town I am moving back too, AND voila, the guy who is managing it at the moment is retiring, leaving the new manager, and a chance for me to move my job closer to my new home.

Things are working out so well, now I just need my husbands illness to go away or not get worse (some form of early dementia) and my 'huge' jackpot lottery win, New car... Peace of mind, patience, and good mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health for myself AND drop 100 lbs in a healthy lifestyle change... wish me luck xx to everyone and good luck with your cosmic wishes xx

Its true!!!!!

I have to say I've 'believed' in the concept of cosmic ordering for just about two years but never felt that it worked specifically for me... I just kind of developed a faith that it CAN work and always tried to get those around me to think positively in their own lives and actions.

Then last week I went to a book shop and saw Barbel Mohr's Cosmic Ordering service... I really wanted it but again walked away. Then four days ago I happened on this site and I though...WHY NOT? I read the recommendations (start small) and I asked for three 'little' things... the first related to a presentation I had to do for work the next day... I just wanted it to be successful and for my boss to 'praise me'... ohmigosh!!!! It worked!! The presentation which was a draft of things for 2012 was so good I will only have to do minimal work on it now until next year!! And the praise was deep and meaningful and just what I needed!! In fact almost better than I had wished for!!

The second order I asked to complete by the end of August... The cosmos gave this order to me the very next day!!! A financial load has been lifted off my shoulders and I can actually smile again for the first time in about a year!!

My final initial wish I have to wait for... and having experienced the first two so wonderfully I am more than confident that the cosmos will give this one to me too... Big smile

I'm so grateful to this site for the guidance and even more so to the Cosmos for listening and giving!!

Oh... and I've bought the book now too Smile


Your story is inspiring. Cosmic Ordering is now a way of life for me and I suspect it will now be for you as well. It really is all about believing and it seems you are doing just that.

The Barbel Mohr book changed everything for me. Intact I read it cover to cover twice! Good luck with all future orders

Thank you, thank you, thank you


Hi I'm new to this and I've made a few orders now and none have come through. However when I've asked for signs that the cosmic is working I've always got them and within the time frame. Am I doing something wrong or is the cosmic working in a different way to which I'm requesting? Any help would be really appreciated Smile


Unfortunately my order didnt come through either. Maybe I wasnt positive enough or asked for too much first time. I will try again though.

please help

Sad I'm not having any success with order either,I have waited the allotted time, thought positive thoughts and sent out positive vibes i really thought this would work everyone seems to have success so what am i doing wrong ?? please help as i am getting desperate Puzzled

The clue is in your post

Mayre, it will work. Please continue to have faith. Cosmic Ordering is the most incredible way of life. I have every faith you are doing everything possible to receive your orders. However, i note in your posting says you are "desperate". Please, please continue to have faith and feel no desperation at all. Even the slightest bit of desperation could mean the difference between the order arriving or not.

Make your order and then forget about it. If it pops into your head again then only feel true belief in it. Feel the belief from your heart. I've just placed another order for this weekend. I have absolute faith it will happen. I've written the order down in my ordering book, assigned a delivery date and thanked the universe. Feel comfortable about your order, feel love for your order and it will appear.

I really do wish you all the best for your orders. Feel love for them and they will appear

Thanks for your advice. I've

Thanks for your advice. I've put orders in and they haven't materialised, yes one does get disheartened by this, but I am taking time out to regroup my thoughts and believe it will happen, although at this precise moment in time, it feels like the rug has been pulled from under my feet - have to think that there is another way, a plan B Smile . Thanks again.

Still no joy

Sad I really don't know what i am doing wrong my orders still aren't being delivered not even close in fact things are just getting worse. I am near ready to give up. With all the success that everyone else is having i really thought this would work. If anyone could help by sending positive thoughts, prayers etc my way it would be most appreciated, thank you x

Can i help?

samjay8383 i'm so sorry to hear this isn't working for you. Would it be possible to ask what you are trying to order? If this it too personal then don't worry. I remember the first item i ordered was to see a black Porsche Cayenne as i cycled into work that morning. I ordered it and then put it away in the back of my mind. I didn't actually see a Porsche Cayenne as it cycled to work but i did see 8 on the way home. It was a simple order and i really wasn't upset that i'd had the delay. The entire process is about belief and trust in the Cosmos. Order your item and then forget about about. I tend to make a list of mine and then once a week take a quick look at the list to see what's come in.

Read Barbel Mohrs - The Cosmic Ordering Service. This book explains everything you need to do. I followed it to the letter and it's never failed.

Please feel free to contact me again if i can be of any help.

Thank you

Thank you so much for getting back to me. My orders are regarding an ex partner and therefore would rather not go into too much detail. But I have asked for him to contact me etc and although he has it hasn't had the desired results. I therefore tried placing orders liking winning some money (only a small amount) as thought this may be easier and that I wouldn't constantly be thinking about it etc and those weren't delivered either. So right now I really don't know what to do.

Third Party

Samajay8383 ... My only advice is to keep believing. It will happen, i promise. The ex-partner situation is a tricky one though. It's well documented that you can't order situations regarding other people. That person may not want what you want so a certain amount of free-will has to come into it. I've tried ordering situations involving my ex and being with her again. However, i find these rarely work or if they do i end up bumping into her, receiving a call from her or even an email .. rather than the relationship.

You're certainly doing the right thing with regards to ordering small items. I placed an order a week ago regarding my website. The company hosting it went bust. I literally couldn't contact anyone as the company where no longer trading. I placed an order for the site to be up and running again and by last Thursday evening it was. I never had any doubt it wouldn't be and so "Hey Presto!"

Please continue your journey. When it clicks it will change your life forever.

positive vibes and prayers

Smile I have placed 2 cosmic requests, 1 was that my husband would get a new job, he had interviewed for a position about a month ago and had given up I told him today at around 12pm you will hear, and sure enough, the company has called him back for a second interview YAH!!!!!!!. the 2nd one I know is a long shot, but I truely believe that it is going to happen, and I am waiting with excited anticipation. I thank the cosmos and everyone here. this site is fantastic

Thank you

Thank you so much for your advice it has really helped and made me feel much more positive. Thank you

Thank you

No problem at all. Make sure you post something up here when you start receiving your orders. Always great to hear about other peoples success stories. Good luck samjay8383

Not working

Nothing seems to be working. A few odd littles things that i have asked for have happened but things have got worse rather than better and i don't know why. Am i doing something wrong or not asking right? the things i have asked for are things that i really want and would make me really happy but they aren't being delivered. any help would be most appreciated.


Smile Hey Samjay8383. The most important thing is to "believe". You have to be 100% certain the item you have ordered is on it's way. You simply can't have any doubt at all. It was really hard for me to start with but then it just clicked. I now order an item or situation a week and it never fails. Try to keep your orders small to start with and then when you see the them being delivered up the orders to something a little larger. The only other advise i would give is only order items or situations you really, really LOVE. It makes the process so much easier ... what i'm trying to say is don't order items or situations you simple LIKE. Feel the LOVE for the item or situation you are ordering. I hope this helps?

My last 3 orders were ...

1.Pass a Citrix exam - Delivered (79% pass)
2.Receive £100 - Delivered (acutally received £306)
3.To receive contact from an old friend - Delivered (the contact came out of the blue)

I should add that a couple of the above were not delivered within the timescale i asked for (some were a couple of days late) but i rarely worry about that.


Smile I am excited to see what positive affirmations and releasing my want and needs into the universe will bring to me. I am open and excited to see what become of my "orders."

Life changing

Smile The entire process is amazing. I can honestly say it has completely changed my life for the better. Good luck with your orders and remember to stay positive.

1st order

Sad well my first order didn't quite come true as i expected rather the opposite in fact, but one good thing did come out of it as a colleague is now having a baby which was one of the things i asked for help with. Not disappointed...staying positive

I just want to say i treid

Big smile I just want to say i treid this for the 1st time the other night and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!! i asked for something small and just let it go after and low and behold it came to me early,
i have a couple more orders in and I know they will manifest, Laughing out loud


Sad No matter what i do it doesn't seem to work and i don't know what i am doing wrong any help or advise would be most appreciated, thanks x


Hey Samjay8383, not sure if you are still requiring help with your orders as notice these posts are from a few months ago....i would say u just need to submit your order and forget about it, i know it is easier said than done when it is something you really want but the more you notice it hasnt happened the more of a frequency you are puttin out to the universe basically saying i dont believe its going to happen. I submitted an order a few months ago and totally forgot about it and it came true....unfortunately i wasnt grateful for what i had when i had it and the universe has now taken this person away from me....i have submitted an order for him to come back to me and i believe it will but is hard letting go when it is something you truely want. Hope this has helped


Smile Cheer up - as I said to Marye - The Cosmos is working for you, you just have to be sensitive to what the subtle changes around you are... AND the Cosmos may be working with you, protecting you from yourself. If you were a parent would you let your child play with a razor blade? No!!! Therefore the Cosmos is watching out for you and not granting 'exactly' what you want as in the long run it might be more harmful than helpful for you... Be patient, be optimistic, also as a wise parent the Cosmos will grant your wish in a 'safer' form for you, be ready to grab with both hands and don't let go... Positivity Smile


Thank you for getting back to me. All i have asked for is small things that would make me really happy so i don't understand why they aren't being delivered whats there to keep me safe from? Its hard to be positive when you don't get the things that you desperatly want.

i had an interview yesterday

Sad i had an interview yesterday and thought mabey it was the answwer to a part of my request to the cosmos but alas i was unsuccesful, what did i do wrong ?