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A fantastic story. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I agree that the people who are unsuccessful in Cosmic Ordering seem to come across as very negative. As you have proven here and as many thousands of other Cosmic Orderers have also proven, be positive and believe your order will arrive.

I have had many orders come true. But to be honest there have been some that have, as yet, failed to appear. If i'm honest with myself then i would have to admit that when ordering i may have not been in the correct mindset. Also, a couple of the orders were so big that i couldn't see myself with them. However, i tried again with more realistic orders and guess what? They appeared. My ordering process is getting stronger and stronger with daily practice and meditation.

Cosmic Ordering has completely taken over my life. I live and breath positivity and show gratitude evey minute of the day for my wonderful life.

Thank you


IT DOES WORK - be positive!


I would like to say cosmic ordering can make your wishes come true. To anybody reading this who is thinking it is a load of rubbish and a waste of time, fine but that's exactly why your orders are not being delivered. For this to work you have to believe in what you are asking for and be positive, polite and have the right spiritual energy. I am about to tell you my experience...

In 2009 after being told I had polysystic overies for nearly 10 years, medical professionals said that as I didnt ovulate as a result of not having periods I was classed as infertile and would need fertility drugs to have a child...I was devastated! Not only had this been a dream of mine all my life but it also made me feel I was less of a woman.
Shortly after I met a man whom I enjoyed spending time with and we began a relationship. Around this time I had discovered cosmic ordering and was intrigued after hearing so many wonderful thinks about it, no harm in trying I thought. So one evening on a full moon I lit some candles, placed them on my windowsill and placed my order. I asked "please let me become pregnant and have a baby, I would love to have a baby a be a mother. Thank you"
I will never forget that night, the moon was beaming down right outside my window as if the universe was listening to what I was asking for. I certainly picked the perfect night to cosmic order. I didnt tell anyone I was going to cosmic order and I was alone when I did it, allowing only positive energy.
Within two weeks I was, yes you guessed it...PREGNANT!
I could not quite believe my luck, was it a coincidence? Maybe, but that wasn't the weird part, initially my babies due date was on my birthday. I somehow knew from the start I was having a girl, I even bought pink baby clothes before my scan to confirm the babies sex. One morning while I was about to take a shower I noticed a tiny newborns foot print appear on my leg then fade...that is the strangest experience I have ever had. I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl that year.

If you are thinking of cosmic ordering then don't be negative as it simply won't work, if you want something that badly in life you will get it.

Believe and you will see.

Thank you Universe!!

A big thank you to the Universe for delivering my cosmic order on the exact date I asked for! I put my faith and trust in and let go of my worries! It worked!

i just want to say a big

Smile Laughing out loud i just want to say a big thankyou for all the wishes that you have granted to me recently, i am overwhelmed and sooo very happy! i hope that i am not asking too much and i am so very grateful, thankyou for hearing me and for all of your guidance and love, michelle xxxxxxx

Cosmic ordering just doesn't work!

So if the universe and the cosmos are so wonderful, how come I have placed 3 orders and NOT one of them has worked!

I have already placed a comment on here regarding my first order not working but decided to place two more orders which are personal to me. I placed them and thought no more of it, like it instructs on this webpage (one of which was a job as I have been unemployed for a few months)

Yet again, though, the so called 'wonderful cosmos' has let me down! If the universal cosmos is so wonderful, then why the hell have my orders not been granted? The more I read these 'gushing' comments on the guest book, the more convinced I am that they are made up! I cannot be the only one to have come across this website and be badly let down. After all, how fair is this 'cosmos' when supposedly others on here are 'getting' their orders, and I don't. You call that fair? You people really need to realise there is a thing in life called 'coincidence'. You cannot attribute every bit of so called 'good news' and put it down the cosmos being so wonderful! Because let's be honest: if cosmic ordering was so easy to do and we could all get what we wanted out of life, we'd ALL be doing it! And every human on this planet would all lead perfect lives, with perfect jobs, with perfect partners, and perfect wealth. And there'd be no poverty, everyone would have a job, there'd be no disease, no war, no strife and everyone would live happily ever after. After all doesn't this website state you can order whatever you want out of life...? As we all know the entire world has gone to sh*t! War, recession, unemployment, injustice, poor getting poorer, rich getting richer etc, etc. Yes the universe is so wonderful. NOT!

So you're telling me the only way the universe will 'help' you is if you use cosmic ordering. So for the poor, most vulnerable, people in this world who have not heard of cosmic ordering, they can keep struggling, living wretched, deprived lives and not experience any joy, even though pray every day to their chosen almighty for a way out, but their 'god' doesn't listen! Or you can 'beg' the cosmos for help and suddenly everything will work out just dandy! How fair can that be, for crying out loud? If that's how you think the world is really like, then you are very deluded!

I have spent enough money over the years, and wasted enough time listening to so called mediums and the like to know they are all parasites and liars! You see every time I try to be open with subjects like this, I get let down. So I'm not wasting any more time with this. Surely, I cannot be the only one on here with these views....? Angry

I hear what you're saying but...

Right I have read your reply and I now see you have 'moved the goalpost'. You're now saying Cosmic ordering does not work for everyone. Well, hang on a minute. Either it works or it doesn't, surely?. Furthermore my tone of the message is because I have approached this with an open mind and have been let down. Your site says if you approach the order confidently and 'let it go' it will materialize. That's what I did and didn't work!

Also you have not answered the question of why people like me should struggle in life but if you use Cosmic ordering things will work out. I have asked God, my guardian angel (if one exists) but have had no help at all. I know I sound bitter but I have not had the life that most people have had and I'm sorry but in the real world when you buy a product either it works or doesn't. You aren't going to be told my new laptop won't because I'm "not in the right frame of mind". You'd take it back and ask for a refund!

I think you are genuine insofar as you believe in what you're saying but I'm sorry I will not be wasting anymore of my time with this as it's not for me. But if Cosmic ordering works for other people, that's great. It's just a shame it didn't work for me.

To Scorpious and anyone else who has had trouble with ordering

I am sorry to hear that you have been so disappointed by Cosmic ordering. I have read a lot about the Law of Attraction and there a lot of people who have been disappointed by that too. There is a secret to all of this but it's not something you'll probably want to hear. Everything that you have experienced in life has been attracted to you because of your own thoughts, which then lead to actions which produce results. It's clear from your posts that you have a lot of negative thought processes going on in your mind. If you have negative thoughts, no matter how badly you want to succeed, your mind (in the form of both conscious and unconscious thought) will sabotage you. I am currently reading a book by Deepak Chopra titled, "The Wizard's Way." I got it for free from my library and it is worth checking out. It is absolutely true that Cosmic ordering will work for some and not for others because you REALLY and COMPLETELY need to detach from worry, stress, and anxiety about your orders for this to work. AND you need to get rid of your negativity. It is only when you are able to do this that you can achieve the highest success.

A quote from Deepak Chopra: "It is vitally important for you to come to terms with the nature of your desire, to realize that in the divine plan all your desires are meant to come true. God isn't blocking you from having anything and everything you want. It is you who believe deep down that you don't deserve anything and everything. Such self-judgment creates blockages in the natural flow of life, but once they are removed the path of desire becomes a joy." In short, you need to do some rewiring of your thoughts. Based on your past experiences with mediums and the like, it's clear that your expectations weren't very high from the start. Expect the best and get the best. Expect the worst and get the worst. His book (and many others) outline ways to clear out negativity and get the things you desire.

FYI: I recently created a request for a peaceful and organized home because I was unhappy with my current living situation. The universe granted me the exact location I wanted, with a great roommate and no lease to sign as I prefer to rent month-to-month. Thank you Cosmos!

In love and light,

To Scorpious and anyone else who has had trouble with ordering


You've got it so right. I could not agree more. Scorpious, your whole feed is full of negativity and you seem very down on yourself. How can you bring abundance, joy and love into your life if what you are sending out is the opposite?

Read Barbel Mohr and see how it works. Once you understand that the universe and you are infact one it will all make sense. Quite simply "Ask and it will be given"


my orders

Smile i amso greatfull universe for granting me the wish of passing my exam with flying colours.

thank you

Life easier

wow my cosmic order worked last week i am so thrilled it really does work Smile I am waiting for my other ones which i know will also work:) thank you and i look forward to having a much happier life:) xxxxx

My cosmic order

I asked for a new sofa, but was dithering about interest payments and thought i'd have to wait until next year before i could even consider it. Then my friend found the exact one i was after online at half price with four years interest free payments, which means i can have it this year and pay it off at a lower rate in half the time. It wasn't free but i've still got what i wanted so thank you very much universe i'm thrilled to bits Big smile

cosmic orders

I would just like to thank The Cosmos and the Universe for all their hard work.I have put in a few orders and everyone has been deliverred so thank you so much.I have one more order that i,m waiting on so i know that if i wait patiently it will be delivered in due course,please everyone just have faith.:)xx

How to forget the order

Hi guys just wanting some help really.....a few months ago used this site and my order was granted.....thing is i was really good placed the order and just forgot about it and now i know thats the trick to getting what you want place the order and let the universe deliver. However there are a few orders ive made and coz i want it so much cant seem to get it out of my mind...any tips on how i can just let go??

Thank you

How to forget the order/ why My Cosmos Page

I too have the same problem but I was reading on a site about "Ho'oponopono Prayers" and they recomend that if the thought comes to your head then give thanks for it as if you have already recieved it.
The other thought I have is that if we are supposed to forget the orders then why do we have 'MY COSMOS'. page.
I am very reluctant to view this page too much.
I hope someone can answer Puzzled


Smile Request instantly Granted....
I have been ordering since May and from that time until now. I am so thankful of the Cosmic Universe for constantly answering my request. lately I requested for an urgent job since I left my former job. and with in just 1 week. I found what I am looking for and I can start this coming week. I thank you Cosmic Energy, the Highest God, whatever you call it for granting my request. I am thankful all the time whatever I have now and the more to come..... God Bless every one.....

Needed an interview. Cosmic ordering FAILED!!!

Yes I came across this site and tried it. And like everything 'hocus pocus' I have tried I was let down! All I wanted initially was an interview with a firm. Not knowing that much about it, I wished for just an interview. But Cosmic ordering couldn't grant me that one simple thing! I have been so let down by psychics, mediums etc but I thought I'd give this a try. I should have known better! I am not convinced by this and frankly some of these comments on this page are mostly just coincidence that it 'happened to just work'. Let's face it if cosmic ordering is supposed to work and say 20 people use it for one job, only one person is going to get it. The other 19 will fail. So that dispels the myth that you can ask for whatever you want because the aforementioned scenario clearly demonstrates that you just can't 'ask for anything'!

Frankly I don't think I'll bother anymore with this site. Thank god I didn't have to pay to use this website!

Needed an interview. Cosmic ordering FAILED!!!

The overall tone of your posting explains why your order didn't come to fruition. Cosmic Ordering is about positivity and belief. There is no coincidence.

I would certainly recommend that you take another look at this. I was a sceptic but it delivers time after time for me. I wish you success for any future orders you may place.

Change of car

I recently requested help to change my car because of the condition of my present one and also the need for a more suitable one.
On the 22nd September I learned that my niece plans to sell her car, I like it and think it will suit me. Two days later I agreed to buy it when she relinquishes it at the end of this month and I am due to take possession of it on 30th September!
Thank you! Smile

First order

Hey I just wanted to ask what kind of thing I should ask for on a first order. Because I saw that someone asked to see a certain car the nekt day and got his order so I decided to try that. The next day I was sick and had ta stay inside all day and did not get to see the car. Is one day soo soon to ask for an order to be delivered by? And what are some othe things that I should try? It would also help me alot if someone could tell me how to make your self believe that it is going to work more, because I really want to believe but there's always that tiny part in the back of my head that keeps telling me that things like this are impossible. I have tried hypnosis online but they never put me under and I don't have any money to spend on a guide so if someone would please give me some suggestions that would really help!!!!!

Please reply!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! Smile

hi you can ask for anything

hi you can ask for anything you want as long as its positive and you can also ask for it within whatever timescale aswell, im new to this and have cosmic orders waiting to happen, i know from reading others comments you have to truely believe in this and believe you deserve it, as if your subconsious gives out vibes you dont believe or you dont deserve it then it wont happen, i just ordered the barbel mohr book, you should tell the cosmos what you want making sure you say please and thank you and then let it go dont dwell on it or go over it in your mind just believe it is on its way, when i recieve the book i will let you know what else can be done to help you along, but the key is believe it, maybe try something small at first? i will get back to you soon with any other details the book gives

Hi, I've come back to visit

Hi, I've come back to visit this site after a couple of years. I lost a master key at work today, and instead of going into panic mode while looking for it, I calmly thanked the universe for helping me find it. I had no conscious recollection of where I'd put the key, but I did get a strong vision and feeling about a room I'd recently been in. I went to look there, and found the key in a walk-in cupboard I'd been putting stuff in. It was as if my deciding to take the heat out of the situation helped manifest my order. Has anyone else had this kind of experience? Smile

cosmic order

Once again I havent had my order fulfilled. This is my sceond attemp. I tried to visulise what it would be like to have my order filfilled, I even tried hard to "visualise" it all. It didnt work. I would really like to believe. It is only 1 request that means a lot to me. What am I doing wrong? Should I try again? Sad(

Hey soloblue

The key thing with cosmic ordering is once you have done it in the correct manner just forget about it, it sounds like your pushing just that little bit too hard huni, i have done this for 1 year and 2 weeks, it became a massive part of mine and my families lives, along with the firm belief of Angelic powers too, my advice would be make your next order and just treat it like your picking things out of a catalogue and you have the money in abundance to pay for these said items you want, if it is love you are looking for already "pretend" you have said partner, see yourself hand in hand and walking down the street with them, (even when you are walking down the street pretend they are next to you, also another way to attract what you wish for is write it down, find a big open place and shout it out in every detail, and a main thing to remember is your please and thankyous...always thank the universe for giving you what you wish to recieve....
I hope my advice is of help to you, all the luck in the world.
Angelic Blessings,



Whats wrong?

I have placed 6 orders but the cosmos has not seen fit to grant them,
Am I doing something wrong?
I only asked for help in love and help in a difficult money situation.
Is it the wording or am I being too vague?
Can anyone help?

Order exact to the date


A few months ago I asked for an order for a new car, I gave the car I wanted and a date I wanted it by. I beleive in the cosmic as its always worked for me before. I forgot all about the order and today I am due to pick up my new car when I got the email saying that the order is due and today is the exact date i asked for. I am stunned that it has happened to the day, my orders have always come but never on the day I asked for. the cosmic is amazing and the power is wonderful if you beleive and use it correctly.



I made an order for a job so many times and each time nothing Sad( Ive applied for work everywhere.......Help?? How come it works for everyone else except me?
All i want to do is work..

First one came....

My first order has come true. It was easy. I wanted to get my youngest child potty trained within a certian time. She was not ready until the day of the cosmic order. I got her completely potty trained in one day...., and with the help of smarties. But, what is great is that she had NO interest in the potty until the order date! No more diapers for me! And I earn a little extra money by saving on the cost of diaper. I win! We win! Smile

Good question

It's a great question. Personally I always use "please and thank you" as much as possible in an order. The key is to actually mean it though. I only ask for things I know I love so the process is very easy. I use "Dear Cosmos I am so grateful and happy for everything you have delivered to me. It would please me greatly if you could deliver X as this will enhance my life, bring joy to my life and to others around me". This is a brief outline and don't forget to thank the Cosmos for your order. As you are saying thank you simply believe the object is on it's way. Good luck with all future orders. It really is a life changing experience.

New to this

Hi everyone. I'm so excited that i've been led to this amazing website. I have already placed some orders, but I just wanted to clarify how others are wording theirs. Is it better to say "Please can I have ....?" Or "I want to have ...." or "I have got ...", or something better? thank you for your help.